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Sabbath December 17, 2022

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to you all.

We are hoping things are well with you all in spite of the times we live in. You are in our prayers regardless of how you perceive us.

We thought we would demonstrate a sign of the growth cycle of all "grasses" that go through a "wintering over" process. We have a bunch of random photos from the Land which demonstrate it very well.

The first one is a favorite from this week. There are many different species of winter flowers in the Land. This is their time of year for some of them to proclaim their glory. So, for those who have been mislead by some to using the first flowers blooming as the initial start of the year you may want to reconsider the source of such misinformation regardless of how sincere they may come across. And if they ask for money run as fast as you can. The truth of our Elohim and Their processes in creation are absolutely free of charge. What They require of us is obedience, with the promise of a reward to come.

Maybe we will post more winter flowers during this cycle to show there are a lot of them right now. Pilgrims one might say.

But that is not the focus of the photo. Look around at the associated "grasses" growing along side this winter flower. You will obviously see lots of shoots and leaves turning brown. That is because they have been the recipient of one of the several frosts hitting various locations around the central and north regions of the Land so far this winters growing cycle.

Some "grasses" are more resilient than others. Winter wheat holds up poorly to them, but is designed to rejuvenate quickly once the cold winter temps subside. Barley fares a little better. So far it has been a little above normal in some of the grain growing regions which in turn gives some the false hope of a February start to the year. Sorry to those folks, it will not happen!

In the second photo you can see some of the same effects of a recent frost. Zoom in at the bottom of the photo and you will see a lot of brown curling leaves on these tares and oats.

The third one got hit hard due to elevation and contour of the land and decided to take an early nap and wait it all out. No, this is not a victim of roundup for the naysayers.

The fourth photo is of the same vicinity and shows that this winter wheat managed a little better. It is still trying to carry on the growth cycle before it too goes dormant.

This cycle repeats itself each and every year. Some years earlier than others and in some areas earlier than in others, but, it will happen to all the "grasses" as it is designed to do. So if you see flourishing locations of "grasses" currently in the Land just give it a few more weeks and they will probably get hit with their first frosts and cold weather as well.

In this fifth photo please compare it to the same location from a week ago. Do you notice any growth from that previous photo?

There are lots of pictures of tares and oats growing well on very stony slopes but as you know, they all fall under the category of "goat grass" as well as wild barley growing there because they are unacceptable locations for establishing a holy; without blemish, representation of our Wavesheaf, Christ our Lord and Savior, and thus the start of the Biblical Year. However, their day of cold and frost is on the way also.

Be patient, for it is a cycle which spans many months starting at the beginning of winter (the first rains that can put moisture into the soil to start the germination process) and warm temps, through the cold weather months (the time of sleep or hibernation), and then the warming up again, and then the month of our Wavesheaf and the start of the Biblical Year according to our Elohim and no one else.

These beautiful patterns in creation in the Land, the focal point on this earth for us, because it is the focal point of our Elohim, will never fail there even though they may outside of the Land. So be strong and of good courage and follow the Lamb wherever He goes.


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