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Thursday March 30, 2023

Good Morning all you Abib Calendar folks,

The world of Christianity and Judaism think we are all nuts! Where it well as a badge of honor.

Where there is smoke there is hope of a fire. That is a very good adage to follow when dealing with multiple teams of inspectors who come from very different backgrounds and who actually work according to their faiths.

I see Devorah and crew will be going out for another look at the barley crop, in there usual places no doubt. That is good and very encouraging to me and no doubt to others.

Devorah, you will find some of those locations will be aviv by this coming Passover. You obviously know that.

That never used to be the criteria you used and I am not sure whether it is or not for we have not communicated in many years but it has always been mine. If you want to find locations that were aviv by all the standards we have always used to determine such, by the 1st of the Month of Aviv, please visit these locations.

The intersection of route 675 and 60. You will see this location is, and was, well past Leviticus 2:14 and comprises many acres of wild barley growing in large quantities, in a domestic field of wheat and some 2 row domestic barley. The videos are still up on line as are the pictures. Worth your efforts and I know it is not one of your traditional areas. Also the south facing slopes of the Jezreel Valley have some nice locations as well.

Also route 672 south to Gal'ed. There are many locations here but you will need to get off the main road which you have several choices to do so. Lots of trials to hike back into the good locations. Then route 90 starting after the checkpoint. I understand the roads have changed in this stretch not allowing easy access to some very mature fields but it is worth getting the shoes muddy so to speak.

I usually pull into little openings in guard rails or where an old culvert makes the ditches cross-able. There are locations on both the left and right going north.

In the NW Negev inspect around Ruhama. You will see domestic fields well past Leviticus 2:14 as they were during our inspection times in large acreages as well. All the cultivated sections which weave in and out of the badlands are hot spots of both domestic and wild. It is always good to use google earth to zoom in and locate the access points in any area. Very helpful over the years. Driving north on Route 232 north of Sderot and looking to the west you will see several hills in the distance which also met the requirements. Both domestic and wild grow there year after year and once again they are one of our traditional early locations. There is a road which you can drive to them on but it will need to be dry. Well worth the effort though. It can also be reached off of Route 4 by the road which goes to Gvar'am.

The only caveat to these locations is that they may already be harvested for as you know there are large dairy operations in them all. However, keep in mind they do not cut them for silage until they have entered the soft dough stages. The wild barley sections adjacent to the should be untouched in most of these for no Bedouin sheep herds are allowed.

Our peace we give to you!



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