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Wednesday February 22, 2023

Hi Folks,

Erica wrote a good question earlier that some of you may be interested in the answer as well thus we are posting it.

Her question is: What is the stage of the barley? I don’t see any pictures or references to it. Did I miss it?

No, you have not missed anything. We have been posting pictures of the general condition of the early “goat grass” locations across the country. We use them as indicators of what the meteorological conditions effects have been over the course of the winter months in the Land. There are patterns associated with them year after year.

The picture attached is one from yesterday in the upper Jordan Valley which reflects the general status and stage of development for the goat grasses. Those are wild barley growing in stony and sandy soils. There are vast areas of them in all the growing regions in Israel. We have been contrasting them with the winter wheat growing close to them and already moving through the head development stages as it is designed to do with the meteorological conditions we experienced in the first half of winter.

We also have some goat grass in the head as we do in each and every February. We have spoken about this for over 20 years. Abib does not mean “green ears.” If it did many more would follow the error of starting the New Year in February. Some of these plants will be flowering and some even into the early dough stage, but all completely unrepresentative of our Eternal Wavesheaf. These poor soil locations produce crops of little value, if in fact they produce a crop. Many die early and turn bleached white. We have lots of pictures and comments of this pattern over the years in the archives all can retrieve on the website.

There are some areas where wild barley and her domestic sister are growing together in good soils and are witnessing to the same early stages based on Zadoks Scale. We showed a lot of pictures of such the past few years but some would like more detailed visuals.

So this year we will be putting together short films on the growth cycle in the Land as it pertains to barley, both wild and domestic. This way anyone who wishes to get a better understanding and is prone to using visuals more than written material will have them at there disposal.

We will start showing pictures of such in the next few weeks as the acceptable barley starts to move upward in the Abib growth cycle. The films shortly after that.

So good question of interest to many. Back to splitting wood for me.

Our peace we give to you!


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