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2021 Abib Reports Prior to Abib 1

Monday, March 15, 2021


New Moon Questions!


Good Morning Folks,


Once again the controversies rage in the body for some but not all. Truly a sign of our times yet also a sign of seeking out your own salvation.


We have been at this for so long we have learned to stay clear of the upheavals that take place from time to time over ones personal understanding and commitment to sincerely following what they believe. as the old saying goes: if you are happy living in your own skin then you will not worry about another's.


We are receiving questions from some as to why we have not accepted a report from the Ramon Crater area of southern Israel. You do not have to look to far from our long standing belief to get the answer.


It has been our practice for many, many years to center our focus for sightings in the Jerusalem region. The rational is quite simple to us even if it is not to others. There are specific sacrifices that were required to be undertaken the night of the new moon sighting in the Temple. That required a local sighting of sorts to take place so that the day could actually be declared the start of the month by the high priest.


No phones, computers, etc. No signal fires, no flying horses, etc. It is our belief ;with us now having the technology to know if the skies have been cleared there to see a crescent ,we can no longer use any of the other methods we had once used.


The brethren in Jerusalem confirmed exactly what we witnessed on the live webcam. Just prior to sunset. The open area of clear sky to the west closed up tight with a huge black cloud mass coming from the NW. Just as we believe Father uses the meteorological conditions to determine the outcome of the barley growth cycle we also believe He does the same to determine if we will be able to sight the crescent on the evening of the 29th day of a lunar cycle at the location the Elohim have placed Their name for such things.


We couple that with the fact the new moon day will still be kept during the Ezekiel Temple times of the millennium, at the same location. Thus we tend to follow that example. Its all very simple and sincere to us.


Many of you do differently and we have no issue with that. As the saying goes: that is above our pay grade. It is between you and Father and our Savior Jesus the Christ/Messiah in your one on one walk with Them.


We are not trying to convince you to do what we do for we have no dominion over your faith, nor do we want any. That belongs to another. We post what we will be doing for keeping feast dates and the information which leads us to our conclusions for all to see in line with 1 Peter 3:15.


Our advice to all of you, our brethren, is to be happy and satisfied in your own skin and do what you know you should do and not what others tell you to do. We are training to be eternal helpmates in Fathers Household. We read that job description in Proverbs 31:10-31. We must all do our best in pursuing that resume of the Bride.

Be happy and keep the upcoming Passover and days of UB in sincerity and truth as best as you can. That is between you and the Elohim, not any man or woman for that matter.


There are also questions on the amount of barley available to start the year.


Why would some of you be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for last second Lucy to tell you what to do? You have been given ample amounts of information and real time pictures this year to have already made that decision some time ago. Learn the process yourself, it is part of our job description. We have shown you how easy it is to do when not being in the Land.


The question is asked: "Can we have 2 intercalated years in a row?"


The answer is simple: No!

If you do, you did something wrong in one of them. Remember the year is intercalated to bring the lunar calendar in sync with the growing season of the barley crop.


You have witnesses this year what takes place after an intercalated year like we had last year. That has always been the case. We have lots of mature barley at the start of the Month of Abib each time. Please do not lose sight of that in your information file on the subject.


So with this all said, we hope we have answered your questions, not to whether you agree with us or not but to giving an answer/defense of the hope which is in us.


Be happy for the season of our joy is upon us and we once again get to be washed clean of this past years sins we have walked in, and then internalize the symbols of our Saviors body and blood. That is where our minds are now.


Keep safe in our Lord!

Sunday, March 14, 2021


Dear Brethren,


The airways are being flooded with pictures being used as backdrops the past two days across the country depicting the state of maturity of the grain crops. This picture below was taken yesterday just up the road from our traditionally early fields in Re'im.


Do not be distracted by Sabina for she is giving us the opportunity to inspect this field. Please zoom in if you can and you will see a wonderful truth from the 3 sisters: wild barley, domestic 2 row barley, and domestic 6 row barley, all growing happily together and maturing at the same pace.


Do you think this barley will be ready to harvest when needed to be? If you found this field during your inspection what would you classify it as using Zadoks Scale?


We hope you are all learning how to find these real time pictures from Israel yourselves. A day may come when we can no longer have a site like this operating. For the present you also need to be able to do this for yourselves for there are many deceivers running about.


On another note: the crescent was not seen anywhere near Jerusalem this evening and may not have been in the country. Brethren in Jerusalem told us it was completely clouded in as we saw for ourselves on the live webcams located there and elsewhere.


So we will be advancing the dates for Passover and UB one day forward. Hope you have a good new year after sunset tomorrow night.

wild, 2 row domestic and 6 row domestic
Sabbath, March 13, 2021


Look how golden this field is in Ruhama with the wheat and barley maturing at the same time.

We hope you are being blessed with a restful and peaceful Sabbath where you are able to have some sustained communications with our Creators.

I mentioned yesterday that we have been contemplating answering questions in a public way we have received as to why we do not use the vernal equinox in setting the start of the year, or for that matter, in any part of the Abib Calendar criteria.

We do respond to them individually, but this year it seems to be an overriding subject for some new folks to the Abib Calendar walk. And of course, there are those who try to convince us that what we are doing is completely unbiblical.

As you are about to see, using the Vernal equinox to establish when the new year is to begin is completely and totally unbiblical. This is not a difficult thing to prove from the Bible, nor from just a rudimentary understanding of agriculture. It does not take secret knowledge just some basic common sense applied to the spirit we have been given to discern such things.

So, first we will address the claim that it is what Yehovah commands us to do. Then we will look at the complete and total havoc it would cause to the entire community of ancient Israel.

The very first thing we need to address is that Yehovah is not a liar or deceiver on this subject.


Deuteronomy 11:10-12  “For the Land which you go to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it by foot, as a vegetable garden; but the Land which you cross over to possess is a land of hills and valleys which drinks water from the rain of heaven (as He decides to affect the growing of crops), a Land for which Yehovah your Elohim cares; the eyes of Yehovah your Elohim are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year.”

Here we have our Creator instructing Native Israel (and all of us as well) that He has his total focus on the Land of Israel in everything He does to give witness to the beginning of the year and throughout its duration to the very end of the year. He influences all the meteorological conditions in that location on earth, called the Promised Land, to clearly show His intentions as to starting and completing the yearly cycle. He is clearly instructing us here the most important criteria He uses is the crops growing and that without Him there would be havoc. No simple gathering of water from the Nile River to water your crops any longer. Total reliance on Him in the place He is putting them.

However, the equinox folks have tried to convince us for many years that His focus for all things calendar is not on the Promised Land or the 10 clearly visible witnesses to the Month of Abib as He has patterned in the scriptures. They say they are not reliable. They would have us look 2,000 miles south of it. If that is not preposterous enough, they tie it to an UNSEEN magic moment in time taking place at the equator. What kind of witness is something you can’t see and then being 2,000 miles away.

No, His focus is completely on the Land from the beginning of the year until the very end of the year as He just instructed us. We will not call Him a liar.

Just ponder this for one moment. If this venerated unseen moment in time is of such importance to the setting of the annual appointed times of meeting why was it not given the status of such importance in the sacrificial system put in place by Yehovah. There is no mention of it anywhere, nor in any of the commands relevant to the worship system given to Native Israel. Absolutely nothing, no matter how its followers try to twist the use of the Hebrew language.

Think about it. There were sacrifices to designate the start to each month after the new moon was sighted. They took place after sunset to recognize that new day starting was the beginning of the month. Native Israel was completely dependent upon the Creator for this as well, for the cycle was either 29 or 30 days. No guessing involved, just look up into the sky after sunset on the 29th day of the lunar cycle and He would tell them if that was the day to start the new month, or the next one following would be.

Psalm 104:19 instructs us as follows; “He created the moon for moed(im) appointed times…” That is very simple instruction and very specific. He uses the moon to set the annual appointed times of meeting (feast days) in which we conduct rehearsals depicting the realities of them to come, in the Plan of Salvation.

Now look what He says He uses the sun for in the equation. He contrasts it with the responsibility of the moon. “…the sun knows it’s going down.” That is "mabow" #3996 and it specifically means an entrance into the west or sunset. That is it folks! The purpose of the suns visible witness in the Land is to clearly define the start and finish of a 24-hour day. Nothing unseen in that. Its witness was encoded in the sacrificial system just as the moon has been. In each 24-hour day there were to be 2 sets of sacrifices; those after sunset, and those after sunrise. They marked the 2 clearly visible effects of the sun in the 24-hour day. Night and day.

We have asked those who push the equinox doctrine at us, if this is supposed to be the most important criteria to setting the start of the year, why is this venerated unseen moment in time 2,000 miles south of the Promised Land not given a set of sacrifices on its day in the Biblical Year?


Is this some sort of oversight by the Elohim? Not at all. Genesis instructs us to the simplicity and the divisions of the yearly cycle.

