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Sunday March 13, 2022

Dear Brethren,

It has come to the point where a terrible mistake needs to be corrected by some of you who read our Facebook Page or the Website for the reports from the Land we put out as to the Biblical start to the year.

I am talking directly to you brothers and sisters who have decided to follow a false witness into keeping the appointed times of our Elohim/God out of season. If you have the slightest doubts of that decision, or of the persons motives who has presented the false criteria to you, please read the information from the IMS which is below.

Please, just meditate on the following quote from them as to what is taking place in Israel and the historical primary location for the Passover/UB festival you are about to enter into.

"the preliminary inspection appears to be an almost unprecedented event in March and is not obvious even in the main winter months. In Jerusalem, for example, where a 6-day sequence is expected with a maximum temperature as low as 8 (centi)meters and a minimum temperature as low as 3 (centi)meters, there was no such sequence in March from the beginning of the measurements at the existing station in Jerusalem central in 1950 In other stations in Jerusalem, operating since the 19th century similar sequences were found in March only in 1910 and 1894. Also considering the winter's peak months (January and February) this is not a common event."

This is and has been accompanied by a lot of rain and snow. For this record breaking winter event to be taking place days before the false appointed times in March is simply beyond second guessing.

This is the time period in which families: men, women, and children (and the livestock they were bringing for food, etc.) would be traditionally journeying through the Judean Mountains to the appointed festival site in Jerusalem. It was to be a time of rejoicing before their Elohim not of slogging through mud and freezing cold temperatures to reach a location high in the mountains.

Father is sending you and us all the clearest and most dramatic sign He can when using His mercy which is beyond measure. You can't actually think it is a coincidence. It is a sign and a warning. You have the time and the means to correct the error you have been following. Please make the right decision.

With such an obvious decision by our Elohim to cap off the decision making process for when the Biblical Year is to begin we have decided to step aside and watch things play out and observe the power and might of our Creator in action.

What more can we possibly do that even comes close to this awakening sign of the decision that has been made in the throne room of the Elohim.

Our Peace we give to you.


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