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2020 Abib Reports

Monday, May 18, 2020: Locust swarms threaten Middle East, India, Africa amid COVID-19 outbreak

Hi again folks,


Some of you have been following the plague of locusts for the past year as it raised its ugly head in Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Iran, and Western China. With all the rain this cycle once again it is doubling down in those areas and spreading far and wide.


Brethren in Kenya have been spared the effects of the ravaging clouds of locust to date so please keep them in your thoughts as well as brethren in many of the countries being focused on by this swarming plague.


These locus swarms have been many miles across this past year and are even getting bigger where they can cover entire regions devouring anything green and edible to them.


Once again the crops are under attach and the food chain being disrupted. That is destroying the livelihoods of many whose existence depends on producing crops.

Sabbath, March 21, 2020: Final Abib Summation Report for 2020

Happy Sabbath!

Here is our Final Abib Summation Report for 2020.

Sabbath, March 21, 2020: Yesterday's Rain Totals

Happy Sabbath to all!


Here are the rain totals for Yesterday.

If you want to see some eye popping numbers, as bad as the individual daily rain amounts have been for a middle east country, add them all up for various locations.

Tomorrow will be the last day we send them out. Keep in mind we are not doing this to point a stick in anyone's eyes. It is to report on the sustained witness events taking place which are reassurances to the decisions you have made for starting the year this coming New Moon.


If they enrage some as one who went early don't read them, be on your merry way, be happy! Spending long periods of time wasting brain cells on anger towards me or others is not a smart move. Remember to follow what we do: hate the sin and not the sinner. Think and speak facts and not fiction when addressing an issue or a person.


If you have evidence that this continual massive rain event in March is not in any way reflective of Fathers nonacceptance of some keeping moedim out of season and an effort to mercifully steer them to a correct timeline send it over. Remember Biblical, not emotional and not fictional.

Preparation Day, March 20, 2020: Rain Totals

Happy Preparation Day to all!

Here are the rain totals from Israel for the 19th of March. For you brethren who live in the tropics and on the North West Coast of the United States you must be thinking that Israel is a tropical rain forest with all the rain it has gotten this month and last.


We have never seen Father make His point as loud and as clear as He has been doing this year. He is still trying to convince some that there is time to correct their error of keeping His appointed times of meeting with Him and Christ out of season.


That will come to an end shortly if His pattern of such things takes place and plays out.


Hope everyone has a peaceful and restful Sabbath reward in your calling.

Thursday, March 19, 2020: The Weather Prophets Speak...

The experts paid to be weather prophets tell us it is still winter in the Land.

IMS Weather Forecast

Thursday, March 19, 2020: Sweeping the Household

As promised earlier. Here is Another session of sweeping the Household.

Thursday, March 19, 2020: Thank-you Angie

Good Morning Brethren,


Thank you for stepping forward Angie.


As you read down through the links I would suggest you go to the last series of them first. You may have heard Jezebels talks about living in Central America and have servants and the whole works and her need to make an abrupt departure for bad men were trying to kill her and her family? As you read through you will discover how that was made possible.


These links below are just the tip of the iceberg. You may want to look on some of the arrest warrant sites. Do your own due diligence.


All the embezzling, alias's, lying, and destroyed lives are recorded on many locations on the internet. Pure evil folks. And now you too have become a victim. Maybe the little princes and princesses will rally around her?


Later today we will be putting together one of our final house cleanings for the year. Maybe we will call it: a heart to heart to the faithful. The Abib Calendar movement has been hijacked.


Do not let anyone steal your crown!

Thursday, March 19, 2020: The Riddle Solved!

Today Angie Solved the riddle.  Here is the answer that she also posted to Facebook:


I Solved the Riddle. Maybe You Did Too?


I am responding because no one else has. I do not have a website or a following. I am a humble student and servant of Jesus the Messiah and do not wish for sincere believers to be misled. Identifying that someone has a Jezebel spirit is not name-calling. We are to have no fellowship with the works of darkness, but rather expose them. (Ephesians 5:11) Please do your own research and ask why there was not a second witness to aviv barley last month.


#1 Jezebel was from the north. She lives in The Galilee.


