2021 Feast Dates

In December we start tracking all the meteorological events and conditions which shape the next barley growing season in Israel. What we plan on doing is posting information each week which we use to evaluate when the turn of the year takes place in the Promised Land (from winter to summer). We will cover all the criteria used to do so in the environment and also track all 10 of the Biblical witnesses in creation to that great yearly event taking place. Many of you are familiar with what we do but just as many are not, so we will be once again putting the experiences of 2 decades of inspections in the Land into simple language and simple patterns. These factors and many more are part of the patterns we have recorded and published for all to see for FREE. No cost to anyone. We have a brother in the Land who primarily uses the Domestic barley for his personal understanding as to the turn of the year and a sister who uses the Wild barley for her purposes. Neither of them seek a following or any of your money. We will hopefully be able to include their inspections in the information we will be posting during December through the middle of March.


Here is the link to the article we published last March entitled: "Abib Calendar Criteria to Use when not in the Land."

NEW MOON UPDATE:  the crescent was not seen anywhere near Jerusalem this evening and may not have been in the country. Brethren in Jerusalem told us it was completely clouded in as we saw for ourselves on the live webcams located there and elsewhere.

We have advanced the dates for Passover and UB one day forward. All days start at sunset the prior day.

New Year:                              Tuesday, March 16th
Passover:                               Monday, March 29th
Unleavened Bread:               Tuesday, March 30th through Monday, April 5th
Wavesheaf:                            Sunday, April 4th
Pentecost/Weeks:                 Sunday, May 23rd
Trumpets:                               Thursday, September 9th
Atonement:                            Saturday, September 18th
Feast of Tabernacles:           Thursday, September 23 through Wednesday the 29th
Last Great Day/Eighth Day:  Thursday, September 30th
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