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Sabbath April 8 2023

Good Morning Brethren and Happy Sabbath to you,

We hope you are having an extra special Sabbath rest today as it is the Sabbath prior to Wavesheaf Day.

Bridget has posted the rain totals for the month of March and if you will notice the totals in some locations just exceed normal for year to date, and in others just under normal for year to date. That did not balance out until the Gregorian month of March which encompassed most of the 12th Biblical month for us. Some still ponder why we post such things. Its simple, the grain crops grow in sync with the meteorological conditions given in the Land by our Elohim as we are repeatedly instructed in scripture. Deuteronomy 11:10-12 just being one of them.

You can use these charts Bridget puts together for year to year comparisons. When you see a year that has similar rain patterns with another you already know how the previous one turned out as to the timing of the aviv so you can use the current one you are in to make accurate assumptions as you follow it along. If it changes at some point you adjust your expectations from there until the real event takes place.

This is a valuable tool for us year in and year out and we use it alongside the photographic evidences we find in each region to be able to tell you year in and year out what will be found in them come inspection time. The growth cycle is very dependent and very predictable based on the rains from Heaven.

And for the record we do not use irrigated fields in any of our determinations. As such that rules out the lower Jordan Valley for us because if anything is to grow in that desert wasteland it needs large amounts of water through irrigation to get the crop to maturity. That is why there is no domestic wheat or barley grown there now, for the folks who work that area can only afford the cost of the water for high paying vegetable crops, specialty grapes, and date trees.

The area is cursed as we have shown you in many pictures over the years. I have included an areal photo for you to look at. Use Google Earth yourselves and zoom in to see exactly what we are talking about so do not be mislead about the present, by some invoking the distant past of this region.

Some of you are having some difficulty identifying domestic barley from wheat. So here are two pictures which first shows wheat. Notice the scraggly structure of the awns and the positioning of the kernels. By the way this photo is from today of one of the many fields we have been following since November.

Now look at the next picture. It is domestic barley. Notice the different shape of the head itself and the uniformity of the kernels. And then there are the beautiful long awns. Often 6 row and 2 row grow together so don't be thrown off by that. This particular field has portions meeting Leviticus 2:14 and some not quite there. The higher elevations of the field are the most advanced as we have spoken about often as to why one part of a field matures prior to another. It is from top down due to water runoff, etc.

The 4th picture from today is a domestic field of grain you have seen over the past 4 months. But enlarge the photo and magnify it. You will see there are still some acceptable wild barley growing in and above the domestic grain. They are completely aviv but are now few in number from what we were showing you from these locations during the 12th Biblical Month.

Please listen to the reason why. Most of the acceptable wild barley growing here in the agricultural soils amongst domestic barley and wheat has already dropped recently. Remember why?

Wild barley does not have the mutation, which I call an enhancement, between BT1-BT2 genes. This enhancement found in domestic barley does not allow the heads to shatter. That is why it can stand in the field for many weeks after reaching the state of aviv. That is why it is the only barley that has ever been planted and harvested. Wild barley falls apart at the touch of your hand when it reaches physiological maturity or if it dies prematurely as some inspectors try to pass off as aviv. Thus completely unharvestible.

That is why we do not use goat grass which so many others do. As we have always stated and done, we present all the evidences to you, and then you use them as you wish in your Calendar criteria.

So why these lessons today? Because tomorrow is Wavesheaf Day and we are going to give you a big present. We will post current pictures from around the Land of the crowing glory of many of the domestic fields we have been following for this Abib Growth Cycle. And yes, they are all fields located in deep rich soils not anemic stony, sandy, and rock strewn locations. As the saying goes we all have to make our own decisions.

Our peace we give to you.


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