#2 Jezebel changed times and seasons. As far as I know, she was the only one who reported finding aviv barley last month. The barley she found was unacceptable to begin the harvest and to be offered as the Wavesheaf offering. I have been to Israel numerous times since 2003 to see the barley at the end of the 12th month and agree with Brian Convery, Brian Hoeck, and others in this regard. Each of us has to make our own decision before God based on the information and knowledge we have. We should operate in love toward those observing different calendars and have the law of kindness on our lips. However, a deceiver in our midst should be exposed. Keep reading.


#3 Jezebel used deceptive and harmful means to take from others what was not hers under the guise of doing it for her husband’s well being.


Is she profiting beyond basic expenses to conduct a barley search and new moon sighting?


Is there more than meets the eye concerning her and her husband? There are several aliases involved. I do not have the whole story nor was I the one who uncovered this information.


Here are some links that may be of interest:$3,500.00?fbclid=IwAR00etYGEhHTOlx-e4M0m8pChHnrGmnK6476xIiAy1sE-m5QbTK7UXmyo_k


For the purposes of identifying the husband in news reports, here is his channel:

I write this prayerfully knowing that many have become friends with her. I initially thought she was my friend, too. May God reveal the truth so that we may walk in the light of the truth.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Winter rainfall totals for March 17, 2020 across Israel.

Yup, still winter as Solomon and so many others state in scripture.


Some more housecleaning:


Some have been deceived and have made bad choices as to the start of the year and the keeping of the appointed times of meeting with Father and Christ. Still time to do something about that. The princes and princess' who want your praise and your money and your following seem to be incensed at me for speaking the truth and continuing to expose their underbelly with the signs of winter in Israel.


Don't fall for their self-righteous outbursts of indignation. They are just deflecting you from unraveling the riddle about Jezebel the source of the error. You see, some of them know the answer and will not tell you, thus they are a party to the crime. Seek and you shall find. Maybe she will do a Mia Co-pa and spill the beans herself in an attempt to draw out your mercy. That is an age old ploy.


For those of you who are not a party to it all, you may want to stand back and watch as evil is exposed by light. Let's see who steps forward first with the answer to the riddle and then the truth of the matter. Don't get worked up in an emotional mess by the swarm prince. He is just using a tactic out of our adversaries handbook to redirect your attention and thus raise your emotions to draw you away from his error.


We are to be legal defenders of the spiritual widows and spiritual orphans. That is not always a pleasant task. Most shy away from such responsibilities because of the syrupy norms of the day. Our Savior never did and neither should those in the body who have the ability to do so.

Matthew 23 holds some keys to the riddle about Jezebel. We are not to be hirelings, but servants to the body, but even more so we are not to devour widows houses, but rather give them shelter. We should not be in a profession of taking but giving, and certainly not grifting. Can a leopard change its spots? On this point Daniel has told us knowledge will increase at this time. Oh yes, the internet holds a lot of knowledge about people to their horror. As the saying goes, you can run but you cannot hide.


We are not supposed to shut up the Kingdom of Heaven from those who are making the effort to enter it. That is what changing times and seasons does. That is the error of Jeroboam.

To those who do such things Christ, our Mighty El, not the little lord Jesus, labels them with names clearly revealing what they are: hypocrites (pretending to be something they are not), fools (moros: stupidly, morally, corrupt), bling guides, whitewashed tombs, serpents, brood of vipers. And let's not forget sons of the devil.


These were those who sought to be preeminent in the religious activities of His day. Many who were in hearing distance of Him publicly rebuking them probably wondered why He was doing this to those who had made themselves the leaders of the people. Laodicea has this problem as explained in Revelation. Nicolaitans are a plague on the body just as much as the anti-christs are at this time.


Imitate me as I imitate Christ is a command to us brethren from brother Paul. This is a life and death battle we are in. Some do not have the stomach for it. War is ugly and yes there are those singled out from long ago who will try to turn you from the truth. Stand strong. Unfortunately they have made many widows (separated them from their Husband Christ) and many orphans (separated them from Father) with their foul prognostications.


So to those who do not understand why I do what I do, now you have a little better insight into it. I really don't care what the princes and princess' of the swarm think, for they are defecating on the clean food which is being presented free of charge in the Household of Father.

