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2019 Abib Reports

Sabbath May 25, 2019

Hi Folks,

As is our function, we are still monitoring conditions in the Land as to what has and is transpiring this year. With many brethren being deceived into following an intercalated year and a passover in April instead of March, the record will not be complete until their count to Pentecost/Weeks is completed. Most should be aware of what the Elohim teach us in Deuteronomy 11:10-12. They control the weather from the beginning of the year until the very end of the year. They use the weather to show Their pleasure and displeasure as to keeping Their appointed times in Their timing.

As talked about many times throughout the past 14 weeks, we have seen many visible witnesses sent from the  Elohim about Their desire as to the turn of the year and to Their dissatisfaction for those not keeping it as They witnessed to it. We have continued to report during the Nehemiaite/Judaism fake intercalated start of their year that there was snow in Dan, the Golan and half an inch of rain in Jerusalem with much hail throughout the Land for their fake passover, UB, wavesheaf day, which they were keeping.

The dramatic fluctuations of weather have been nonstop during their incorrect timing, with temperatures hitting unimaginable highs throughout the Land for April. These even surpass many of the highs for the middle of the summer months. In particular, this week, we have observed highs of 111 degrees F in all the South and 104 degrees F in the North. This is very important to note as this is directly hitting the barley areas we traditionally observe and use during the Abib reports and which were completely harvested weeks ago. The false calendar prophets are telling you that their barley harvest is still going on with the biblical wheat harvest yet to start. No blessing there! Don’t be so naïve. Jerusalem has been scorched with 108-111 degrees F temperatures. That is not blessed harvest weather.

Areas in the North and South have been completely crushed with extreme heat waves, dust storms, sand storms, out of control wildfires burning forests, fields, and communities, locusts, swarms of beetles, etc. The list of displeasure goes on and on.

During this fake count to Pentecost the Elohim are clearly showing them their error. But will they listen? Or is this a pattern of behavior which Native Israel exhibited so long ago and led to them being separated from the Elohim. The barley is so dead and fields so dried out that dust storms are developing with all the hot dry winds which have been blowing through the Land. This is what we explained might happen with keeping this incorrect timing for Passover/Pentecost when we were in the Land reporting on the conclusion of our search. We are not trying to look down our noses at anyone, but trying to give a defense for the hope that is in us as commanded in scripture!

The areas which we use for referencing weather conditions starting several months before we start the inspections at the end of the twelfth month, and then our follow-ups afterwards, are familiar to most of you who follow our reports from year to year. Just a few of the regional areas with the extremely HOT temps are as follows: Beer Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Southern/Northern Negev, Sderot, Tiberias, Beit'Shean, Galilee. & Jerusalem.

Please use this website below or any other for that matter to look at the weather in Israel for this past week and before. Just type in what city or town you prefer:

Here is a quote from DEBKAfile which is just a sampling of the coverage of the fires raging throughout the country:

“The big fires raging through central inland Israel on Wednesday forced 3,500 people to leave their homes in Mevo Modi’in, Gimzu, Kfar Daniel, Shilat, Kfar Ruth, Neot Kedumim and Kibbutz Harel. At least 20 houses were burned down. The blaze also swept through the Nachshonim forest and the Ben Shemen Park. Highway 443 to Jerusalem was closed for several hours. Around 22 people were overcome by smoke, some were hospitalized. By nightfall most of the fires had been brought under control by boosted firefighting teams.
The exceptionally hot and windy weather is expected to worsen on Thursday, aggravating the threat of more fires. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked Cyprus, Greece and other neighboring countries for assistance, mainly fire extinguishing aircraft, for beating the flames. Russia has come forward with an offer of help.”

This is all a curse as described throughout scripture relevant to decisions made.

Our Father and our Savior are giving everyone the evidences and the impetus they need, to see with their own two eyes, to move into the timing of Their Correct Calendar Year, so that all can finish it up in the right timing for Their annual Rehearsals of Their appointed times of meeting with Them.

Our Peace we give to you.

Sunday, April 21, 2019 Update

Sabbath April 20, 2019

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hi Folks,

We hope you are having a wonderful and peaceful count to Pentecost/Feast of Weeks. The 50th day represents a game changing event in the timeline of the Plan of Salvation and the crown we are seeking in Messiah at His return.

We also hope you are not being distracted from this race by the barrage of denial as to the Biblical start of the year as opposed to the Nehemiaite start of the year. Of course they do not refer to it as such, but prefer to cloud it up with the name: Karaite Calendar, when not much is further from the truth.

Only a small fraction of the members of the Karaite faith follow the Nehemiaite Calendar conclusions. That is a simple fact, and as such the Nehemiaites are always trying to deceive you with their falsehoods. So when the Nehemiaite Calendar crew of surrogates and apologists insert Karaite Calendar in the dialogue, challenge them as to their assertion and expose the lie. Please do not sit back idly waiting for someone else to do so. We are our brothers keeper.

Most Karaites could care less about our faith in Messiah and would not give the time of day to address it. However, that is not the case with the few anti-Christ/Messiah Karaites activated by the adversary who are actively trying to cause confusion in the body. It is enough we have to deal with the Tares of our Covenant times causing confusion with some really idiotic assumptions and statements, let's not allow those of the mixed multitude of another Covenant to enter in and do the same.

Fight the good fight, and do not let anyone steal your crown.

