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Abib Reports

Based on our experiences in the Land each year inspecting for the first barley to be ripe after the end of the 12th lunar month we have been able to establish many Abib Calendar patterns. Most of you have read them time and time again as we post them in our inspection reports from year to year.

Two very important ones are simple to understand:

First, if we have two successive 12-month years we will have an intercalated year following them. Such was the case for this year, 2019. The pattern started in 2008, and continued with 2011, 2014, and 2017.


The second is that we will always have a normal year following an intercalated year. Once again, the pattern in the Abib Calendar of Yehovah has been in place since 2004; then 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018.

With this understanding in place we can have a little fun while we are waiting on our Elohim to provide us with all the evidences to what they have decided will be the turn of the year in the Land from Winter to Summer for 2020 and 2021.

All days start from the previous Gregorian day sunset.


2020 will most likely be an intercalated year with Wednesday February 26 being the first day of an added 13th month, thus the following.


New Year:  Thursday, March 26th

Passover: Wednesday, April 8th

Unleavened Bread: Thursday, April 9 through Wednesday the 15th

Wavesheaf: Sunday, April 12th

Pentecost/Weeks: Sunday, May 31

Trumpets: Saturday, September 19th

Atonement: Monday, September 28th

Feast of Tabernacles: Saturday, October 3rd through Friday the 9th

Last Great Day/Eighth Day: Saturday, October 10th


Potential 2021 Dates (Normal Year)


New Year: Monday, March 15th

Passover: Sunday, March 28th

Unleavened Bread: Monday, March 29 through Sunday, April 4th

Wavesheaf: Sunday, April 4th

Pentecost/Weeks: Sunday, May 23rd

Trumpets: Thursday, September 9th

Atonement: Saturday, September 18th

Feast of Tabernacles: Thursday, September 23 through Wednesday the 29th

Last Great Day/Eighth Day: Thursday, September 30th


Let’s see what happens. This is good practice for being able to do all of this ourselves. Go through the posted potential new moons to make an attempt to figure out the potential new year and the annual rehearsals of Yehovah. Use the patterns we have established, to work with the lunar cycles.

Someday you may have to do it yourself, so why not start learning to do it now if you don’t already know how. Practice is a good way of learning.

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Historical Abib Data

2019 - Normal 12 month year

2018 - Normal 12 month year

2017 - Intercalated 13 month year

2016 - Normal 12 month year

2015 - Normal 12 month year

2014 - Intercalated 13 month year

2013 - Normal 12 month year

2012 - Normal 12 month year

2011 - Intercalated 13 month year

2010 - Normal 12 month year

2009 - Normal 12 month year

2008 - Intercalated 13 month year



2007 - Normal 12 month year

2006 - Normal 12 month year

2005 - Intercalated 13 month year

2004 - Normal 12 month year

2003 - Intercalated 13 month year

2002 - Normal 12 month year

Pictures of Aviv seeds collected March 2009, Planted December 13th 2009

Pictures Taken 12/25/09 - 13 Days Growth