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Sabbath April 6, 2024

Good Morning and a happy Sabbath to All,

We are hoping that this day number 7 in our count to Pentecost is nothing short of being delightful and full of promise. We also hope you took in all the beauty of the harvest that we posted yesterday for those who are not aware of where they are in the Abib Calendar Cycle.

Later today we will be posting a lengthy article for the new comers to the Calendar and the fact we are engaged in a spiritual war with our adversary and his designated minions who are in place to steal their crown from them. Some will listen and some will not. Please understand the effort of all of our reporting is to those who are called of Father unto His Son. The tares and members of the mixed multitude will not understand even though they are pulled towards this watershed understanding here at the end of the age.

So here are a few update photos as well as some information photos from across the Land.

The first one is from Marina and her crew in the NW Negev. The grain harvest for silage and hay is a wrap for them this season and they are now preparing the ground for the next crops which will take some of their water allowance for irrigating them.

Some have asked about the shorter stalks of grain which have more green in their heads than the other ones growing with them. So here I have circled a section of a wheat photo showing what they are asking about. Those are tillers coming to maturity after the main stalk is more advanced in age. Remember tillers are stalks that come out of the same root ball and in years of plentiful rain they too will produce a harvestible head.

And then we have a photo of what the sour grape bud looks like referenced in scripture as a sign of the Month of Abib. They can be found in this stage all over the country at this time.

And then to the two flowers that appear during the early harvest of grain in the Land. Poppies first with 3 photos. First one in wheat, the second in the volunteer field of domestic barley (both 6 row and 2 row) we have been following and posting about this cycle. Notice the condition of this 6 row photo in the poppies, very, very aviv. And then the 3rd of poppies taking over the landscape during the harvest.

Then 3 photos of the fading daisies which accompany the start of the grain harvest. These are locations you are used to seeing this cycle. Keep in mind I call them daisies but there are 3 different varieties of them with official names.

And then a photo for you spelt folks. It is not as advanced as the one from yesterday but is well on its way next to the wheat field. Only 2 locations this year in the areas we follow. For you guys who don't know it, spelt is an early form of wheat. They are cousins with both of these here having 42 chromosomes each. Keep in mind Emmer has 28, and the mother of all wheat Einkorn has 14 just like wild and domestic barley. Barley has not undergone the composition changes like wheat has. Still faithful to the original chromosome count of 14.

Then 4 photos of the grain fields still unharvested or just starting from around the country. For the new comers it is an agricultural fact that most of the grain in the Land at this time is harvested as it enters the dough stages for all the dairy operations. Silage and hay are the two main methods. Only a portion is left standing long enough to be dried out to 9-11 percent moisture content for machine harvesting of its grain.

And one last photo of what the Land is looking like in many areas as it dries out with this wonderful stretch of sun, heat, and wind over the past two weeks. Thank you Father for manipulating the meteorological conditions to bring about this amazing witness to your decision to have started the new year and the annual cycle of appointed times with you and our Lord and Savior Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah.

More posts later.

Our peace we give to you!


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