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Friday January 5, 2024

Good Morning and Happy Prep Day to All,

Next week will be an interesting one to watch. At present the weather is pleasant but by mid to end of week it could turn cold if the frigid weather which will be locked in over Europe heads south.

From time to time we mention the sun's solar cycle as you old timers know. The timing of the solar maxima and minima influence many forces in the growing cycles on earth, just as they are intended to. Wonderful harmony most do not recognize. We have explained it all in the past so will not boar the majority here with its dynamics.

Here is an accurate assessment of the cycle we are currently in. The one exception is I personally think 2025 will now be the most dynamic with sun spots:

SOLAR MAX IS COMING: Since Solar Cycle 25 began in Dec. 2019, 782 sunspot groups have crossed the face of the sun. Almost half (361) appeared in 2023. This montage assembled by Ali Ebrahimi Seraji of the Mahani Observatory in Iran shows how sunspot production has skyrocketed:

"I created this 4-year overview using images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory," says Seraji. "The graph beneath the images is from NOAA; it shows actual monthly sunspot counts (white) vs. predictions (blue). The sun is outperforming the forecast."

Many forecasters believe that Solar Max will occur in 2024. That means we can expect even more sunspots this year. Solar flare, geomagnetic storms and auroras are in the offing. Stay tuned!


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