The Pattern of the Grapes: Part 2

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Happy Sabbath July 17, 2021 Hi Folks, Some of you want to see more about grapes witnessing to the Abib Calendar cycle. So here is a picture from yesterday from the folks at the Tzora Vineyards in the Judean Hills. This red variety is in what is called the veraison stage of growth. That is a term which describes the grape adding color to its casing. That is a defining time in the growth cycle for as the color becomes more prominent the grape it starts to shed acid and increase sugars. This is also a time just before it sheds some of its water content. We can conclude as a general point of reference we have reached the half way mark to complete maturity when we see this. Rains can slow that part of the cycle down for many varieties but some have been bred to disregard excess moisture. Israel is into its dry season so there is not much chance of that happening there this year. That brings up a very interesting aspect of the Abib Calendar cycle. The cycle will not be broke regardless of what is happening outside of the Promised Land. That is a promise made to us by the Elohim. Many of you have been experiencing a heavy rain cycle where you live. That is normal for we are coming out of the deepest solar minima recorded in a very long time. The sun has once again started, actually leaped, into the growing solar maxima part of the 11 year sun cycle. Europe has been in the news of late as to the heavy and sustained rain falling there. If you were to check back in the timing of the solar cycle you would see similar events around the world in it occurring in those years. Maybe we will do a segment on grapes in the future for they are mentioned prominently in metaphor at the end of the age. Keep safe in the Lord!

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