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Monday March 18, 2024

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all having a good walk through the Month of Abib.

I took lots of pictures and videos in the NW Negev today but having difficulty with videos loading. Need some sleep desperately.

These photos are just a small portion of what is seen all over our normal locations there that you guys are used to seeing. Maybe a hundred or more just like these barley and wheat fields and many many already cut for silage.

Lots of 8.3-8.5 and some 8.7 here and there. Tomorrow will be the Jordan Valley and the central locations.

The first one is typical of 6 row, 2 row and wild barley growing together in the aviv stage. Cut and dry in the field or roast.

Then a sample location of wild with a piece in hand as well as 6 row barley.


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