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Sabbath November 11, 2023: Take 2

Hi Folks,

Here is a request we received recently which is similar to several others so I will be putting together a “short” reply.

As I continue to learn more about the biblical calendar, I am curious to know your process for determining what the potential scenarios are, specifically the possible dates, this far in advance. I believe others would be interested in understanding what goes into it.

As some of you know we get asked this basic question from time to time. The answer does not change for it is based in Biblical patterns in creation. Each pattern has its own command with a specific conclusion based on the desires of our Elohim. The answer to it is recorded in many articles on our website. They take a lot of reading time for most for they are all very detailed after the example of the biblical scriptures. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.

Some here on the Facebook Page do not even know we have a website. It is if you are interested. However, most do know of it based on all the hits it gets. Actually, some of you who will be reading this do not have a Facebook account and get the information on the Abib Reports page located there.

In answering today, I will be listing various articles and papers which can be used to get more information on the subject. If you go to the website, you will find a tab for publications. When you open it, go to Articles, and then you will see a section on Calendar related articles.

Our ability to forecast potential scenarios as to the start of the Biblical year started decades ago. During the 90’s when we were coming to our understanding of the criteria in scripture (not traditions or commands of men) that instructed us that the mechanisms of the Biblical Calendar were established at creation, we had to become fluent in searching out the signs in the Land from afar. I personally would spend many hours searching the internet for news articles from Israel. I would look for such things as planting times displayed in articles as well as those showing stages of growth at that specific time. Keep in mind the news articles did not have that as their focus, but inadvertently would have the pictures in them for what I was looking for. The weather reporting stations were good for this as well. At the time we did not know how useful Instagram could have been, if in fact it was up and running then.

Thus, we developed a method for monitoring the grain crops, both domestic and wild from afar. It worked well and still does as one can see from our article on the site: “Abib Calendar Criteria to Use when not in the Land.” We have proven over and over again since our first inspection trip in Israel in 2002 that the methodology in this article can be used to accurately forecast the start of the Biblical Year. This is all based on the timing of the 10 Biblical witnesses to it taking place. Some are dependent primarily upon meteorological conditions and some upon the sun. For instance, the sun is the primary tool used by our Elohim in starting the annual migrations of birds into the Land just prior to and after the start of the Month of Abib. The spacing of their arrival, dependent on species recorded in scripture linked to the first month, is so easy to see and understand. Those species are the white stork, swift, swallow, and turtle dove. They all have very specific arrival times during the first month of the Biblical Year. The storks declare it first and then the others in succession.

Of course, there is a lot of detail about each of the 10 witnesses and their declaration as to the start of the Month of Abib and their continued witness in that month as to the intensity of each species pattern. This is all simple stuff but needs to be followed to get an accurate answer as to the desires of our Elohim. Where does your treasure lies.

We then can speak to the pattern of the grain growing cycle in the Land. This needs to be followed from the months of germination: late October through early December. This is very important because all the barley in Israel has an encoded growth cycle as to time. That is both wild and domestic barley. A wonderful tool we have at our disposal is Zadoks scale/code. This is also to be found on the website. Barley has approximately a 90 day growth cycle from germination to hardened kernel. With that, one can take the dates of the grain germinating in the ground and forecast out 90 days. Some stumble over that because there are mitigating circumstances in that arithmetic. The 90 days are if perfect conditions existed. That is never the case for barley grows during the winter months in Israel. If the meteorological conditions are too wet and cold the grain will enter a slow down process. That extends the 90 day perfect scenario out for many weeks in some years. That is why we spend a good amount of time monitoring those conditions from October through February. Patterns have been established which we utilize in forecasting.

Also keep in mind the grain only has to achieve a Zadok rating of 8.3 to 8.5 to be aviv. (That can be as much as 20 days prior to what Zadok includes at times.) At that stage it is physiologically mature and can be planted and then reproduce itself. We address this often in articles on the website. This also trips up many who do not understand its importance to our Elohim. For every Biblical pattern there is a spiritual reality.

