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Sunday March 3, 2024

Good morning Folks,

After sunset today there are 8 more days until the first opportunity to sight the new moon crescent in the Land. With it being the 29th day completed it is going to be a very nice crescent at 193 visibility. It will take a lot of cloud cover or haze to block it. Of course that is Fathers decision which we only need to obey which ever He decides.

It is our hope and prayer that the vast majority of those who use the Abib Calendar to establish the appointed times of meeting with our Elohim are all in sync with the same starting point to the new year. What a blessing that would be.

Lets start with a nice photo of Hermon in the distance. We will lose her snow capped crown all too soon.

Then we have some of the remainder of the specialty flowers of the end of the second half of winter in the Land topped off with a look at the blossom of the 12th month as well.

Then we have two photos taken beside each other. The first shows an orchard in blossom with lots of wild barley growing in it. Next door to it we have a young wheat field, probably planted in December for it is just coming into the head. If you zoom in you can see all of the stiff necked little fellows. But the focus of this photo is to demonstrate the resilience of wild barley growing in good agricultural soil.

Look at these nice heads bowing in humility before their Creator towering above their stiff necked relative. This is one of the priority situations we look for when doing inspections.

Now we have two photos of roadside barley growing. It is well spent already as is the case when subject to that condition. It is the completely dead clumps and strips along the road surrounded by much younger growth.

We do not use such findings to declare a wavesheaf has been found. That is Biblical ignorance. No clumps and no bouquets.

Then 4 random photos from around the country with 2 of them cropped for privacy matters. Use your Zadok scale and the meteorological conditions currently and ahead, to forecast when they will be ready to harvest.

And coming up in the rear, the grapes.

Our peace we give to you.


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