The Pattern of the Grapes: Part 1

July 10, 2021 Happy Sabbath Folks! We hope things are well with you all and that you are growing in the favor and acceptance of our Elohim, which is not unlike the pattern found in the grape as to its maturing cycle. The vineyards are all going through their maturing processes as our friends at the Galai winery are so eloquently recording. No one can force the grapes to mature earlier than they are patterned to do so. If you follow when that time in the cycle comes, when they can be used for the purpose of their being, you may get a surprise as to its timing during the Abib Calendar yearly cycle. Our friends at Galai will let you know when it is this Biblical year, if you follow along with them in the months ahead. Patterns are everything when it comes to learning truths.

Galai Winery posted on June 28, 2021: "We have a ′′ pioneer ′′ of the bochal stage. The stage where the grapes change their color from green to purple-black and the stage of ripening and accumulating sugar in the grape begins. At the end of the Buchal process - the stage of ripening and accumulating sugars begins until the time that the grapes have the desired sugar to create the wine wanted of any species - or style."

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