Genesis 8:22  “The earth will continually repeat seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.”

Please look at the simplicity here. The only role the sun has in it is day and night, and cold and heat. There are no 4 magical unseen divisions in the Promised Land during the yearly cycle, just simply winter and summer and they are defined by the witnesses in Creation which are completely visible. The only recognizable point in relation to the 24-hour day and the darkness and light of it in the Land is called the equilux.

Each habitable location on earth has 2 of them a year. That is the name given to the division of a day and night being closest to 12 hours each in that spot you would be occupying.

Christ/Messiah speaks of it in the context of where He was standing in the Land. Have fun with trying to discover which one He was talking about here.


John 11:9  “Jesus answered, are there not twelve hours in this (as the article is used often, not the) day. If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world.”

Twelve hours of daylight as opposed to twelve hours of darkness that particular day which He knew, for He was the Creator of it. To think He was trying to say the Roman division of the day was 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark is completely wrong. They did have two 12-hour divisions of the 24-hour day, but you would have been laughed into scorn if you suggested every day of the year had 12 hours of light and darkness evenly divided.

The equilux in Jerusalem takes place around the 16-17 of March every year. We do have those dates on the website for all to look at through 2031 if I remember correctly (see our Articles page).

When our Lord was giving Moses and Aaron the correct criteria for establishing the start of the year, He simply tells them the following in Exodus.


Exodus 12:1-2  “Now Yehovah spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, this month (the one that was already started, not the one before or after) shall be the Head (#7218) of months; it shall be the first (#7223) month of the year for you.”

This was given before He established the appointed times of meeting because they needed to have His Biblical Calendar criteria for determining those days accurately first. So, the month they were currently in was to be the Head of the months throughout the yearly cycle, as well as the First of them. Was He just repeating Himself? Not at all. He is being very specific and very descriptive so we are without excuse if in fact we understand what the words mean in Hebrew.

Head here is #7218 Ro’sh. Please notice the emphasis that Strong’s puts on its meaning: “from an unused root apparently meaning to shake; the head (as most easily shaken). Whether literally or figuratively (in many applications; of place, time, rank, etc.)”

No, Yehovah was not repeating that it was the first of the months twice in this instruction for that aspect of added emphasis came second with the use of #7223. He is making it abundantly clear that we will recognize this month as the one in which the first most easily shaken heads of grain will be found. So, what does this mean? It is an agricultural fact of timing being emphasized by our Creator. It is encoded into the first month of the year. It is referring to the limited amount of heads of barley which will separate their seeds when shaken would be first found. That is referencing the winnowing of the cut grain. These are the mature heads, the aviv heads, which are/is the primary of the nine other clearly visible witnesses in creation to this month beginning and thus the change from winter to summer.

He called it the Month of Abib. That is #24 in Strong’s. “From an unused root meaning to be tender; green, i.e., a young ear of grain; hence the name of this month Abib or Nisan.”

Combine the 2 meanings of Head and Abib and what do we get? A description of what the barley crop looks like in the first month of the year. We have a month in which the first mature heads of barley, those which can dispense their seeds when easily shaken are surrounded by a majority of young green headed plants awaiting their turn to mature. Remember there is a 7-week harvest time.

Why did Yehovah use these two words which are derived from unused roots? That means the words were no longer in use in daily language. It is exactly what the scientific community does when naming things in Latin. Latin is an unused language and has been for a long time. With it being used they know that the name will not change in its meaning as time moves along. That is exactly why the Elohim chose these words carefully. The intended meanings which we just wrote out have not changed!

This pattern is so simple and beautiful as it should be. All of it is completely visible to any and all in the Promised Land, which is the complete area in which Yehovah’s focus is on to start the year. All of His 10 witnesses in creation appear there for all to see with their own eyes just as He does with his eyes.

If the vernal equinox was so important to setting this month why was it overlooked here in the written instructions which would transcend two Marriage Covenants?

The Elohim were so concerned that Native Israel got this all right (and us as well) so they/we could meet with Them at the appointed times in the year, that They embedded very specific commands on the subject.

Exodus 22:29  “You shall not delay to offer the first of your ripe produce and your juices…”

This was a general rule to cover everything. Let’s get more specific.


Exodus 23:19  “The First of the Firstfruits of your Land you shall bring into the House of Yehovah your Elohim…”

These commands are very simple, Native Israel could not in any way, shape, or form break this all-important command as to the First of the Firstfruits of barley Wavesheaf Offering. It could not be delayed under any circumstances. Our Savior did not let this principle of Biblical agriculture go without mentioning it in the Second Marriage Covenant scriptures as well. Mark 4:26-29 is a short and complete account of the grain cycle and who is in control of it and who is not. It is a condensed version of Zadok’s Scale of growth which we use. We will just read 28-29 here.

“For the earth yields crops by itself (in reference prior to man): first the blade, then the head, after that the grain fills in the head. But, when the grain ripens, immediately (no delay) he puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.”

Our equinox friends tell us this is not the case, that the grain can sit for another later new moon cycle if we start ours before the magical unseen moment in time, 2,000 miles south of the Promised Land. According to scripture that is complete folly and a breaking of the commands from our Creators.

There are only 7 weeks given to complete the barley harvest. We will not address the reality of this to the Plan of Salvation, that is all written out in many of our articles on our website. However, let’s follow this to where it takes us on this point.


Deuteronomy 16:9-10  “You shall count seven weeks for yourself; begin to count the seven weeks from the time you begin the sickle to the grain. Then you shall keep the Feast of Weeks (7 of them) …”


We were instructed in both Covenant scriptures that the harvest and the First of the Firstfruit offering could not be delayed. Is this not all a very simple pattern in creation, and in Biblical commands, and in agricultural principles to understand?

Let us use this year as an example as to what kind of havoc doing this out of sequence with the clearly visible decisions having been made by our Creators could cause. We have been showing you the grain growth cycle as it matures through many pictures from the Land. You can see it is coming close to it being Biblically and agriculturally mature enough to harvest by ancient technology. Do not lose sight of that very important point and fact. We are expecting the first visible crescent in Israel to take place after sunset on Sunday the 14th of March. For some of you using a different criterion for new moons, that may be different, but relatively close.


For us, it will be the start of the Biblical Year and thus the Month of Abib. There is a very special offering embedded in the 7 days of Unleavened Bread called the wavesheaf offering which affects all of the timing.

Leviticus 23:10-11  “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: when you come into the Land (the land His eyes focus on from the beginning of the year to its very end) which I give to you, and reap its harvest, you shall have brought in the sheaf of the First of the Firstfruits of your harvest to the priest, he shall wave the sheaf/omer before Yehovah, to be accepted on your behalf; on the day after the Sabbath (that is the first day of the week) the priest shall wave it.”

For us that takes place on April 4th this year if all goes according to plan. Once this day is met, the harvest could begin Biblically. That is another 22 days from today. You have been viewing the condition of the grain growing in the Land. In 22 days from now all the firstfruit locations will be begging to be harvested (keep in mind there are 7 different climatic regions in Israel). If they are not, they will become subject to all the elements of destruction in the environment. Everything from strong winds to flocks of ravaging migrating birds. If we had to wait until the first new moon after the vernal equinox this year that would place the start of that month on April 14th which is an additional 10 days added on to the very ripe grain and a total of 32 from today. But that would not able to be harvested then by Biblical Command. It needs to wait until the day of the wavesheaf occurring in that lunar month which would be Sunday May 2nd.

That is an additional 50 days from now! All of the fields you have been seeing to date would be long gone, lost to the environmental and species-specific dangers, let alone the First of the Firstfruit commanded offering if they are not harvested immediately when they are ready. To believe such a doctrine to put off commands of the Elohim is simply Biblical and agricultural ignorance or defiance. Take your pick.

We believe that this First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering of barley is representative to one of the functions of our Savior in the Plan of Salvation as depicted in the grain harvests of the Promised Land. He was accepted on our behalf on the first day of the week during Unleavened Bread in the year of His death. He even fulfilled the aspect of being beaten out or winnowed prior to shedding His blood as our Passover Lamb sacrifice in Fathers household. He comes first. The rest of the Plan can’t move ahead without Him fulfilling this first function of His in the Plan. Some folks say they can harvest the crops, keep Passover and then offer up the First of the Firstfruits wavesheaf offering later. How deceived is that! We follow Christ/Messiah, He does not follow us.

His function as the First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering is the main criteria for setting the start of the Month of Abib. He is the aviv, He is our mature head who is capable of reproducing Himself so that we can be of His body. He is the First of many Firstfruits to come. If we put off the start of the harvest, we are denying His first role in it. If we do that, then we deny His established role of being our Passover on the specific day of the specific month which Father has set.

