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Monday February 26, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

Many are asking what our decision will be for the upcoming year. Please understand we are not here to play follow the leader in any way, shape, or form. This effort is about you. We present the evidences in creation in the Promised Land for you to put together and for you to make a decision. The cycle of letting someone else make decisions for you needs to end.

For many of you that was accomplished many years ago. Yippie! Some new folks to this walk in the Abib Calendar will hopefully get to the same place before the times come which will prevent us from doing this online effort each year. So good job understanding that we are to follow the patterns in scripture and in creation in putting the Abib Calendar together and being able to meet with our Creators on the days They have chosen, and not men.

Yes, we follow the Lamb wherever He goes as part of His Body. If a leader among you does that and sets the right example, that is a blessing to many, but the decision making is yours in your one on one relationship with our Savior.

So that is the long way around to simply saying as we have here for some time Linda and I are starting the new year and the Month of Abib at the next new moon. Many have not decided what they will be doing yet thus we have the 2 scenarios listed on the site. A normal year and an intercalated year.

And I have to say once again, beware of the Calendar clowns, hirelings, and wolves; for they are out in force. Keeping this 12th month we are in, as the first month of a new year is Biblical lunacy and the food for tares and babes.

Now how many complaints and howlings will we hear from me being point blank on that? Once again follow the Lamb wherever He goes. That is exactly what He would have said and often did about the blind leading the blind. No little lord Jesus in any of my understanding.

So, lets start with the newcomers to the Land in the past few days. Small groups of Great White Pelicans are now moving up from the South into the North on their migration journey. These groups are usually anywhere from 10-30 birds at the beginning as they are now.

And Hermon going to bed for the night.

Blossoms are and still will be decorating the landscape with lots of activity for a few more weeks to come. That is both the wild and the domestic almond trees.

A couple of photos of grain just coming out of the boot for those who need some practice with that part of the cycle. Also notice the field taken over by wild flowers. Now zoom in on that one and look who is peeking out from under the bright canopy. This happens often in some locations. That usually means this grain is volunteer for the year. That simply is when domestic grain, self-seeds itself from the year before when harvested and the field was not turned this year but let to sit.

Then a close up of a head of wheat so you can look at its structure in how its kernels are arranged. That will become import to identifying different fields of grain as we move through this growing cycle from here on out.

Now once again another example of an illusion created by the low level sun rays near sunset and after sunrise on the heads of grain. It will always give it a lightened color even when brilliant green. So be on guard to this for it has been used often in the past to deceive Abib Calendar focused folks.

Yes the Lonely Tree is well behind many other locations near it this growing cycle thus it has not been photographed much. It was planted in November and missed the October rain events.

And a good look at some of the higher elevation grain fields. Notice the size of this field of grain which has received a lot of rain from heaven. Lots of big broad flag leaves and many tillers. This is a typically look at this time up high as it should be for there is a 7 week harvest time allotted Biblically to the early harvest.

And let's not overlook the red anemones which are still blanketing much of the country.

Our peace we give to you!


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