Our peace we give to you.

Wednesday March 27, 2019 - Eyes To See

Hope things are well. Here are a few more clearly seen signs as to the times.  "Eyes To See"

Tuesday March 26, 2019

"As snow in summer and as rain in harvest, so honor is not right for a fool." Proverbs 26:1

All the Firstfruit wild barley you can view in the videos below will have been destroyed in the violent rains yesterday in the Negev. The Elohim have been making it clear from last Sunday (Wavesheaf Day) that They are not happy with the actions of the teachers of Judaism as to their incorrect timing of Passover and Unleavened Bread. Judaism refused to acknowledge the overwhelming signs of all the 10 Biblical witnesses in creation that the year switched from winter to summer.

As a result, the Elohim have brought down unprecedented violent and damaging rains during this week in areas of rapidly maturing barley and wheat. It may not be over yet. After such times there are often nasty events of mildew. That is not good for the grain crops. And then there are times when locusts will follow that. We hope that does not take place.

All said there will be no use of any of the firstfruits of the barley crop let alone, the first of the firstfruit, due to the elements and age (a month late).

The migrations of white storks and butterflies are exceptional this year. Doves are nesting, swifts and swallows have claimed their territories and are doing like wise. It is unfortunate that their existence is disrupted as a result of man's incorrect decisions.

Let's hope the Elohim restrict it to just the incorrect timing of Passover and U/B to show Their displeasure and then things return to normal.

March 19, 2019 - It's Abib Beyond a Doubt!

Exciting News!!!  Brian returned to Israel this week to dispel false claims and confusion as to the aviv stage of the barley.  Read his Abib Update: Tuesday March 19, 2019 Report Also, be sure to check out all the NEW VIDEOS he took while in the Land.  We hope this information provides a measure of peace in your decision making as to the start of the Biblical New Year.

Sabbath March 16, 2019

Hi folks...we just posted the recording from today's Zoom meeting: "History is the Memory of a People" under our Publications ==> Recordings page.

Sabbath March 16, 2019

Hi Folks,

We will be periodically updating this page with relevant information for the next 5 days for your use in your evaluation. Some have told us they have not taken a final position as to the start of the year. Many are asking for us to clarify our part in the Abib Calendar, for some are revising the body of Messiah's institution of it, and the rules for it as established prior to 2002.

We will be addressing that in the second half of our Zoom Presentation around 1:45-2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone.

The truth shall set you free!

Tuesday March 12, 2019

How long will you be thrashing and limping about between two opinions? If Yehovah your Elohim decided winter is over then follow that. If the imp of Baal has decided winter is still in place follow him.

Happy New Year in the peace offered to those who believe that our Savior is both Lamb and Wavesheaf in Fathers household.

Saturday March 9, 2019 - Abib Summation Report

Here is our final Abib Summation Report for 2019.  

Thursday March 7, 2019

Wednesday March 6, 2019

Tuesday March 5, 2019

March 2, 2019 - Eyes On The Land, Deut 11:10-12

Abundant rain in December gave a phenomenal start to the wild and domestic barley crops.  We'd like to share with you some rain data from the Israeli Metrological SocietyHave a beautiful Sabbath!

February 27, 2019 - Abib Update

Hi Folks,

Lots of anticipation and prognostications floating around about the start of the Biblical new year. Many have asked why we have not sent out updates this year as in the past on the abib mailing list. When our computer crashed it took the list with it. With that, we never undertook the task to recreate it. Thus everyone will be getting updates and reports as they are sent out on this site.

For those who are not aware, we actually have sent out many pictures and captions to a number of folks who have sites reporting on such, so you actually have been getting some updates from us in a roundabout way. We have a zoom presentation on the site from this month which contains a lot of information as to the inspection process and much more.

As we state in it, the south should reign this year as to being an acceptable Leviticus 2:14 standard by Passover in March due to all the weather factors involved if in fact it is found. However, as we do every year we will be looking for barley which meets that standard by March 8th as well. We do so to assist others who do not use the same standard as we for the start of the new year. Some Karaites we know follow that standard so we make every effort we can to assist them in their faith by posting where the locations are. We have lots of traditionally early sites located all over the country which we utilize in our determination.

Please understand that there are many other Biblical signs as to the change of the year from winter to summer. We have: figs, grapes, lambs, storks, swifts, etc. As our pattern has been since 2002, we will report on all of our observations. For those who use the domestic fields we will also report on them as well. 

Reports should start coming out by Tuesday of next week from us.

Keep safe in the Lord/Yehovah.

Brian, Linda, and Crew

October 8, 2018 - Our 2019 Inspections

Chanse and I (Brian) will be conducting barley inspections in Israel at the end of the 12th lunar month. You will see results of each days efforts posted on the site here starting March 4th or 5th. This year we will not be sending out any individual reports or any reports leading up to the actual inspections in the Land.

We will also not be hosting any others during the time in Israel so we can focus entirely on the inspections and get the results out in our timely manner.

If the year is not to be intercalated based on the barley being the minimum qualifying standard set in Lev 2:14 by wave sheaf day there will be a question as to which day will start the month. After sunset on March 7th there is a 96.83 probability score for the crescent being seen. That is marginal. However the following sunset on March 8th has a visibility score of 240.9 which is very easily seen even through haze.

We will wait on our Creators to show us Their will.

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