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Thursday January 4, 2023

Good morning Folks,

We hope the week is moving along well for you and yours.

Last Friday I wrote the following:

"They come in both physical and nonphysical forms these days as things intensify around the globe (not flat earth) at the end of the age."

Some of you are asking about the "not flat earth" comment. Its simple. Some who profess an understanding of the growing cycles in creation believe the earth is flat. The two are incompatible, like good is to evil. To many, if not all of the flat earth believers modern science is a giant conspiracy to cover up this "truth" of theirs.

Well that simply is not the case, for modern science confirms what the Bible instructs about the shape and composition of the earth. It is a very simple pattern to follow.

So, I have included a file of Chapter 1 of our book "the Plan of Salvation." It addresses the subject from the Bible and confirms it through the unseen mechanism/forces as well as those seen placed in creation by our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you.

Chapter 1 of The Plan of Salvation
Download DOCX • 21KB


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