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Monday February 19, 2024

Hi Guys,

Lots to be thankful for. Just think, with the technology of this day we can know when the grains are in each of the Zadok code stages in the Promised Land. He will never leave nor forsake us if we keep following the Lamb wherever He goes. We truly are without excuse.

Water is the story of the moment in the Land. It is nothing short of impressive to watch. Fill those aquifers.

And the winter flowers are just spectacular in some regions of the country. And no, we have not forgotten the anemones.

The sheep in most parts of the country are still eating for 2 or 3 as the saying goes. Some of the southern Negev goats have started to drop their young.

This next group of pictures is taken off of a video from yesterday. You will need to bear with me and no laughing. Most of you would know how to take good screen shots of such things. This is just for an illustration for the newer folks for you old timers are familiar with what we will be discussing.

We look for the two barley sisters growing together in the same field and preferably in and amongst each other in agriculturally prepared fields. We call them the two witnesses: domestic and wild barley.

Here you see a barley field in the NW Negev. Most of it appears to be in stage 6+ when the video is running and people are not posing in front of it. Notice in the last frame the stalks and heads hovering over the rest of the stalks. That is wild barley growing with her sister the domestic barley. These stalks are just about ready to pick up the speed in bowing before their Creator. That will happen in the next few days. Such an amazing character trait of both barley sister's.

Lots of spiritual reality in that act but I will stick with the physical today.

We will start to see much more of that behavior as the grain fields leave their juvenile attributes and take on a much more mature behavior.

Our peace we give to you.


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