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Friday April 8, 2022

Good Morning and Happy Preparation Day!

What a wonderful feeling knowing the Sabbath rest is almost upon us.

Some of you follow the grape growth cycle in the Land as one of the witnesses to the changing of the year as mentioned in scripture. We have two good representative photos taken this week of two of the wineries we follow.

The first is the Galai winery located in the NW Negev and the second is the Tzora winery in the Judean Hills.

The caption that is posted with the Galai photo is:

"In a few months this picture will flip The grapes will wear green and the earth will paint itself with warmth. This is life - once you are up and once you are down."

You will notice in these pictures that these older vines are in two different stages of the cycle. Both are "delayed" this year to their normal timing and yes these particular vines at Galai are about to be pruned.

There are vineyards around the country which have more foliage growth than these particular varieties. When looking for a witness in creation in the Land we need to be sure we are looking at the genuine thing.

Many vineyards use "designer" grapes. That is a name we coined many years ago to a process used often these days. The root system from a species of grapes that does well in a dry climate is purchased and then a different species/variety of grape is grafted into the root system which is known to produce a desired result based on its characteristics. That grafted grape would not fair well with its own root system in the particular soils or climate.

This is all good and dandy for the grower, but you end up with a fake witness to the timing of the year. Many of these result in an early growth cycle and that is why we have warned folks to go with the older varieties which are just a "single species" grape.

Also keep in mind these locations will shortly need to start their irrigation drip lines to water the root systems. With the intense heat of the past 10 days no doubt sooner than later. And never use any grapes growing under a cloth netting canopy. That creates a greenhouse effect.

Then we have a good picture taken yesterday of a mixed domestic and wild barley field. Once again notice the incredible difference in appearance between the wild barley and the locations of goat grass (wild barley growing in stony anemic soils) that folks have been showing you as their witnesses.

Look at the stature of the wild here in this good soil. It is taller than its domestic sister and is bowing beautifully before its Creator. It dwarfs the goat grass in every aspect which you have seen of late. This location is outside Mishmar HaEmek. That is on route 66 on the south west slope of the Jezreel Valley. Some of you folks have been there with us in the past.

One observation we have been making this year just as some of you have as well is the enormous amount of wild flowers still growing all over the country. That is not always the case at this time in the Gregorian Calendar. We have shown you pictures over the years we have taken in the Land when the fields of anemones in the South were all but gone with only a few sparse plants remaining. This year they are still flourishing in many of the locations we inspect there. However, the moisture loving anemones in the South are no doubt getting ready to disappear for this cycle with the heat they have been finally subjected to.

First Sharav conditions starting in April for the entire growth cycle. Who would have thought?

Thank you Father for your clarity of purpose in your witnesses in the Promised Land.

Our Peace we give to you.


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