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Thursday March 16 (in Israel) 2023,

Hi Folks,

I am sharing the IMS weather update and forecast for the upcoming weekend. Once again, it speaks to it still in winter in the Land.

For those asking, the red anemones are virtually gone in the South. A few patches left here and there.

It is a little after 4:30 am here as we get set up for today's travels. Nice to get some sleep last night after virtually none from the time we left the states. We meet up with the crew at 6 am. In route to our inspection locations today we will maybe do a little history of the past 20 plus years for those here who have never been a part of it.

The rain has stopped in Har Adar/Shoresh areas so hopefully when we are further north today we can get you a bunch of pictures. The plan is to do the in depth inspection of this area next Monday. But you never know today may break out into a full inspection to assist those who use the first day of the month as the day for an aviv location.

This being the year after an intercalated year based on Biblical criteria it is an impossibility to have another one this year as some are suggesting. That would be an abomination before our Elohim. Do the math, that would make their new year starting at the second new moon after the equilux in Jerusalem. That places almost all of the Biblical witnesses in the garbage can.

That is not how our Elohim work. They will never leave nor forsake us, it is we who do that to them, Father and Son.

So please to not listen to something as devoid of understanding as an intercalated year this year. We already have the number one witness in the SMC scriptures confirmed that the next new moon will be the start of the Month of Abib plain and simple.

And yes, we did find a new falafel outlet yesterday near by for those who are aware of such things. And to the Hoeck boys and a few others, we will be visiting Falafel Heaven today in Beit Shaun so I will suffer through one more on your behalf. Maybe Linda too.

Our peace we give to you.


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