That is the day we renew our commitment to Him as our Husband to be as His bride, and to Fathers household rules. However, we can only do that after He has washed us clean of the sins; the ones not unto death, which we have walked in since our last Passover. Yes, we would be missing the day appointed for the foot washing function prior to ingesting the symbols of His body and blood: the bread and the wine.

This is our Salvation folks. Do not lose it, or the crown awaiting you on such a fool’s errand. Lots more can be said but it is all in the articles we have on the website.

Just had to post this beautiful photo Brenda sent over from today in Israel, taken by Eran Azran.

It moves my soul so to speak and makes me a little "homesick" this year. Everything on the other side of the truck on the farm road is wild barley. If you can zoom in on it please do so and get a visual experience of some wild barley in the dough stages and very healthy.

Thank you to the photographer for catching such beauty and to Brenda for pointing us to it.

Some are curious why there is so much mature barley, and wheat for that matter, and very little green ears. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. There are green heads of grain all over the country of Israel in vast amounts at this time. We could post hundreds of pictures depicting that, but we are looking for fields of grain that are closing in on being physiologically mature enough to reproduce themselves, thus qualify to be in the Biblical agricultural state we call Aviv. They are the Ro'sh; most easily shaken heads locations surrounded by a lot of acreage of green heads.

Once again, do not forget there are 7-weeks assigned to bring in the barley harvest in the Land (as opposed to no defined time allotted for bringing in the wheat). The grain matures at different times throughout that time span. The rule of thumb is first in the lowest elevations and then moving up through the higher ones.

Friday, March 12, 2021


Good Morning and Happy Preparation Day to all,


Once again a beautiful picture in time from the Northern Jordan Valley area. We can call this one "The Mixed Multitude" in our series of pictures depicting multiple grains growing in the same good ground.


These sites are overlooked by those who look for goat grass. By the way, there is a lot of goat grass ready around the country and has been for some time now if that is what you use. We just don't show you the pictures for it is a false representation of Christ/Messiah. Anything representing the function of our Savior in creation and the Plan must be Tamyn, without blemish, and as the parable of the sower instructs us it must come from good ground to be acceptable for a harvest.


Yes, our First of the Firstfruit wavesheaf offering is just that and right on time.

Here we have wheat, wild barley, and oats. Please look to the oats to the right of center when you zoom in. They are completely spent having dropped their seeds some time back. Refer to their roll in the timing of the barley.


The wild barley is very healthy and towers above its stiff necked cousin (wheat) as it strives to bow before its Creators.


Many locations in Israel are turning from their juvenile green color to their mature yellow and gold colors. The South is leading at this point in time and we doubt the locations in the giant greenhouse we call the confluence of the Jordan and Jezreel Valleys will be catching it for the crown of the First of the Firstfruits.


There are intermittent showers in some locations of the Land today.


For our morning White Stork update we have:


  • Just north of Jericho: 2,100 (Jonathan, who is a founder of the Israel Birding Society)

  • Susita: 1,000 (by the Sea of Galilee)

  • Nov: 250 (On top of the Golan where you can look down on the Sea of Galilee. Some of you who have accompanied us in years past have stood there and seen the incredible views over the SOG Valley and all the way to the west past Tiberius.)


These are a good sampling from across the country.

It will not be a good preparation day for the millions of frogs at Agamon-Hula today.

However, it will be a great one for the tired and hungry White Storks as they give their witness to the Land that the Elohim have told us that the next new moon will be the start of the Month of Abib.

We hope you have a wonderful Sabbath rest from your work. We thought we would leave you with this picture of what the grain (both wheat and barley) fields in vast stretches of the South look like as of today.

All the grain planted back in October/November is coming into its own just as it should, and as we have been demonstrating with the wild barley growing amongst the domestic, it is all in sync for the start of the year.

There has been a lot of interest coming at us to explain why we do not use the equinox in any of our undertakings in setting the new year. Some good questions and some rank innuendos, but that is the way of things at the end of the age.

So, maybe tomorrow we will take the time to once again address this issue and make our understanding clear.

Be happy, and have a peaceful rest in our Lord and Savior; for He is the Lord of the Sabbath!

wheat and barley in the south, 12 Mar 20
Thursday March 11, 2021


Good Morning to all.


We hope your week is winding down and has been a peaceful one.


Below we have 2 of Evgeny's pictures from his morning bike ride in the Upper Jordan Valley. The first one speaks volumes to us.


You have a field of wheat maturing quickly with big health heads of wild barley strewn amongst it. When you look at the surrounding area it is easy to see dropped oat plants and wild barley and of course some of the local weeds.

Picture 2 is showing just the wild barley sections. Please note the advanced age of much of them. Majority in dough stages.


Now for the White Stork update. Here are a few reports from this morning:


Mitzpe Ramon 500

Lachish 1,000

Begin Park (Jerusalem area) 5100

Gazelle Valley (outside Jerusalem) 250


The migration has begun right on time with the south wind blowing for over 36 hours just like it does every single year. If you Have not looked at our typical March month with the common dates for the witnesses appearing please do so.

You will see it states the 10th of March is when we can start to expect the first waves of White Storks giving their witness to the timing of the change of the year from winter to summer just as the Elohim have encoded into them, and into their Biblical patterns written in the scriptures.

The below calendar is what a Typical March Month looks like as to the many witnesses to be found in it. We put this together last year for all to use. It is our accumulated understanding from the past 2 decades plus of watching and interacting with all 10 witnesses in creation and in Israel which speaks to us that the Elohim have decided to change from winter to summer and commence with the next new moon.


For us this year, that will be the 15th of March if all goes according to plan.


You can view the entire article about the witnesses and how to determine when the Month of Abib starts when not in the Land from our website:


We heard are first Eurasian Collard/Banded Dove belting out its mating song this morning on the live Hula #2 cam.


There have been some Laughing Doves cooing in that location but this is very distinct from them.


Once again, right on schedule as the Typical March Calendar shows is their pattern. They always start between the 5 and the 15th of March in Israel just as Solomon and Jeremiah knew in their own calendar time reference.


When these doves start cranking out their love song they can't be missed, but unfortunately ignored by many today who are detached from creation and from the scriptures.

On a lighter note; we were listening to the frogs on the Hula #1 webcam and it distinctly sounded like they were mocking the Great White Storks with: "where is the promise of your coming."


Unfortunately for them, they are about to eat those words, or better stated, get eaten by the famished migrating storks.

Eurasian Collard-Banded Dove, 11 Mar 202
Wednesday March 10, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


Here are our friends at the IMS making the attempt at explaining why there are really not 4 seasons in Israel. Good job at covering the bases as to the meteorological aspects of it all.

Here we go folks! The first south wind of the season and guess who will be riding up through the Land? The effects on the witnesses in creation as to the turn of the year will be shouting out their part in it during the next few days.

Do you remember we are using Ofakim in the center of the southern grain growing area as a marker for the temperature? Today 33C/91F

low pressure cell, 10 Mar 2021.jpg
Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Good Morning to all,


We mentioned the other day in a zoom meeting about the significance of the anemones dying in the South in relation to the Month of Abib.


Here is a good photo from yesterday in one of the inspection areas off of Route 232. The first anemones to have bloomed in the South have dropped their peddles and are seed pods towering over the young late bloomers. These late bloomers will look just like the others in a matter of days in most areas of the South once the heat sets in later today.


That is what we have always found in a normal year in the South. They bloom there first in the second part of winter and then die off as the first month of the new year begins.


Once again this year they are right on schedule.


We should mention another very simple fact and pattern. Last year for us was an intercalated year. Every year after an intercalated year will always be a normal year. Always! If not, the growing season will be out of sync with the lunar cycle and as Psalm 104:19 instructs us that is what we have been given in creation as the tool to set the appointed times of meeting with our Creators, "He appointed the moon for moed(im)."


The solar cycle will still be the same for it is locked in from year to year just as He says: "the sun knows its going down." It controls the timing of the 24 hour day; mabow (sunset entrance in the west). Thus its pattern does not change, but the lunar does with 29 or 30 day visibility rotations. That is why Israel was commanded to have specific scarifies the evening of the new moon. That is how important it was and is to the Elohim.


Can anyone point out to me any sacrifices that were to be made the day of the equinox? O how silly of me, its the moon that is used to set the moedim as we just read, the annual rehearsals of the realities to come or as most know them as the feast days.


Wonderful and simple instructions to us so we can stay on the straight and narrow way.

North Central Negev, 9 Mar 2021.jpg
anemones dying, 9 Mar 2021.jpg

Here is a classic photo of wheat maturing in the North Central Negev with lots of wild barley growing throughout.


We can't stress enough that some of the best examples of big healthy wild barley are to be found mixed in among the domestic grain fields. What an example of the Biblical narrative. We learned this early on in our inspections in the Land.


There are those who report from Israel who never look at these fields for they are too busy looking for goat grass which is a false representation in creation of our Savior and His fulfillment of being the First of the Firstfruits.

