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Thursday February 22, 2024: Take 2

Good Morning once again,

Some want more pictures of the flowers of the season and some more of Hermon. So that is what we will start with.

The rivers and streams are running well from the winter rains (early rains).

Also for you goat grass fans here is one from the South. Notice the mix of anemic tares and wild barley on the right. Lots of it past the minimum standard, but all the same completely unacceptable as a holy (without blemish) grain offering. Not exactly a going concern when it comes to an agriculture field either. Two important criteria.

And then a photo of the Jezreel Valley from one of our favorite stops when cutting over the Gilboa MT's from the lower Jordan Valley after the checkpoint. Memories for some of you guys!

And then a close up of some wheat in the Jezreel Valley area. A good photo for those just new to following the stages in the life of a grain plant. And notice what the early morning angles sun is doing to the awns of this fresh head of grain coming up out of the boot.

Our peace we give to you.


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