Solve the riddle! Then enter into your decisions with your eyes wide open. Take out all emotions and don't let anyone cause you to keep the appointed times out of season. Christ tells us what the outcome of that is.


Our peace we give to you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020: Swarms of locusts expected to plague Africa and Middle East

Here is an article on an event we have been following for some time. It has devastated countries already and most have heard nothing about it. Yes, swarming locusts eating up all the good food so nothing is left to feed on except the feces they leave in their wake. People do the same thing. Father names things for their activities just as Christ did to those hurting the body.

Swarms of Locusts Expected to Plague Africa and Middle East

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

St. Patty believes in the luck of the draw but not us.

The reality is just off the coast and coming ashore. Rain, rain, rain, and then more rain. If that is not enough for you look at the highs and lows for Friday and Sabbath. 44-45 degrees F high and 37 degree F for lows in Jerusalem. Are you kidding me! Is that summer to you?

Below is the link for the Israel Meteorological Service extended report. You can probably copy and paste it if it does not open.


Our peace we give to you

Tuesday, March 17, 2020: Little Dopey

A little more house cleaning is in order: We will address a fairy tale presented by Little Dopey, one of the princes of the Swarm Kingdom.

Monday, March 16, 2020: A Little Household Cleaning

Hi Folks,

It appears some of the swarm are dancing around the altar of their moon goddess cutting and slashing themselves in an effort to have her consume me with fire for using the Biblical designation of Jezebel. To be humane to these folks, lets help them in their misguided frenzy.

The designation is actually a riddle as some have recognized for they understand scripture instructs us through patterns of here a little, there a little, line upon line, and precept upon precept. The members of the swarm should do a thorough read of Matthew 23 at the very least to gain a proper biblical perspective before they pontificate a matter such as this. It appears they are a little mixed up in that we are to follow and imitate Christ/Messiah in everything He did. It appears they like to pick and choose what suits their taste buds in that command to do so.

As such they probably do not like riddles like the application of Jezebel. Let's see if you can help them pin the tail on the donkey by figuring out the following:

#1 Jezebel was from the north.

#2 Jezebel changed times and seasons.

#3 Jezebel used deceptive and harmful means to take from others what was not hers under the guise of doing it for her husbands well being.

The first 2 should be relatively easy. The last one will take some research. However, be careful, for you may not like what you find. What has been, is once again.

Monday, March 16, 2020

This is a summation of the extraordinary meteorological events occurring from Thursday night through Sabbath morning. These are days 3-5 of the early birds pilgrimage festival in Jerusalem. No blessing there. No rejoicing in the likes of that.

Sunday, March 15, 2020: Deuteronomy 16:9

We have been asked to address the meaning of Deuteronomy 16:9 as it pertains to Leviticus 23 and the Wavesheaf of the barley harvest in simple terms. Apparently the 2 camps of differing opinions are at it again this cycle.

If you are a believing Christian there is no need to immerse yourself in the argument for there is none. As Christians we believe that the harvests in Israel were and still are used as shadows of spiritual realities to come in the Plan of Salvation for all of mankind which start with the qualifying of the Bride of the household of the Elohim, the early barley harvest. That harvest of us Gentiles has a biblical 7-week duration to it.

If we understand and believe that our Savior/Husband, is in fact, the blemish free, holy Wavesheaf of the household of the Elohim then there is only one way it can all take place in harmony with that household.

So, do the 7-weeks come before or after the Wavesheaf is accepted on our behalf? Very key words of understanding from Leviticus 23:11. Lets use an example to clarify how simple the answer is to us who believe that Christ/Messiah is preeminent in all things in the Plan. Question: does the cart come before the horse? Of course not, that is really dumb to even consider it. The horse is always before the cart.

If our Savior is representative of the reality of being the Wavesheaf Offering of the household of the Elohim being accepted on our behalf then you have answered the question biblical, symbolically, and to the faith once delivered. However, if you feel you are qualified on your own to be harvested before Him in the Plan of Salvation there is not much we could say to you to overcome that understanding. It is our steadfast belief that we can not be included into the early harvest until He has been accepted by Father on our behalf, certainly not His for He is blemish free in this capacity just as He is in that of the Lamb.