Below is Jonathan's bird count from this mornings sightings near Modi'in.

Pick out the Biblical migrators which witness to the change of the year from winter to summer with the next new moon.

Johnathan's bird count, 9 Mar 2021.jpg

Let's see if this low pressure cell to the west of Israel brings about the first south wind of the season.


Remember in the northern hemisphere low pressure areas flow counter clockwise with their winds.

If it moves northwest over the sea towards Spain it will cause the winds from the south to travel to the northwest in the Land.

low pressure cell, 9 Mar 2021.jpg
March 8, 2021


Hi Folks,


Evgeny has been busy today taking some beautiful pictures of the Northern Jordan Valley south of the Sea of Galilee.


Everything is where it needs to be there.


Wish we were there!

Sunday, March 7, 2021


Hi Folks,


There have been a few requests to say a little more about the wheat growing in Israel. Some folks are new to what actually happens in the Land these days as opposed to Biblical Times.


But lets just get an update on the weather ahead first. There is a nice sustained hot spell coming this week in Israel and primarily in the barley belt of the South. For instance; many of you are familiar with the location of Ofakim for it has been addressed in the inspections going back to 2002.


Monday the temperature will be 21 C/70 F; Tuesday 26 C/79 F; Wednesday 31 C/88 F.


We have been building for this moment for many of the witnesses to the change of the year. Watch what happens to our little barley friends. You have been seeing the pictures throughout their maturing cycle to date. Watch what happens to them by end of the week. As the saying goes you need to see it to believe it.


This is the hot and dry spell which will bring the old grape vines out of their winter coma.


This is also the week we should see the figs awaken in great numbers.


So, let us see what Father has in store for the patterns we have followed for a very long time. And once again, if any of you come across some good pictures of the great awakening please send them over and we will put them up for all to see. Share your work with the body.


Keep in mind that does not mean send over your posts on your opinions or those of others as happens from time to time. This site does not function in that way. It is here for anyone to follow the actual patterns of the witnesses in creation to the turn of the year. If you are one of the equinox followers who think we are deluded that is okay. Don't trouble yourselves by continuing to visit the site and get all worked up. Be happy and celebrate your wavesheaf day in May.


Quite a few of you are hoping we will be continuing with the entire process this year through the harvest of the domestic fields. That is our intention so you can actually see when it takes place and the timing of it all.


Some are curious how long the domestic grain can stand before harvesting it. We have addressed that in the recent past and will a bit here for it can stand upwards of a month past the Leviticus 2:14 standard if the elements don't get to it first.


Modern wheat is a mongrel of sorts for it has 42 chromosomes unlike the original mother of all wheat the Einkorn, which has 14 chromosomes. Modern wheat has been designed or bred to have specific characteristics its progenitor does not. It has a very stout stalk (neck) with heads of grain which do not easily disperse themselves (self-centered). Only some species of wheat make a half hearted attempt to bow before the Elohim but are restricted by their stiff neck.


On the other hand, Einkorn wheat bows humbly and gracefully as it matures for it does not have a stiff neck (stalk) like the modern polluted varieties which when eaten make lots of people sick. In fact, Einkorn wheat looks a lot like barley and has 14 chromosomes as well.


The wheat grown in Israel is a winter wheat variety not a spring wheat one. It is planted in the "fall" as the saying goes even though there is no "fall" in Israel. It has about the same growing time cycle as barley so it matures in March and April based on planting times, elevations, and meteorological conditions.


That is why it is not around in any quantities come Pentecost/Feast of Weeks as in Biblical Times when it was to have its firstfruit offering and the harvest commence. If planted in the "spring" of the year or as it is really called in Israel, the second half of winter, it would be on schedule for the right Biblical timing.


So we hope that helps in your understanding. The picture below is of wheat north of Sederot from 2 days ago off of route 232. It is approximately 2 weeks from what we would call Leviticus 2:14 standards as an entire field. It will need to achieve a 12% moisture content before it can be machine harvested. That will take place within the next 4 weeks.


Hope that helps.

North of Sederot 5 Mar 2021.jpg
Sabbath, March 6, 2021


Hi Folks and happy Sabbath to all!

A little refresher is in store for this day of refreshing.


The first picture is of a young lady standing in the cool of the morning (for an Israeli, but a heat wave for many of us) in a field near Route 334 in the central part of the Northern Negev. Our focus is on the grain there in this picture. What do you see?


We see all of the cousins in one location which is what we strive to find during our inspections for all the obvious reasons. This picture shows how in sync they all are growing in the very same ground this year in this spot.


Picture 2 is a close up (from left to right) of wild barley, 2 row domestic and 6 row domestic. All three of these were from the same location in 2019 which many are familiar with. All three were in the dough stages witnessing together. These and many more pictures and videos from the two 2019 inspection trips to Israel are on the website for you to view. Do you see how 6 row barley looks like a cross between 2 row domestic and wheat? That is only represented by its appearance, for its genetics is definitely all barley.


In picture three we have 2 row and 6 row domestic for you to view before it dries out.


Picture four is one of a head of Domestic 6 row red strain barley. It is a very good example of its species. We have lots of photos of the wild red strain as well on the website in the various reports. They always mature earlier than any other barley. We understand them as being a sign in creation of the First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf who shed His blood for us. When we find these locations, we are overjoyed.


Please have some fun picking out all 3 types of barley growing in this location here. And then try to pick out their distant cousin, yes wheat. That does happen in Israel, a mixed multitude of sorts, so to speak.

Rt 334, 6 Mar 2021.jpg

Beit Kama area is looking good.


Domestic and wild in same ground. End of the week photo. This is not far from the Route 6 toll road. Once again, north central Negev.


Hard to imagine inspection folks are not sure this new moon will have aviv locations

Rt 6, 6 Mar 2021.jpg
Friday, March 5, 2021


Happy Preparation Day to all.


The IMS is telling us Israel is heading into a big warmup. They usually are quite correct in the forecasts so lets watch ans see.


eBird is lighting up with reports of the Common Swifts appearing all over the country. Here is a link through my account. We hope it actually works for you so you can take a look for yourselves.


The next south wind should bring in a lot of White Storks if all goes according to their pattern.

Thursday, March 4, 2021


Happy Thursday to you all (at least on this side of the International Dateline).


Israel has been experiencing a good steady rain in many locations last night and throughout this morning. The NW Negev has been getting a good drink from Heaven and will continue in spots as the day winds down.


It is a bit colder than the seasonal average today but that is about to change. The winds from the North will begin to shift through the night and warmer breezes will prevail. We may see our first South wind of the season in a few days and that will be used to encourage all the migrators to get up and get flying North through the Rift/Jordan Valley flyway.


In this picture of barley off of Route 232 we can see this hill will be ready to meet its functions in the First of the Firstfruits (FFF) competition for this upcoming new Biblical cycle commencing with the next New Moon.


The oats here have run their course in declaring to us the barley is right behind them so be prepared. It reminds us of a type of John the Baptist/Elijah preparing the way for our Lord and Savior who is our Wavesheaf: the reality of the First of the Firstfruits.

We like this picture here because it shows these FFF candidates encircling the weeds in the center of the screen. However, they are not the only candidates in this hilltop for it appears they will have lots of company.


Time to be thinking about preparing for Passover and UB.

barley off Rt 232 4 Mar 2021.jpg

Hi Folks; and no it is not domestic barley.


So now lets look at the picture (below) and learn 2 very important lessons that the newer folks may not understand.


#1: This is what winter wheat looks like at this time of year, in this location, when it is planted early (late Sept. or early October), and when there has only been 70% of the annual rain to date.


Does that sound like a mouthful? It is and there is actually more but not necessary for what we do. You old timers to the Abib Calendar inspections will remember in some years winter wheat was already being harvested when we were undertaking barley inspections.


Simply remember, there is no spring wheat planted in Israel that we know of. If it where, it would be in sync with a Pentecost harvest of the Bible.


#2: Please notice how the grain matures quicker at the top of the hill than at the bottom. This is what happens in good soils which are well drained. It is an agricultural fact as well as a Biblical one. We have reported on this every year because it is significant to many of the locations we inspect.


We are only talking about hills with good soils and not mounds of stony ground. That is unacceptable for our use. These small hills shed water to the lower portions of their locations, where it actually builds up and lasts longer. With the drying out of the soils near the top the plant is genetically predisposed to quicken the maturing pace. Thus the grain at the top matures first, and then progresses down the slopes.


We have discussed why this is important to the historical record often. Just to mention one reason is that the farmer would not go walking through underdeveloped grain to get to harvest the more mature grain. Some are ignorant of this simple fact of life and suggest they can tramp around through a field picking a bouquet for a wavesheaf offering.

Not a good agricultural practice to say the least.

wheat on hills, 4 Mar 2021.jpg

Erik says; O ya! Look at my winter wheat fields.


