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Sabbath January 13, 2024: Take 2

Thank you Keren for a great video. Full of sights which flood our memories from decades of visits to that exact area.

For you guys watching this you will be running with them no doubt as you ave walked through so many of these same locations.

Note the size and health of all the wild and domestic grains. Yet notice the young age. What does that instruct us in? Yes, a long way to go to harvest ready. The wild here is one of the areas we inspect in the orchard. It is beautiful soil.

And don't forget the one red anemone captured in the video. in another month that is going to look like a red carpet.

Hopefully Keren can do a run then and share it with everyone.

Once again, thank you!


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Me again, Some think the earlier photos are fake as to this date. Here is Marina and crew today harvesting lots of wheat in the Land. She put it up less than an hour ago. Hope it comes through. As man


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