Thus once He is accepted as the First of the Firstfruits, then our timeline commences for us to be included in that in the order directed in scripture and in the reality of the Plan of Salvation.

That's about as simple as we can make it for you to glean from. There are in depth studies of the entire process on our website for more details.

Our peace we give to you.

Sabbath March 14, 2020

Keeping an eye on winter weather in Israel. Ask an Israeli what is the obvious sign of winter? They will answer: rain! As this subsides sometime today more is on it's way by end of week with very low temperatures. Here you can see a Facebook post from the Israel Meteorological Service's forecast for the upcoming storm.  Click the translation sign at the bottom to get it in English. All the barley in the south has been further delayed with all this water.

Here are links to some of the rainfall totals for March:


March 12, 2020

March 13, 2020


Jeremiah 8:7 "Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times; and the turtledove, the swift and the swallow observe the time of their coming. But My people do not know the decisions of Yehovah."

Father is being very obvious in His decision about the turn of the year.

March 14, 2020

As you can see the torrential rains have let up for a gentler rain which only adds to the saturation level of the ground. Very heavy fog in many locations at present. Nasty weather coming back during the week.

When the wisest human being who ever lived, testifies to and lists for us the witnesses in creation being clearly seen as to the fact winter is over the first one he lists is rain: "For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone..." You can read the rest in Song of Solomon 2:11-13.

These witnesses here, as well as elsewhere in scripture, lift us onto good pastures of learning, high above the confusion below. Yes, Ezekiel 34:14-16 is so reassuring during times like these. He will never leave nor forsake us. We are the ones who actually do that, not Him. Please read all of the chapter to see what we are to stay away from.
And please do not forget we are instructed that it is a curse to rain during the harvest. The early birds would not only be getting soaked at the pilgrimage feast in Jerusalem, they would also be having a very bad time at their harvest of their barley fields. As they return from the commanded appearance in Jerusalem to their homes they are going to be dogged by very bad weather with impassible roads and then what? Water logged fields of grain and more rain. Why? Because it is still winter.

Follow the Lamb wherever He goes and no one else. It is a pattern for all time.

Thursday, March 12, 2020: More Wind and Rain

Father is not happy with the wayward followers of Jezebel who are keeping the pilgrimage festival of Passover/UB at this time. Remember it was to be a time of rejoicing under the protection of Yehovah in the Land and at Jerusalem. Days 4,5,6 of it would have them shivering and soaked. That is not a blessing, that is a curse folks. Please wake up if you have made a terribly wrong decision. Oppressive heat turned on, then this. And yes, They do use weather to speak to us.The scriptures are rife with examples.  Israelis brace for windy and rainy weekend after unusual hot spell

Crimson Barley? Or maybe a wrong diagnosis, you decide.  Download the Barley Disease Handbook and the Abib Report.

How do the sheep and the lambs fit into the timing of the first month?

Still raining with spurts of hail early Sabbath morning.

Friday, March 6, 2020: Rain and Hail in the Land

Here are a couple short videos of the rain and hail today...

Mount Hermon in all her winter glory.

A Beautiful day finally in the mountains.

February 29, 2020: A Comparison of Malaki Vineyard

As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words. They speak truth and not lies. 

One can also use the Abib Reports from previous years to make other similar comparisons.  All the Abib Reports can be found at the bottom of our Abib Reports page on the website.


Comparison of Malaki Vineyard

February 27, 2020: Abib Report

Today's report from Israel:  Feb 27, 2020

Feb 22, 2020: Barley Inspection

Dear Brethren,

Linda and I will be arriving in Israel on Monday the 24th and will be looking for the new moon crescent that evening from just outside Jerusalem. We will post, if in fact we see anything. It will be close to the youngest crescent we have seen there, which means there can’t be any haze over the Mediterranean Sea due to the young moons low profile in the western sky, as well as a short window for seeing it.


We will conduct a full barley inspection of all our traditionally early volunteer fields on Tuesday the 25th in the South, Central, and North, of Israel. And as usual we will be reporting on any of the other 9 signs/witnesses in creation which attest to, or against, the change of the year in the Land from winter to summer.