Looks like Erik wins for quantity. This is in the central north Negev.


Wheat growing Mecca region. Vast amounts of domestic barley are to the south of this area.

wheat, 4 Mar 2021.jpg
Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Good Morning,


We are hoping things are well with you all and that you are having a good experience following the method we have used for over 2 decades to understand what we would be expecting to see once we landed in Israel for the yearly inspections.


These two pictures (taken today) come from the Northwest Negev near Be'eri. They are not far from the Gaza border.

The first one is clearly showing us we are in the timing of the oats glory. She is dropping her seeds in her golden years so to speak. The barley is paled by the color of the oats as it should be at this time, but its time is coming shortly. The yellow wild flowers always appear at this time in the cycle with the oats dropping seeds in this region along Route 232.


The second location is also taken over with the oats, but we can see some of the barley a little better. This barley is doing very well and will meet the minimum Lev 2:14 requirement by the new moon for those of you who use that standard. If you can zoom in you will see lots of tares mixed in as well and some big patches of thistles to the right and at the top.


In a few days the barley will be what stands out in these fields, for once the oats drop seeds they diminish quickly yielding their time to that of the barley.

Beeri oats and barley Mar 3, 2021.jpg
Beeri oats and barley #2, Mar 3,

38,000 very unhappy Cranes rioting at Agamon-Hula because the Park stopped feeding them so that they would move on. These are the sluggards of the bird world.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


Here is the February report from the IMS. It is the last truly "month" report for a "winter" month, for they recognize March is always the transition month whether early into it, or towards its end. That is a Biblical pattern and meteorological fact.


They make note of how unusual the the snow event was because the month was actually warmer than the average. Imagine that! More strength to the understanding Father was giving many a very clear sign that the Month of Abib had not started regardless of the declarations from confused people who are detached from truth and the simple patterns in creation.


Also, here is the link to the IMS (new) format page for the daily and accumulated precipitation. You will see it is in the form of a map of Israel with colored circles representing the color on the rain total chart.


Just click on the circle for a designated area and it will give you all the information for that collection spot.


Very simple to use even for a computer old guy like me. If I can figure it out, you certainly can.


The totals here in the circles represent the amount of rain that fell there yesterday March 2.

Monday, March 1, 2021


Good Morning folks,

Once again, the silence of the grape vines is deafening. Their witness to date says they are still in the second part of winter! These old vines here are waiting to proclaim their witness in the next few weeks.

No Biblical new year has started without us observing their witness to the change of the year since we have been inspecting in Israel.

The folks here understand the process as described by Solomon and Isaiah. This is a key piece in the pattern of the will of the Elohim changing the Land from winter to summer.

Photo from Galai winery.

Here is a short visual lesson between 2 row domestic barley and winter wheat.

Notice in the first picture the uniformity and very neatly arranged seed pouches. That is what 2 row looks like when it has come out of the boot. The awns (whiskers) are just stretching out in their growth. These heads are obviously past flowering but not yet to the dough stages.

This picture is from a field in the Northern Negev. So is the picture of the wheat from the other day.

Please notice the chaotic arrangement of the seed pouches compared to the domestic barley. It is easy to recognize the differences between the two types of grain.

The big differences you can't see is in their chromosome structure. Barley has 14 chromosomes, but this particular strain of wheat has 42.

That is why many people get sick when they eat this modern type of wheat. An alternative to it is Einkorn wheat which is the original wheat species and it has 14 chromosomes just like barley does.


Once again we hear from the grape vines through their silence.


This location is in the foothills speaks the same language of those in the NW Negev today.


Notice the folks pruning the vines to encourage growth.


Nice pictures from the owners.

There have been reports from Ezuz Israel (by the Egyptian border) of a flock of 1,000 and then 300 White Storks moving into the Land on their migration. Also 80 migrators were watched at Dvira Forest near Lahav. Looks like the local birds at Agamon-Hula will be getting some of the early bird visitors shortly.

February 28, 2021


Look what the 4 legged unimproved Awassi lawnmowers are doing to the barley south of Be'eri!


This is what Gisela experienced first hand last week just down the road at our traditionally early ridge. Chewed down to stumps. Won't repeat the name she gives them at this time. Go get them sis!

Sheep and biker, 28 Feb 2021.jpg
Sunday, February 28, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


The little common/black swifts are starting to show up the past 2 days on all the bird reporting sites. Some flocks upwards of 130 birds. This will intensify in the next week with10's of thousands of them entertaining all who take the time to look up and what a welcomed sight they are to many in the Land as they perform their areal acrobatics.


But, even more so as they give their witness to the timing we are in for this new cycle about to start in 2 weeks.


I have attached one of our favorite video's from those in the Land who follow such things in creation as the birds giving their witness in the heavens. For those who have not viewed it please enjoy and just give a small prayer to Father thanking Him for these simple understandings which can prevent us from being led astray.

Below is a video from Chen of his recent trip to the Golan. If you want to see what the second half of winter looks like, he has captured it: lots of water building and rushing, green everywhere, almond blossoms amidst the snow, and much more.

Then, for you curious folks below are 2 pictures of the wheat around Be'eri. Notice in the second photo all the oats dropping on the left.


Then we have a nice shot of young barley east of Dorot looking forward to entering its teenage stage of growth.


Nice day in the South but earlier it was raining in the North and it may spread to the Central part of the country.


We hope you guys are seeing how easy it is to get the information we need to make our decisions. That is the easy part. You will need to learn how to accurately identify what you are looking at if you have not studied how to do so.


That takes practice accompanied with agricultural and biblical knowledge. We are always here to answer any questions you may have on that subject.


Keep in mind the wheat that is grown in Israel today does not coincide with the Biblical wheat which was planted in the second half of winter and matured for harvest around Pentecost each year in the 3rd month. The wheat you are seeing here is classified as "winter" wheat, planted in Sept/October, not "spring" wheat.


Can you imagine if both the wheat and barley harvest happened at the same time in ancient Israel? There is no way they could have brought it all in with the methods of harvesting they had to use. Yes, a sickle and 2 hands.

Wheat near Beeri, 28 Feb 2021.jpg
Wheat and Oats near Beeri, 28 Feb 2021.j
Young barley east of Dorot, 28 Feb 2021.
Sabbath, February 27, 2021


Good Morning fellow Sabbath Keepers,


We hope your rest is going well and you are spending time in sustained communication with out Creators.


Here is a good picture depicting the tenacity of the wild oats. Just look at how they have taken over (for a short time) this field of domestic grain. They are all turning golden and dropping their seeds right on schedule just as designed in creation.

Never forget when you see large sections of wild oats in good ground turning and bowing in their golden days we are not far away from the First of the Firstfruits of Barley offering required by Yehovah/Yahweh/Yah/El/Eloha, etc. Whichever you wish to use it represents the same Being in our understandings.


The Land is preparing for this great event as commanded in Exodus 23:19. To Linda and I, this is a beautiful depiction of our Savior being offered on our behalf as the First of the Firstfruits and thus the Plan of Salvation moves forward with the likes of us Gentiles being grafted in through His actions as our Wavesheaf Offering before Father. The season of our joy is approaching quickly and we anticipate the keeping of these wonderful rehearsals of the reality to come. Our Wavesheaf and our Passover, thank you dear Lord!


Hope you have a wonderful balance to this great gift we have been given called the Sabbath.

Here is a good video of the kids getting restless knowing full well their time is short at the refuge because their big cousins, the White Storks, are going to be arriving in much greater numbers than they.


Mt. Hermon is looking down on the refuge showing her late winter crown of glory to all who have eyes to see.

Below to the left is a beautiful photo from yesterday near Ruhama (Northern Negev) of domestic barley.

If you zoom in you can see all the tillers struggling to reach sunlight through the mass of stalks with heads already starting to bow.

At the very bottom you can see tares being dwarfed.

This field is right on schedule for a First of the Firstfruit challenge to its other brethren.

You will start to see lots of pictures on the internet in the coming days which show the progress of the maturing domestic and wild barley crops this cycle. It is a favorite background for many photographers to use in their pictures this time of year.

Below to the right is a picture taken today of a nice location of wild barley near Be'eri which is just up Rt 232 from where Gisela took hers on Thursday.

The flowers are beautiful but the barley is better. Notice some in the foreground are just out of the boot (tillers no doubt) but the majority is fresh into its bowing stages which is telling us it is about to end its juvenile stages.


So many photo's coming on line it is hard to choose between them.

Ruhama 27 Feb 2021.jpg
Beeri, 27 Feb 2021.jpg
Friday, February 26, 2021

Good Morning and happy Preparation Day to all,


The folks at Agamon are all anticipating the arrival of the White Storks as the Cranes are about to leave on their northward journey. As we mentioned previously, the Reserve will discontinue feeding the 38,000+ Cranes there which always expedited their departure.


