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Sunday February 26, 2023

Hi Folks,

Some of you may remember a while back I mentioned things appear to be upside down this year in some respects. I didn’t elaborate but just sent it out there for a future date of collaboration. Some were thinking I was confused but that is a norm in some circles. Well, the watching of evidences was completed yesterday and I put a photo up as an example of evidence and asked what you could see.

It is attached once again. This picture shows quite clearly wheat and spelt growing together with some much younger wild barley and darnel (tares) growing in its shadow so to say. This is taking place all over the Land this year. No doubt you old timers have questioned the pace of the wheat already in your thoughts this cycle.

You have seen the pictures of winter wheat and now spelt maturing very quickly through the head stages of Zadoks scale. But you have also seen that wild barley and domestic barley for the vast majority of locations are still young and the majority in the boot.

Yet Exodus 9:31-32 tells us that is the opposite of what Moses wrote.

“Now the flax and the barley were smitten, for the barley was abib and the flax was in blossom. But the wheat and the spelt were not smitten, for they are late crops.” (They are aphiyl: Not mature for the head was darkened or better said: in the boot not seeing the light of day.)

Based on what we have just read, and which is often quoted, and which is also very accurate as to the pattern, then the barley should have been harvested a month ago. Hopefully you are all following this.

So, what’s up as the saying goes? What is taking place in the Land this year by our Elohim? Are they making a point of instruction with us?

You bet They are!

The members of the 10 Biblical witnesses to the change of the year have not established themselves in 9 cases and not completed their witness in one (That would be the lambs). This year is a no brainer for us here since 2022 was an intercalated year. Yet some who have inserted their foolishness into this process we are to be following are flopping around like a fish grasping for air on the river bank trying to produce evidence to the contrary.

We have spoken for many, many years about all of the Biblical witnesses to the change of winter to summer in the Land. They are heckled at by many and downright rejected by others. Very sad, for some babes get caught up in that and turn aside from the straight and narrow walk in the Abib Growing Cycle to the start of the Biblical New Year.

No migrating storks as of today, no swifts or swallows, or turtle doves mating calls across the Land are just some which make a token appearance by now. We mentioned the order of arrivals to some extent the other day and just today we have pictures from Evgeny of pelicans arriving in numbers. Remember they are just before the white storks so don’t confuse them with the actual Biblically listed witness by Jeremiah and Solomon. The picture is also below.

So, what do I think?

I think Father is going to bring a crescendo of witnesses upon us in harmony all at once to make clear we understand we do not use goat grass for a Wavesheaf Offering, let alone a determination to start the Month of Abib. We use wild barley and domestic barley witnessing together, growing side by side in good soils, those used for agriculture, not for pasturing sheep, goats, and cattle. Thus, He has clearly flipped the sequencing of Exodus 9:31-32 to get all of our attention. That is to those who understand the sequencing pattern. Some who profess to know it still trip and stumble over it. This year’s disparity in growing stages between the wheat/spelt and wild /domestic barley should be shocking to you in some respects, but also deserves a big “Thank You Father” in rejoicing on our behalf. We have never witnessed anything like this in our decades of following the cycle. Complete reversal!

The doctrine of the Abib Calendar is a watershed teaching here at the end of the age. It isn’t for everyone, but satan does not want any to understand it. Thus, his minions are working hard at deceiving and in some cases being deceived. This is a real war folks, not a nicety-nice walk in the park following the little lord Jesus of little “c” Christianity.

Get your spiritual swords sharpened. You are going to need them.

Accompanying the picture from yesterday (which should be easier to zoom in on the heads of spelt) we have a close up of the hulled wheat varieties. The bread wheat and durum wheat have spelt all have 42 chromosomes. Emmer has 28, and Einkorn 14. When looking at Einkorn one could easily mistake it for 2 row barley. Looks like it and it has 14 chromosomes just like it.

Also notice spelt has no real awns (whiskers) which aids in identifying it.

Then we have a picture of Einkorn, Emmer, and Spelt for your records.

Next a picture of the pelicans stopping in today on their migration and then a photo from Yifat from yesterday in Megiddo with the white egrets feeding before moving on North. Hoping you guys are having lots of fun with this years cycle. It is surely one for the books. As I mentioned the other day its a good year to separate the wheat from the chaff as the saying goes. Our peace we give to you!


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