Over the decades we have been able to establish locations across the 3 grain growing regions in the Land which produce the earliest barley maturing. They all have one thing in common. They are all located in good ground. Fertile soil and thus do not produce anemic plants full of flaws and blemishes. Many who have jumped on a “bandwagon of the Calendar gravy train” thinking it is a means of gain, stumble over this very important understanding. We have written in the records over the decades how we are able to find green heads of grain and dead grain, across the country in the month of February. These are not acceptable as a standard to start the first month and reject the actual Biblical Witnesses to it commencing. To see people accepting blemished and dead wild barley plants as a representative of their Christ is somewhat sickening. Our Savior is without blemish spiritually, and was in the prime of life, when He became our Wavesheaf Offering and Passover Lamb in Fathers household. Thus, the physical conditions of the spiritual reality for achieving healthy barley must be in place for it to proclaim itself as the number one witness of the 10, to the start of the Biblical Year. Once again, the reason why we follow those factors during the growth cycle in our traditionally early locations.

It is also obvious that the timing of the first crescent in the region of Jerusalem has great significance. If the first crescent in March appears prior to the 15th of the month, it may not be used as the Month of Abib. If it occurs in the interval from the 6th to the 15th of March there needs to be multiple acceptable locations of early barley, usually both wild and domestic growing in the same ground which speak to the possibility of them reaching the 8.3 to 8.5 growth stage by the 10th to the 14th of the potential upcoming first Biblical Month. Many have tripped over this reality, as they proclaim it needs to be aviv prior to the start of the first Month. That is found nowhere in scripture but only in traditions of men, and it certainly does not hold up high the spiritual example and substance of the events of the first Biblical Month of Abib from the 10th to the 21st. In fact, it denies the actions and substance of our Christ/Messiah. That is not meant by me to point a stick in others eyes, but simply how the patterns are established as to the spiritual reality of the functions of that Month, and for that matter, the reason we have a “Calendar Process” to follow. It is completely determined by the desires of our Elohim so we can keep the annual rehearsals as to their spiritual realities. Everything on its day, as the instructions tell us. Coming close does not work for the Bride.

That is why we use an algorithm designed by Bruce to get us close, within 2 days, the 29th and 30th of each Biblical lunar month. That too is found on the site for the years 2021-2031. Let’s look at the example for this upcoming possible start of the new year in March 2024.

10 Mar 5:44 5:57 0.15 85.60 84.27 1.84 -2.82 24.25 Not Visible

11 Mar 5:44 7:08 2.51 86.06 83.89 16.0 -17.7 193.3 Visible

First Day of Month is Tuesday, 12 Mar 2024 CE

Here we have a list of the criteria for the 10th and the 11th of March 2024. When you go to the website you can see what each column represents. Based on this application from Jerusalem the crescent will be visible after sunset on Monday the 11th of March. That would be the start of the Biblical New Year if there are supporting Biblical witnesses in place at that time. If so, we would be ending the 12 month Biblical year which we are currently in at this time. In this type of scenario early in the Month of March there needs to be compelling evidences seen from afar to establish it. Otherwise, an inspection trip to and in the Land would be necessary, which may be the case this upcoming March. Either way we wait on Fathers will to be seen to make that decision.

Patterns in creation are the key to forecasting when the start will be. We undertake this function and report on it so others will not be caught unawares or caught in the snare of those who utilize the Calendar process as a means of gain. That should never happen, but it is a reality of our time.

So, to simplify the process of forecasting the two scenarios.

  1. We look for the first crescent in the next month of March and April, depending upon whether the current year is a 12 month one or a 13th month one. It is going to be one or the other.

  2. We apply the patterns we have observed and established in our decades of inspections in the Land from the start of the planting season. This includes using Zadoks Code of growth to forecast the grain.

  3. We look to the algorithm for the potential first crescent in the month of March. Then we apply Zadoks arithmetic with some potential weather delays to it and that gives us a real good understanding as to whether it will be commencing during the Gregorian Calendar month of March.

  4. Once we have those dates in hand we look to when the other witnesses traditionally appear. Put this all together and you can make an accurate forecast in most years.

Here is a short article on a typical March, and the dates which have been established by pattern to us. Use it with the short history of things above and you can see it is not that difficult to forecast the start of the Biblical New Year. Once again, with that said we wait of Father to clearly show us His intentions in the Abib Calendar Cycle.

Lots of in-depth articles on the website for your use and don't forget the historical Abib reports are available for your use as well.

Our peace we give to you.

A Typical March Calendar
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