There are 16 more days until we see the turn of the Biblical Year based on our new moon observation. Maybe a day earlier for some of you. There will be lots of witnessing in creation during that time span as we draw closer to the end of this lunar cycle. Its all a beautiful flawless pattern in creation.


We hope you have a peaceful and restful Sabbath rejuvenation.

Not sure how many of you guys saw this one which Hananya has had posted for a few days. For those who have not, here are the residents having fun with the winter storm of last week.

February 25, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


We hope things are well with you as this week winds down. The Agamon-Hula frogs were belting out their chorus last night. Hope you have opportunity to listen in on them as they drown out any other night sounds from the area. Creation running its timing course.

The folks at the reserve will stop feeding the Cranes at the end of the month. As some of you may know they artificially keep them hanging around there by feeding them each day. If you want to see that in action they have a video of it up today at their site. Keep in mind the reason they will be doing so is they want most of them to vacate the

Reserve with the anticipation of the White Storks arrival soon.

Below you can see a picture taken by Chen. Yes there was a lot of snow in the Judean Mountains and the Golan. Then you can see a picture from Brian S. in the hills around Jerusalem this morning which clearly shows the signs of a late (second half of) winter environment.

Hi Folks once again,


As you can see from the pictures below, Gisela has made her journey to some of our traditionally early locations in the South along Route 232.


She was very sad when she arrived at our favorite ridge in Re'im. The 4 legged lawn mowers had laid waist to it eating only the barley and leaving all the weeds to rejoice on the ridge in numbers.


Many of you have accompanied us in the past are very familiar with this location and it is featured on our Abib Booklet with Rick on the cover.


This is an all day event for Gisela for she needs to ride buses to get to each location and then to get back home again. She has been inspecting with us for many years now and looks forward to sharing her time doing so with the brethren.


Picture #1 is showing some healthy wild barley growing quite tall with the recent rains. It is bowing to our Creators as it has just exited the flowering stage. Right on time for Wavesheaf Day next Biblical Month.


Then there are two pictures of the ridge which has reigned as King of the early barley for more years than we can remember. Even though it was decimated, Gisela found some representative patches still existing. Take note of our friends the oats. They are a gift from our Creators which actually forecast the timing of the barley as we have established, as well as reported on, for 2 decades now. They are bursting at the seams and will be dumping their pods any time now with some already having done so.


The barley samples in each tell us they would have been ready in several weeks on their own.


Please keep in mind we are talking about the south here with much higher temperatures than in the North and not near as much rain which in effect slows down the maturing process.


All is good and and the timing is set for the next new moon to start the Month of Abib just as the other 9 witnesses in creation have been telling us from their lack of being seen as per scripture.


Thank you Gisela

barley from Giesla 25 Feb 2021.jpg
#2 barley from Giesla 25 Feb 2021.jpg
#3 barley from Giesla 25 Feb 2021.jpg
Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Good Morning Christian Soldiers,


We are hoping your armor is polished and oiled for the battles ahead. Here is a simple video from the folks at Agamon explaining a very simple pattern in the yearly winter cycle.


They are speaking about 38,000 cranes counted this morning. Please note what they instruct us in next. They will all be starting to head north in a continuation of their migration and visitors have about a week to enjoy them.


Why a week? Because the strength of the increasing sunlight once again starts the chemical process in their brains which instructs them to do so. We simply refer to it as instinct. Each and every year this happens within days of the previous years. This is the Creators design, a magnificent design of timing in the migrating birds world.


The folks at Agamon are expecting the first flights of migrating White Storks next week. It is a beautiful pattern repeated yearly and easily seen so that we will not be mislead from the straight and narrow path of the Abib Calendar and thus the timing of the moedim; appointed times of meeting with our Creators on the days They determine.


We hope you are keeping track of all the postings we are putting up for your use. This is what we do ourselves, year in and out. It has taken time to learn it all and we are giving you a crash course in how to determine the Month of Abib starting when not in the Land of Israel. Each one of these posts is designed for you to sharpen your Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God/Elohim.


Everything we talk about are patterns They have placed in creation which repeat themselves year in and year out. Most do not attribute these patterns to the Creators, but many do recognize them for what they are and their timing. As those called to be the second Eve and to become eternal helpmates in Fathers household we in the body should have a good understanding of these patterns so that we can not only guard ourselves against the whiles of the devil and his advocates, but so we can also draw our swords to defend others with the Word of God/Elohim.


We are about to enter the time of change in the Land from winter to summer and with it will come an abundance of witnesses heralding it all out to us. Please keep focused and remember what you are seeing and reading for your future use.

Wednesday February 24, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


We hope you were able to listen to the frogs last night in the Hula Reserve. By midnight they were really getting into it. Once again that will pick up in volume again tonight until it hits its height by Friday night at the latest.


It is currently raining in the North. Easy to see how it affects the wildlife at Agamon on the webcam.


This is what the early morning looked like at the south end of the Sea of Galilee today


The numbers of White Storks at the Tovlan Dump has increased to approximately 800 with another wintering group on the coast at 300. Won't be long before some real numbers start showing up in the Land and proclaiming their witness for all to see in the heavens.


Of late there have been some strong easterly and northwesterly winds which hamper the storks in flight. Imagine that, I wonder who is in charge of that? Keep an eye on the next strong south wind. It normally is the second south wind event in March that triggers the real rush to Agamon-Hula. We will see how it develops this cycle.


Don't forget to catch a listen to the frogs tonight. At the speed they came on last night they will probably be completed their reproduction event during this weekend. Then they will be the main source of protein for the hungry White Storks bound to show up shortly there after.




Well shiver me timbers! We are thinking not many sane folks in the Golan thinking early Passover today.


Thank you Eyal for the beautiful pictures.

If you see this while it is still night in the reserve you will hear the very first frogs chorus of the season. It is on Cam #1.


The timing is impeccable to the arrival of the White Storks, however the frogs must have some time to procreate. By tomorrow night the chorus should be amazing and the night after that deafening. Simple patterns in creation we follow in our understanding of when the Month of Abib will be starting.


To answer a question: no we are not afraid of going out on a limb and making statements. It may appear as a limb to you but not to us. The reason is so very simple, they are all predicated on patterns. Our Savior said He will never leave us nor forsake us. Either you believe that or you don't. Be happy!

Monday, February 22, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


We are hoping things are well with you all and that you are anticipating the upcoming Holy Season.


Today is Bird day. The witnesses given by the 4 species of birds in scripture to the change of the year from winter to summer are not only remarkable in their beauty and consistent timing but also in their complexity in being tied to other patterns in creation.


Did any of you listen to the 2 live webcams situated at Agamon-Hula? It is important to the timing of the White Storks arrival. No doubt you are asking why?


The White Stork (WS) is a meat eater plain and simple. If it moves and can be swallowed down the hatch it goes in. When migrating, the WS burns up a lot of calories to sustain its incredible journey to Europe and Russia. There are several major migration routes, but the only one concerning us, which is used in their witnessing is the Jordan/Rift Valley one that runs the length of Israel on the eastern boundary.


This is the route that takes them around the Mediterranean Sea. The most important stop over location is Agamon-Hula located in the Hula Valley north of the Sea of Galilee. Over 500,000 of these witnesses use this location to rest and replenish before moving on. Keep in mind they can rest in many areas leading up to this, but they cannot replenish with the amounts of protein they need to sustain them on the next big leg of their migration to their nesting areas.


Thus the request to listen during the night hours on the 2 webcams located in Agamon-Hula. This is what I and others do who understand the pattern at this critical time of year. Everything has its own pattern in the overall pattern of things set in place at creation.


What you do not hear yet are the millions of frogs which are still hibernating in the mud. Why? Because there has not been enough sunlight striking the earth to wake them from their sleep and come forth in a breeding frenzy to reproduce themselves. That process all takes place in about a 7 day time period. That's it. They are tied to the sun increasing in intensity just as the WS are. Weather too can affect them for short periods of time as it obviously has just done this past week.


Remember, the WS have a chemical process in their brains which demands they start migrating when the amount of sunlight increases. Every aspect of the migration starting is attuned to this one process. The urge can only be influenced for short periods of time by poor weather, etc. It can't be stopped.


We expect the deafening chorus of frogs to start this week hopefully. That will tell us the full blown migration will thus be underway and then we can expect 10's of thousands of WS to descend upon the reserve and park in the Hula Valley. It is a sight which is not easily forgot, if in fact one could even forget such a majestic event encoded in creation by our Creators.


Some of you have actually watched this feeding frenzy in real time. Frogs being chocked down by all the WS at a rate which would make you think they would in actually eat every last one.


We have seen the first flights of the migrators come in by February 23. That however is not the norm. They are usually around the first of March and onward.