This year we will be staying for over a month and will document the maturing locations through pictures and videos in an effort to give you a more realistic understanding of the entire growth process and how weather can affect it in dramatic ways. We should be posting them every 4-5 days if not earlier.


Hopefully this will help you to live the actual experience over that timeframe, and no doubt will increase your understanding of it without actually having hands on in the Land.


Thank you for loving Father and our Savior/Husband/Wavesheaf the  Passover Lamb of the House of the Elohim.


Our peace we give to you!


Brian and Linda

We would like to share with you Gisela's pictures and findings in Israel.

Feb 8, 2020: Abib Update

Happy Sabbath Brethren,

We hope this communication finds you safe and sound in the bosom of Father, and our Lord and Savior/Husband, Jesus the Christ. As we write the sun is not up yet and the snow and cold are blowing around outside. But the wood burning stove is moving right along sending out its warmth throughout the house. Such a wonderful blessing to live in such comfort and ease of life here at the end of the age. We are very thankful for it and we also know it may change at any given time.

It appears that some of the brethren are getting a little antsy about the expectations at the end of this 12th Biblical month and a possible start to the new year. In that venue some of you are a little annoyed at us for not sending out all the updates of the barley growth cycle and the meteorological conditions affecting it like we have in past years leading up to the end of the 12th month.

Well, dear brothers and sisters, if you are of that persuasion then you have forgotten how we emphasized last year that we were going to do exactly that with the expectation you would use your computer and time to search articles, photos, and videos originating in Israel from December on to practice this all for yourselves. We have demonstrated over the years how simple it is to do. This year there have been lots of pictures and videos to examine. And there still will be. For many, many years we have stressed the importance of doing this individually. In doing so we are instructed in knowledge of both the climate, and the barley growth cycles being put in place for the determination of the end of one year and start of another. We then sift this knowledge through the experiences we have gained through the patterns in creation and in the Word of God to gain understanding. Only then can we make a decision based in wisdom. A good farmer watches the weather conditions which affect his crop growing so that he is not caught unawares of the time of harvest so he does not suffer any unnecessary hardships related to it. We are all to be doing the same.

So far, the last 3 months of the Biblical Calendar have been setting record upon record for rainfall in much of the Land. Many locations have already exceeded their annual rainfall quantities and are still doing so with the exception of some isolated areas where volunteer/wild barley grows. Much of this has had devastating effects on crops and people. Some have lost their lives as a result of it. There are areas where croplands were devastated and needing to be turned and reseeded. Unfortunately, that could not happen while the soils were soaked. Some will just wait for a drier environment and plant a different later crop in that same ground.


As we are writing much of the Land is receiving strong winds and rain. The temperatures are falling with the forecast of frost starting Sunday night through Tuesday. The threat of loosing young crops and early budding fruit trees is very real. Ask yourself this: Does that sound like the preconditions that an entire country of people would be traveling to a pilgrimage feast of Passover/UB in the mountains surrounding Jerusalem 31 days from today? Could our Creators adjust that with a miracle? Of course, They could and we also would adjust for we follow our Savior/Husband wherever He goes. But why would They do such a thing? They are teaching us all about Their patterns in scripture and in creation. We will need that knowledge and understanding desperately in the years to come. All of this is actually rooted in common sense which is a fleeting thing these days. They have established the intercalation pattern with us since 2004/2005. That has not changed unless you have been a Nehemiaite anti-christ calendar follower.

So far this year we have been able to review many photo’s and videos of the barley growing. Nothing is remotely mature enough to sponsor a wavesheaf by March 10th. Not even the unacceptable barley growing along roadsides and in stony soil, with their greenhouse effects. Those plants are always much earlier than barley growing in good soil, yet not even close this cycle to date.

What we have witnessed is a huge amount of tillering taking place all over the country. Some may ask what is tillering? Tillering is when a plant decides to send out auxiliary shoots off of the main shoot at its root system underground. That results in the possibility of the plant producing multiple shoots with multiple heads and thus a greater harvest. Water is the number one early and late component in all of this cycle. That is exactly why it is taking place in such vast numbers this year, record rains in most regions and locations that grow grain. You may then ask: what does that have to do with the upcoming end of the 12th Biblical month? Almost everything. We say that because volunteer barley is the number 1 sign used for the decision to change from winter to summer in the Land. However, it is not alone for it is just 1 of 10 given to us in scripture to look for which witness to the end of the year.

