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Friday February 3, 2023

Hi Folks and a Happy Preparation Day to you All!

A beautiful full looking moon out early this morning looking through the trees in TN.

Here is a summation of the latest rain event which for some is not over but will be extending throughout next week if the computers are correct. In summing it up some coastal areas were hit hard as were other areas in the North and Central.

The snows on Hermon are exceptional and still coming down at the top. These snows extended into parts of the Golan as well.

Next week with the coldest temperatures of the year approaching there may be snow in the central mountains. Temperatures on several evenings in Jerusalem may hover just above freezing. So let us do our own summation of the weather so far this cycle. Should it come as a surprise to us that the first half was warmer than normal with less precipitation? Absolutely not. Why you might ask?


The coldest air above the arctic, minus -85 F, has been held back in until this week. It can be seen on many of the computer weather maps. These are the store rooms or treasuries of the North which you can read about in scripture. They are kept there to be used when required by Father for bringing about His will and timing of things and in our focus that is the Promised Land.

With this very cold air flooding out of its arctic domain we have been witnessing some very big changes in meteorological conditions all over the Northern Hemisphere but most importantly in Israel. Simply put, Father has initiated a course correction for the Land. Winter is there now with a vengeance so to speak. I could elaborate on that but will hold my tongue. You old timers in this know where that would go.

With the technologies at our disposal here at the end of the age we are kind of without excuse if we are swayed by something outside of set patterns in the Abib Calendar Cycle in the Land.

We have our part to do yes, but we also have to be still (faithfully patient) and watch the power of our Elohim as it is explained repeatedly throughout scripture, and as we have witnessed to for decades.

So be happy and safe and faithful and we hope you are blessed with a wonderful Sabbath rest ahead.


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