What we see in the Reserve/Park at this time are the same birds we told you about which have been wintering in Israel. Agamon posted a video of a few dozen WS the other day claiming hundreds were landing. Not a lie, but read between the lines. Those are local birds feeding in dumps and obscure fish ponds stopping in to see if the real meal is out of hibernation yet. Once they see no little froggies they are off to another location to the south again. That is why non of the big birding sites are even mentioning it. Follow the money on this one. Nothing brings in paying visitors like the WS showing up.


As can be expected the folks proclaiming this sign of the WS in Israel and trying to support their flawed proclamations of the month of Abib already being here are spoofing you. However, to their defense they are probably doing so out of ignorance for they are too lazy to put the time into the pattern year in and year out.


Creation usually gives the frogs the better part of the week to put in motion their replacements process for the following year. Billions of egg sacks are strewn all over the Valley wetlands for this purpose. After that, they fulfill their purpose in creation and sustain the WS on the second leg of their journey north to breed and raise their young.

So keep listening for the deafening sound of these millions of frogs in their breeding songs in Agamon-Hula.


The bird sites will light up with pictures and reports once the major portion of the migration is underway. Also remember they need thermals in the Jordan Valley to assist them in forming their great truncated cylinders in the sky. That takes some sustained heat. They also wait on the south wind to carry them along in waves as well. I will insert a link to the sight we use for that. Just drag your cursor over Israel and you can see all the different winds that affect the country in real time. Look for a sustained south wind.


There are a few reports of swifts in the land but nothing that tells us their migration is on. It is another one that seems to happen overnight at times.


Not much on the swallows yet.


Some collared/banded doves are being spotted, but not many. Remember with this one it is not their sighting we use, for scripture instructs us it is their mating song. Once again we are not talking about the resident mourning doves. People confuse their morning song for that of the collard doves mating song. That will not happen until the early part of March at the earliest. It is a remarkable event once again in creation. They appear to be everywhere calling for a mate in long loud calls.

Late afternoon winter fun on Mt Hermon. The live webcams are fun to watch.

ski slopes.jpg
Sunday, February 21, 2021


Good Morning to all,


Here is the report from the IMS which summarizes the winter storm event. As it stands it is the biggest rain/snow event of this winter cycle. It was very impressive in its scope covering all the inhabited areas of Israel from the North to the South with a lot of precipitation.


Here are the recorded totals for seasonal averages to date.


For those of you who use the start of the month as your marker for the physiological stage of being able to reproduce itself (aviv), you will be encouraged by the rain in the Beeri to Besor Farm corridor. Beeri is up to 80% of seasonal average now, which means there will be little chance of the wild barley being affected by any of the diseases present there last year with the unprecedented rains it endured. Thus, it will be happily racing toward its teen age years so to speak in the dough stages by the next lunar cycle. We will be receiving a hands on report from that area toward the end of the month God/Elohim willing, which should be of assistance to you.


All we have to do is hope the 4 legged lawn mowers leave some locations uneaten. There are very large flocks of Awassi sheep owned by the Bedouins in that area. Actually, they came up in a conversation yesterday between Linda and I with the Duo (Bridget and Brenda). There is some talk of this breed of sheep by some attempting to use them as a sign that their new year has started. Nice try, but no cigar as the saying goes.


The original strain of Awassi sheep inhabiting Israel are isolated across the country. They are actually referred to as "Unimproved Awassi." The reason being is the majority of these long faced sheep have been adjusted since the 1950's if not earlier. Yes, adjusted is the simplest way of putting it. That is why they are called "Improved Awassi." What that means is they have been selectively breed to produce a lot more milk than the original species. Its all about economics for the milk is sold for a tidy sum these days. Israeli's own most of them in farm production.


That process of "improving" them for a lot more milk production also altered the process of ewe's going into estrus at earlier times now, as much as 2 months earlier. That is why we look to the Bedouin flocks and those are the pictures you have seen from us over the years.


These Unimproved Awassi come into estrus at the very earliest during the month of August after the moon goes dark. And then it is only the big old matriarchs of the flock. The younger ones come into estrus in September or October and at times November to the glee of the ram of the flock.


What that means is the first lambs are born in the December/January window and then the majority of the rest of the younger ewes give birth in the next 3 months after that. If you want to see the process explained as to birthing times, etc. you can read the article attached to the Duo's post yesterday about the 10 witnesses. It covers just about everything "sheep" as it pertains to what is acceptable for a Passover sacrifice.


Maybe later we will talk birds.

Here is a video we took last year of Awassi sheep with lambs. This is a Bedouin flock of unimproved Awassi. Notice the range in size of the lambs here. That reflects what we were speaking about in the post prior to this one. This is in the end of February beginning of March, not far from Beeri.


This field was all big tall barley a few days before.


Enjoy the tranquility

We have a homework assignment for everyone. Tomorrow we will be talking about the BIRDS.


During the last week of February there is the possibility we will see a small amount of the White Stork migrators enter Agamon Hula. That has not happened yet in spite of some proclamations. This only happens in some years however. As we told you last week there have been approximately 400-500 white storks wintering in Israel. The majority of them are north of Jericho in the Jordan Valley at Wadi Malha NR and the Tovlan Dump. Here they find a ready meal of garbage to eat.


So here is the assignment link:


You will need to go to it while it is still night time in Israel, so any time this afternoon will work well. The site has two live webcams working around the clock in the reserve. We want you to turn the volume up as loud as you can on both webcams and listen. Wright down what you hear and in fact what you do not hear.


We will discuss it all tomorrow when we talk about the Birds. It is a very important understanding in creation tied to the big migration of the White Storks.

Sabbath, February 20, 2021


Good Morning Folks,

We are hoping your Sabbath rest is one of many blessings. Here are the rain totals for yesterday in the Land.

The North and the Coast got a lot of rain. The Northern Negev got a balanced distribution. Once again some of the young barley is looking to get aboard an Ark to escape the wet soils and water washing it away in many locations

It is still raining in places around the country today, but it is supposed to stop sometime today but unfortunately remain unseasonably cold and then have another rain event come in mid week for some locations.


Some of you are asking about the 10 witnesses in creation who testify to the change of winter to summer. I do believe the Duo may be posting something on that later. If not we will make sure your questions are answered. It has been exceptionally busy for us this past week keeping up with things.


Bridget and Brenda have been battling the elements causing damage with power outages etc. where they live but still manage to get info out for you all while still juggling family priorities and full time jobs. Does that sound familiar to a lot of you folks in your lives?


The IMS will most likely post the yearly comparison averages for precipitation to date this coming week. When they do we will get them out to you.

Evgeny's picture below is telling us to be happy for summer is only a few weeks away.

For some of us the Month of Abib and the commencement to summer in the Land will start on March 15th if the crescent is spotted around Jerusalem. For others, from other locations in the Land, and then there are others of you who use a calculation from conjunction, and some local observation. That all boils down to approximately a 2 day event window for all of us I think.

So we have about a 22 day wait for the Biblical switch from winter to summer in Israel. At that time there should be varying locations which will qualify for a future (later in the month) First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf Offering.


For us the 15th will only be the 29th day of the lunar cycle so we will wait on Father to determine what He has in mind for us. Father does know best!

Using the understanding that Linda and I use, as many of you likewise do; we should be keeping Passover on the 28th of March. That is the marker we use for a First of the Firstfruit barley wavesheaf offering to be ready to offer on Wavesheaf Day which always commences during the 7 days of UB on the first day of the week (Sunday). The reason we do so is following the example of our Savior who is our Wavesheaf Offering being beaten out, threshed on our behalf prior to His shedding His blood on our behalf later in the day.

We certainly understand some of you use different markers and as usual we will be looking out for your interest in them and making the findings available to you.

So, even though it has been gloomy in the Land, be Happy, we are getting closer every day to the season of our joy!

In case you guys missed this one it will be a good addition to your winter album 2021 for Jerusalem. There are actually people claiming Jerusalem only got a dusting of snow. How deceptively stupid is that.

But, even so, if it had only been a dusting with the below freezing temperatures to make that possible, is that some sort of delusion we are to believe it is still not winter in the Land?

At times it is hard to keep up with the nonsense. Be happy you have eyes to see!

We have had a couple questions come in regarding the other 9 witnesses we have spoken of besides the barley that give witness to the start of the new year. Here is a quick list for reference. These are witnesses that testify to the overall condition of the land changing from winter to summer and not isolated, random occurrences. These all speak together to announce the new year.

More detailed information is available on the website in an article titled "Abib Criteria to Use When not in the Land."


The Ten Witnesses


1. Barley – The primary witness.  We look across the land prior to the end of the 12th Biblical month for Leviticus 2:14 stage barley to be available to harvest for a wavesheaf offering by the upcoming 10th day of the next month.  This gave the Levites who were scattered across the entire Land, in 48 cities, time to reach Jerusalem and the Temple with potential first of the firstfruits barley offerings.  If not found, we intercalate a month to give it more time to mature.  The name of the month “Abib” gives a description of the state of the barley we are looking for.  Exodus 12:1-2 And Yehovah said to Moses and to Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying this month shall be the Head (#7218 – to shake; the head (as most easily shaken) of months for you. It shall be the First (#7223) of the months of the year for you.


