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Sunday March 5, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

Some review time for the upcoming feathered witness' which are about to take place.

Today is the traditionally early date for the Eurasian Banded Dove males to start their serenading songs. It is unmistakable when one is out walking anywhere near the territories they have staked out. Do not confuse them with the Laughing Doves or Mourning Doves for that matter. We are currently not in the Land so if any of you guys who are, if you could let us know when you start hearing them the folks here would be most appreciative.

The swifts are being reported in small groups from the deep South up to the lower central areas. That is on time as they usually do not start with the bigger flight groups for another 3 days. We will keep you posted on them.

And then there are the Ciconia ciconia (white storks). Very few sightings of flight birds to date. What is noticeable is the ones that are being sighted by our go to birders are not landing in Agamon Hula. They are bypassing the Land almost completely which is just amazing that they are not being allowed to give their Biblical witness to the change of the year from winter to summer yet.

Who can guess why?

The traditional date to start the big witnessing flights is the 10th of this month of March so we will see what our Elohim have in store for them and as well for us.

I did say we would be finished with the grain updates for some time, but I have to show you this one from Evgeny. It speaks volumes to us. In it you can see Date Palm trees, Olive trees, second half of winter flowers, oats, and some beautiful wild barley growing in good ground right on the periphery of the soils which are worked for agriculture. Look at the height of them and the size of their heads.

Of course they are young yet but they are displaying the traits of what wild barley looks like growing in good ground used for agricultural purposes and not pasturing cattle, sheep, or goats. As we enter the second half of this 12th Biblical month we will start to see a lot more representative examples of what we look for when we are in the Land undertaking barley inspections.

Hope your week is off to a good start.

Our peace we give to you.


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