The Pattern of the Grapes: Part 3

Sunday, August 8, 2021 Good Morning folks, We hope you are all doing well in these times of grief/sorrow afflicting so many. The folks at Tzora Vineyards are reminding us what time it is in the harvest cycles. They are starting to selectively harvest a variety of the white grapes which they grow. What we call designer grapes. These are not actually one of the ancient varieties of the Land but all the same indicate how they have been affected by this years Abib Calendar growing cycle. I think there will be 3 pictures in this link for you to look at this location in the Judean Hills. We have not forgotten about the post on grapes in the Land as to their relevance with the calendar and their metaphorical use in the timing of prophecies and such. There are ancient varieties grown in Israel today: both dark and white grapes. Once we get things settled down here in our lives with this busy summer, I will put together some of the vineyards that still grow and harvest many of the ancient varieties so you can use them in watching their timing to maturity and thus to harvesting them. As always, keep safe in our Lord and Savior and we hope Fathers favor and acceptance is growing in your lives as we close in on the Feast of Trumpets in September.

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