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Friday March 3, 2023 (Updated)

Good Morning and happy Prep Day to all who understand such things.

Well, finally some migrating Great White Pelicans. They are arriving a little late this year as opposed to the normal early arrivals in the Abib Cycle.

The folks at Agamon Hula stopped feeding the Cranes yesterday if I remember correctly, in anticipation of the yet to arrive big flights of White Storks.

Once the artificial feeding stops at the park the Cranes start moving northward. Manipulated by man but all the same something worth seeing.

We enjoy watching the Pelicans come up the Jordan Valley in their squadron formations. I have wondered at times how they can even fly.

Praise be to our Elohim!

(Jonathan watched 71 white storks from his home between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He is our go to birder in the Land. Maybe the first actual migrating white storks this cycle. They are late as well. Must be good eating along the way from Central Africa.However they could be a break off from the crew in the NW Negev dump.)

Our peace we give to you.


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