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Wednesday March 15, 2023: Take 3

Hi Folks,

As we mentioned earlier, here is the report on our recon trip today. We will be back inspecting the South on Sunday if all goes as planned.

Today has been a rain out once again. Unprecedented rain (and snow) in so much of the country from the far North to the far South.

The first slot below is a short video of what most of the day looked like. It is on Route 232 east of Ashkelon. The White Storks were feeling our pain about the rain across the Land.

This area, east to Kiryat Mal'ahi, has a number of big dairy operations who have been cutting the domestic wheat and barley for silage. Most know this pattern in that part of the Land. Once it enters the first soft dough stage they cut and bale it. We didn't stop in this area because of the non stop hard rain, so Sunday it will get the once over. The upper portions of many of these hill locations which are growing grain are changing color in the awns.

Remember the agricultural principle that directs these grain locations to mature from the top of the field down its gentle declines.

Our traditionally early grape vines located off Route 3 here were just one of the two locations with foliage growing throughout the entirety of the NW Negev. That is exactly as it should be with the current conditions. Our friends at the Galai Winery have told us the vines will wake up from their winter sleep any day now. There witness is about to happen.

The area around Ruhama holds a lot of promise. The domestic grains on the higher ridges and hills there looks similar to Yifat's photo from the other day on the ridge above the Jezreel Valley. That is the third photo in sequence. Those are locations for acceptable barley to be used with her domestic sister as a trumpet witness.

On that point; there are some declaring there is no Biblical instruction that we are to only use grains growing in agriculturally used ground. I would point them to our article from 2008 which speaks to many of the Biblical agricultural principles and instructions we receive from our Creators. The following is just one example:

Isaiah 28:23-26 Listen and hear My voice, pay attention and hear My word. Does the plowman keep plowing all day to sow? Does he keep turning his soil and breaking the clods of his ground? When he has leveled its surface, does he not sow black cummin and scatter cummin, and plant wheat in rows, the barley in the appointed place, and the spelt in its border? And He instructs him, his Elohim teaches him for right decisions.

Yes, the farmer prepares a section at a time and plants it in accordance with the simple principle of plow, break the chunks, and them level them so that sowing can take place. Where does it come from? Our Elohim.

There were a lot of locations with very healthy wild barley towering above the domestic grains they were mixed in with. Keep in mind the NW Negev received its rains late so a good portion of those will be in the late flowering stages up through Zadoks number 7 category.

The fate of a lot of the goat grass south of Route 35 has been to help the little lambs and their mummies put on weight to fulfill their part in this cycle.

As we have mentioned often to those reading the reports, we conduct our inspections throughout the Abib Growing Cycle by using a two edged sword. Simply put that is using the First Marriage Covenant scriptures and the Second Marriage Covenant scriptures. With that stated the most defining statement given to us in the SMC on winter changing to summer is from Christ/Messiah describing to us that the fig tree displaying her tender figs/shoots declared to us that summer is almost here. Once again the timing to this Biblical agricultural statement is something we look for each and every year in the 12th Biblical Month.

Once again this year the figs growing independent of a micro-environment green house effect location are exactly where they need to be. The next two photos are of two of the trees we show you when we are in the Land looking at the witnesses giving their witness as to the decision of our Elohim to change from winter to summer. (There were many more as well from this afternoon in numerous locations.) In fact, they are our most pointed example Christ/Messiah has given us in our covenant scriptures. It is truly unfortunate that some of those who undertake inspections do not acknowledge this very clear witness in the Land and its author.

Linda and I tried to get a recording of a male Eurasian Dove serenading a couple of the girls today. You can see the two females but have to listen carefully to his song as he is hidden in the foliage. A song bird is also cluttering up his vocalizations. These are the "Turtle Doves" Solomon speaks about.

Lots of early indications of the required witnesses to the change of the year. But alas, many either reject them or muck them all up trying to "adjust" them to their personal declarations.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little brighter and less sopping wet. If not we are here for quite a while to record the witnesses this second half of winter in the Land. When you get out to inspect a location you get drenched from above and from all the water on the ground and the plants.

Tomorrow's reconnaissance will be of the Central/North: conjunction of the Jordan and Jezreel valleys and the upper Central area of the country.

We will keep you posted.

Our peace we give to you.


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