What is taking place is simple to follow and observe and thus understand. The root system under this phenomenon is supporting multiple stocks or shoots which will be producing multiple heads of grain. That slows down the maturing process. The idealistic 90-day standard cycle is completely disrupted as to days to maturity and harvesting. Things like tillering as a result of lots of moisture is all designed into the seed and has been since day 3 of creation. The Elohim use it to instruct us as to their decisions. Water just does not slow down the plants maturing from tillering but also from the fact the root system will put a lot of production and time into growing thicker and taller stalks so it can reach higher when it bows its head before the Elohim. This all increases the time of the life cycle of the plant and thus puts of the time of harvest. The plant will not reach physiologic maturity so it can reproduce itself and thus be Aviv until much later than that of a normal cycle in the Land. In fact, green heads can be seen for many weeks past the normal Zadok time frame

Once again, nothing we have observed to date gives us any hope of a March 10th Passover/UB festival. We will be continuing our normal daily observations of the pictures and weather conditions for several more weeks. We will have a Zoom meeting online on Sabbath the 22nd of this month to discuss what we have for making decisions.


Please understand, we know there are some out there stirring the pot in the hope that you will be drawn into their sphere of influence. Don’t be easily tossed to and fro. Its not worth it. You have what you need to follow the balance of the Biblical month along as to growth cycles and weather conditions. Apply the current cycles to the written reports of the past 18/19 years on the site and make your determinations as we approach the end of this 12th Biblical month. Use all of this so you grow in the knowledge of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, for He is our Wavesheaf. Be patient and see what takes place between now and then.

Brian and Linda

Based on our experiences in the Land each year inspecting for the first barley to be ripe after the end of the 12th lunar month we have been able to establish many Abib Calendar patterns. Most of you have read them time and time again as we post them in our inspection reports from year to year.

Two very important ones are simple to understand:

First, if we have two successive 12-month years we will have an intercalated year following them. Such was the case for this year, 2019. The pattern started in 2008, and continued with 2011, 2014, and 2017.


The second is that we will always have a normal year following an intercalated year. Once again, the pattern in the Abib Calendar of Yehovah has been in place since 2004; then 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018.

With this understanding in place we can have a little fun while we are waiting on our Elohim to provide us with all the evidences to what they have decided will be the turn of the year in the Land from Winter to Summer for 2020 and 2021.

All days start from the previous Gregorian day sunset.


2020 will most likely be an intercalated year with Wednesday February 26 being the first day of an added 13th month, thus the following.


New Year:  Thursday, March 26th

Passover: Wednesday, April 8th

Unleavened Bread: Thursday, April 9 through Wednesday the 15th

Wavesheaf: Sunday, April 12th

Pentecost/Weeks: Sunday, May 31

Trumpets: Saturday, September 19th

Atonement: Monday, September 28th

Feast of Tabernacles: Saturday, October 3rd through Friday the 9th

Last Great Day/Eighth Day: Saturday, October 10th


Potential 2021 Dates (Normal Year)


New Year: Monday, March 15th

Passover: Sunday, March 28th

Unleavened Bread: Monday, March 29 through Sunday, April 4th

Wavesheaf: Sunday, April 4th

Pentecost/Weeks: Sunday, May 23rd

Trumpets: Thursday, September 9th

Atonement: Saturday, September 18th

Feast of Tabernacles: Thursday, September 23 through Wednesday the 29th

Last Great Day/Eighth Day: Thursday, September 30th


Let’s see what happens. This is good practice for being able to do all of this ourselves. Go through the posted potential new moons to make an attempt to figure out the potential new year and the annual rehearsals of Yehovah. Use the patterns we have established, to work with the lunar cycles.

Someday you may have to do it yourself, so why not start learning to do it now if you don’t already know how. Practice is a good way of learning.

If you would like to download this post as a PDF, click the title above.

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