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Sabbath January 27, 2024: Take 4

Hi Guys,

Might as well fill up the table today as most have the time to digest it all.

A few flowers and then onto the flag leaves across the country in domestic and in wild oats and barley. But lets not forget the effects of heavy early rains.

The next 2 photos are from the area which took the crown of the First of the Firstfruits to commence the Month of Abib this cycle. Zoom in and look at the size of the flag leaves. The stalks have to be thick to hold them up. To get a good understanding of their height I have left in part of a young ladies body. Good depth perspective that way.

Going to be a bumper crop if this keeps up. Notice no heads yet.

Now for some wild barley. Notice in the first picture if you zoom in we have one stalk that is swollen. Most of you know that means the head is being formed in it. But once again notice the size of the flag leaves. Best visibility is in the lower left corner if zoomed in.

Then we have a second location and I thought it would be good to include a roadside barley look. This is near the coast. Zoom in and you will see even in this micro-environment with lots of moisture the wild barley and oats are still at the same growth stage as the rest of the areas we follow.

Once the cold weather of the upcoming week passes we will see an explosion of heads coming out of the boot in many regions of the Land in the ensuing week. Then fertilization takes place (flowering) and then the ensuing stages up to 8.5. Its a pattern!

By the way 8.3-8.7 are the ranges that describe Leviticus 2:14 as the minimum maturity stage to be able to dry and grind into flower.

Unfortunately these days too many people are dummed down into looking at samples of goat grass which is in a hastened cycle of premature death brought on by a reduced amount of rain from heaven in their poor soil locations.

Thanks to you guys who have sent in questions and comments. Some I will answer here in a post as they will be beneficial to others in their timing, and some I will answer by email.

Remember if you want us to know what you are saying you will need to send us an email:

Unless a request to post has a preview to it we have no idea what you are asking or stating. As we do not open them for we do not post them.

Our peace we give to you!


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