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Sabbath December 23, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to All.

What a blessing to have the knowledge of the Sabbath and who is its Lord.

My first attempt at getting you a link to the videos on weather2day did not work. So I have improvised a bit. If you want to see the rest you will need to go to the main site I think. Where is my shovel and rake, this computer stuff is trying.

Israel has been getting hammered with rain, thunder, lightning, and flooding north of the line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Too much too quick in many areas. It will be moving south as the day goes on.

I am hoping you can get to look at the videos of flooding on the weather2day link below. Impressive to say the least. Many who look and comment on such events speak to the damage caused to roads and dwellings etc. However if you look at the rushing water it is heavy with top soil being stripped from fields and deposited where it should not be. That can have profound effects on the current growing season and future ones.

Also keep in mind the more water that grain gets the longer the harvest is put off. We have demonstrated this for you guys to see over the years. The grain will use the additional water, above what is required for a balanced growth cycle, to extent individual Zadok stages by adding height and width to the stocks, etc. In those circumstances seed production is delayed. But, when all the tillers and the mother stock mature there is a lot of grain to harvest.

This is one of the phenomena we follow in the Abib Growth Cycle each year. It instructs us in the timing of the future harvest.

Our peace we give to you!


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