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Friday November 4, 2022

Good Morning and happy Preparation Day to you all,

Here is the official October summary from the IMS to go along with the one Bridget posted for the areas of early grain production: both domestic and acceptable wild barley.

As she mentioned some areas around the country received some really heavy rain, however they are not the areas which produce good early crops. But, all the little critters running around those areas were no doubt rejoicing.

It is so uplifting to see brethren actually following the patterns in the growth cycle which are signs and witnesses from our Elohim to Their intent ahead of us.

We will be posting our answer to one of the recurring questions tomorrow about what we will do once the information we follow on the internet is not available to us any longer. Some of you will be surprised at our reply and others will not. But is is definitely time to address this uncertainty of many who have made a commitment to following the Abib Calendar.

Until then, happy Prep Day and we hope you have a peaceful transition into our blessed Sabbath rest in spite of the chaos around us. The Lord of the Sabbath has our backs! And then their is Father as well! What an awesome team to have watching over us with our fellow brethren, the Holy Angels.

Once again, if you wish to contact us for any reason you will need to use the email listed at the head of the Page. We do not open requests to post unless they are associated with a preview.


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