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Sabbath January 13, 2024

Good Morning Brethren and Happy Sabbath!

We are hoping you are all diligently searching out the truth in every matter. That is one of our jobs as the bride in training. We do it first to guide our own steps and then we share it with others to give them a choice as well. That is a process. As David, who resides in Jerusalem recently posted: "So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom" Psalm 90:12. As it turns out that is a very timely quote of instruction for many who follow the first crescent sightings in the Land.

Maybe I will have more to say about that after sunset, maybe not. Some watchmen have already sounded the alarm for some of you.

The first photo of the day is showing you what the skies over Jerusalem looked like a few minutes ago. I actually have many webcams from North to South which show me the skies at sunset and until the light fades. (Even showing a specific ridge in the North) Yesterday at sunset there were 3 blankets in the sky: low, medium, and high cloud cover. Imagine that!

Now onto reality.

We will not forget the happiness that the winter flowers bring us. The first two photo's are speaking to us about the first half of the winter species. The 3rd is a transition representative. And the last 2 are the first early birds representatives of the second half of winter. Yes, the red (crown) anemones. Pat has been searching and waiting for them to peek out of their resting places.

Just a beautiful sight and sign for us; to what Father is doing at this time. He is instructing us in righteousness so we are not easily fooled by grifters and teachers of spiritual stupor.

I will try to load a video from Keren shortly. I hope it loads for it is full of instruction as to the condition and age of the wild and domestic grains in the NW Negev. For some of you it will bring on a flood of memories because you have walked right were she is walking and running.

Our peace we give to you.


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