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Sunday April 30, 2023

Good morning Brethren, I have been asked repeatedly to post about the usage of the Rabbinical name for the functions of Sivan 6 being used to describe the functions of Pentecost the 50th day in our Covenant count from Wavesheaf Day and the resurrection of our Savior.

Here is a simple statement of my beliefs wrapped in truth. And yes, some of you who are soft spoken may not want to continue reading it. All too often during our count and harvest to Pentecost we hear people usurp the Greek word for Pentecost (Pentekoste which comes from pente: 50) and inserting Shavuot, which is a term defined by mainstream Judaism as the day of Sivan 6. It is a set date which is reached by starting on the 16th of their month of Abib each year. To try and superimpose this name onto a different date is quite simply a heresy to the Rabbi’s and when used to substitute for the day of Pentecost it is simply Biblical idiocy for Christians. The word does not even mean 50 and is designed by our adversary to take the primary focus off of what the day represents and in fact deny the process started by the actions of our Savior. 50 is the number of jubilee and in this case, it is the spiritual Jubilee of the Bride of Christ/Messiah when she returns to her rightful spiritual family and possessions.

Shavuot is not Pentecost in any way, shape, or form. It originates and is served on a table we are commanded not to eat from. But, putting that command to us aside, why are so many babes being sucked out of the safety of the womb and so many tares being torn up out of the field with such easily understood deceptions?

The answer is simple, there are not enough mature members in the body exposing such darkness with light. We are our brothers’ keepers plain and simple. We will be judged on that.

Please look into the original Hebrew scriptures and show me where the word Shavuot is mentioned. You can’t, for it is not in there. Please take the time and research when it was first used to define Sivan 6. You will be shocked if you already do not know. That is a stone-cold fact folks. Many messianic movement types use the word and do not use Pentecost as we are commanded in our Marriage Covenant terms and conditions. They feel it makes them sound more intellectual, more enlightened. It is actually downright stupid and ignorant of truth. Please wake up if you are inserting it in place of Pentecost. Shavuot does not even mean 50 if you are not aware of that. Some will insist it is just a version of the Hebrew in Exodus 34:22 which is once again over the top of stupidity. The word found there is #7620: shabuwa or shabua. Both are singular. Its plural is shebu’ah, with some claiming another version as shabu’im, but that is conjecture and is designed to take you off base. The word simply means week or weeks depending upon usage. No modern inserts accepted for they are designed to take us off course just like the modern use of re’shiyth has become, as “best” instead of beginning. At least with that one they use a word recorded in scripture.

This same festival is noted as Feast of Harvest of the firstfruit of the wheat harvest in Exodus 23:16 so that it can’t be confused with the instructions about the barley harvest which unfortunately some are doing. One count and one harvest are completed and rewarded on Pentecost, while a second/different one starts. So, we can call it the Feast of Firstfruits of Wheat, Feast of Weeks (shebu’ah), or Pentecost: but never Shavuot. The reason being is simple: in the original terms and conditions of the First Marriage Covenant this counting to the 50th day was subject to the same starting point and ending date as we have in our Second Marriage Covenant terms and conditions. That is, starting the Sunday during UB and ending the Sunday following the 7 perfect Sabbath counts (as defined in the first chapter of Genesis). That will always be in the month of Sivan, but after the 6th of that month declared as Shavuot based on the flawed reckoning of mainstream Judaism’s calendar following the traditions and commandments of men rather than those of our Elohim. They needed to separate their commands from those found in scripture, thus they eventually needed a new name and term to call it to give them their own credibility. Sad but true. So, we do not keep Shavuot, which is Sivan 6, we keep Pentecost representing the spiritual Jubilee of the Bride of Christ/Messiah. The reward of those who have been included in the first harvest with the spiritual First of the Firstfruit. They have two different starting dates and two different ending dates.

A lot of amazing fulfillments take place on the special 50th day in the Plan of Salvation. Each designated name has its own function with one ending and another one starting and the real important one being rewarded. A full reward and not a partial one, just like the two groups of 5 tapestries being joined together by 50 golden clasps to encase the tabernacle in the wilderness as one unit.

So, if you have been persuaded to take the name of the functions of Rabbinical Judaism’s Sivan 6, and place them on the 50th day of our count, which is actually called fiftieth and nothing else under our Covenant terms and conditions please see your way out of that trap. Happy first day of the 4th week in that count.

Our peace we give to you!


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