2. Rain and weather - Directly determines the maturation of wild barley. Rain and cold temps indicate a winter condition and slow this process down, while warm temps and sharav winds signal the end of winter bringing the barley to maturity where it is able to reproduce itself.  Song of Solomon 2:11 For behold, the winter is transitioning, the (heavy) rain has passed, it goes to itself.  Also, see Acts 14:17


3. Flowers - Many start showing up in the second half of winter, but it is the red anemones in conjunction with the dropping of the wild oats that we specifically look for. This typically happens at about 3 weeks prior to the first fruit barley being in a middle dough stage. The wild oats marks the timing of anemones. Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth…. 


4. Grapes - Here we are literally looking for this description given in Isa 18:4-5  For before the (barley) harvest, when the bud is breaking forth and becoming perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, then He will cast off the sprigs with pruning knives and cut down and take away the branches. We are looking for the start of new grape leaves shooting forth and the beginning of a sour bud in the old established vineyards (not designer grapes).


5. Fig Trees – Typically these give their witness in all the regions of Israel at the same time, unlike the anemones which bloom for a couple of months. It is an absolute sign that winter is almost over. Luke 21:29-30 And He spoke a parable to them: watch the fig tree and all the trees. Now when they sprout leaves, seeing it you will know the summer is near.  


6, 7, 8, 9. Birds - Turtle Dove, Stork, Swift and Swallow.  These birds are migratory species controlled by instinct through the increase of daylight from the sun as it approaches the equilux in Jerusalem (16th or 17th of March). We are talking about a major migration event here, not local wintering birds.  Jeremiah 8:7  Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times; and the turtledove, the swift, and the swallow observe the time of their coming (because of instinct placed in them ruled by the sun cycle).  In addition to the arrival of the turtle doves, Song of Solomon 2:12 makes a particular note of their singing as a witness. 


10. Lambs – We are looking for male lambs from the sheep (unimproved Awassi breed) or goats, without blemish, less than one Biblical year in age and fully weaned from its mother.  Exodus 12:3  Speak to all the congregation of Israel saying: on the 10th day of this month (Abib) every man shall take for himself a lamb according to the house of his father, a lamb for a household. We look for them to be large enough to feed an entire household.  This means it would not be a newly born baby lamb.

February 19, 2021


Happy Preparation Day to those who keep the seventh day Sabbath.


Here are the rain totals from yesterday in Israel.


As you will see the rains were very widespread. Not good for some regions of the country but very good for the Northern Negev and especially those barley areas bordering Gaza which is the historically early location even back to Biblical times.


The rain is still continuing today with some real heavy downpours in some areas. This is the longest sustained winter weather event of the year. Nothing has come close in duration of cold temperatures and amounts of snow and rain. This is about as clear a warning as Father can give to those going astray. Still time to correct the wrong turn and get back on the straight and narrow way.


It appears there is still a likelihood of rain tomorrow as well. Then a return to seasonal temperatures which no doubt will be a relief to the residents of the country.


We are not expecting a real warm up until the end of the month, but let us obviously wait on Father to see what He has in the works. Later today we will put out a summary of the events of this week and will answer some of the questions relevant to those who are actually about to keep Passover/UB during this 12th lunar cycle of the current Biblical Year. That is totally out of sync with scripture and a terrible error of judgment.


Our merciful Creators have made it clear that this is not Their Month of Abib.


As promised:  February 19, 2021


We hope things are well with you all and that you are being blessed in your calling from Father unto His Son. Physical blessings are a wonderful thing, but as we all come to learn; some sooner, and some later, the blessing of growing in favor, acceptance, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ/Messiah is far above those of the flesh. The world is going one way and we are going in the opposite direction.


Someone asked me a short time back if I thought we were in the last days of this age and if so why? I stated yes to the timing, and simply said to them: good is declared to be evil, and evil is praised as good. That to me is the ultimate Biblical warning sign of the time we are in. I remember how often I read it in scripture, but never quite thought how defined it would actually be.


We have seen a lot of brethren come and go over the past four decades for one reason or another. Our adversary does not require any rest and he is busy doing everything he is allowed to do to undermine our success in finishing the race we have started. He has placed special attention on those who are being awakened to the truths held in the Abib Calendar doctrine. It is one of two watershed doctrines here at the end of the age shared by many.


So, let us do a little Calendar arithmetic as it is tied to the Biblical blessings which are promised throughout scripture with the keeping of the appointed times of meeting (feasts/moedim) of the Elohim on their specific day and in their specific month.


Some of you may not know anything about what I am about to speak to, so please be patient and not in any way alarmed for it is just another deception of satan which is unfortunately affecting some who have been called by Father.


Last Sabbath after sunset there were a number of “angels of light” as Paul calls them, declare to their followers that the Month of Abib was starting. They were just following the lead of their calendar rabbi who had declared the barley was at a stage of growth that it would be used to declare winter was over and summer was beginning. That is what the start of the Month of Abib does in Biblical fact. Do not water that one down in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, they are not just a little wrong but completely wrong. Father has brought a witness upon the Land of Israel this week which will hopefully awaken some of those who have been deceived into following this perverted attempt to separate them from God/Elohim, by keeping the annual holy festivals out of sync with what the Elohim have planned.


In answering the questions from some of the apostles at the Temple just prior to His murder our Savior started with this; “Take head that no one deceives you.” He continued to mix that instruction in throughout His very lengthy reply. He interjects that “many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” He intensifies it and even narrows it down further with; “For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect/chosen.”


Dear Brethren, this is very real and not a game of thrones as some perceive it who have a lust for notoriety and dominion over others actions. This is our calling to salvation we are talking about here. We are to have an intimate relationship with our Savior and with our Father so that no one will be able to come between ourselves and them.


We have been documenting on the website and here on the facebook page very clearly that the Biblical Yearly cycle has not been renewed yet. That will not happen until March 15 for those of us who keep the first crescent from Israel and most likely for those keeping it from their own locations if all goes as seen at this time.


As we have grown in the favor, acceptance, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior we have come to understand that there are 10 witnesses in creation and in scripture that the Elohim use to instruct us about Their decision to start the new yearly cycle, and thus all the appointed times of meeting. They are placed there so we will not be deceived into following an erroneous proclamation/prophesy such as some are doing at this time.


The Month of Abib houses the specific times which are tied directly to the actions of our Savior performed in the flesh on our behalf: Passover, Unleavened Bread, and the First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering of barley embedded in the 7 days of UB. To date we do not have any of the 10 Biblical witnesses heralding in their witness to the start of a new year. No testimony from them whatsoever. But we have all the testimonies in the Biblical pattern in creation that we are in fact in the second part of winter in the Land. Please hear this clearly, the Land of Israel is still locked into the second half of winter with all the signs of that being displayed for all to see. But all will not acknowledge them as such, and they will spin some yarn to their followers to dispel it and they for the most part will follow right along. Are we to sit idly watching such things? Is this what we have been commanded to do in our calling? Is this following the example of Christ/Messiah? Is this imitating Christ/Messiah as Paul instructed us to do?


Deeply personal as well as collective questions for us all to answer.


So, with the Month of Abib starting for the false prophets this past weekend they are 6 days into what is described as a month of joy and feasting in scripture. Passover and Unleavened bread are kept by many of us from the 14th through the 21st of the Month of Abib. These are the two appointed times of the Elohim which define this month in the overall Plan of Salvation. As well, the important function of the First of the Firstfruit offering of barley takes place during the 7 days of UB.


This festival season is called a hag festival, or one that involves a pilgrimage to get to the place Yehovah has chosen. The native Israelites we instructed to travel to Jerusalem 3 times a year as you all obviously know. Deuteronomy 16:16 tells us specifically that they are the Feast of UB, Feast of Weeks, and Feast of Tabernacles. They were instructed to bring all the members of their households so that they could rejoice before Yehovah as a family. That will also be the case in the future as well.


Deuteronomy 16:11  You shall rejoice before Yehovah your Elohim, you and your son and your daughter, your manservant and your maidservant, the Levites within your gates, the stranger and the fatherless and the widow who is among you, at the place where Yehovah your Elohim chooses to make His name abide.


Deuteronomy 16:14  And you shall rejoice in your feast, you and your son, and your daughter, your manservant and your maidservant, and the Levite, the stranger and the fatherless and the widow who is within your gates.


There are many more scriptures in this wonderful Biblical pattern in the command to rejoice in the appointed times before Yehovah.


The vast majority of these native Israelites had to journey to Jerusalem from their locations scattered across the Land. Yes; men, women, children, servants/slaves etc. had to make the journey. they were very anticipated times of rejoicing from the toils of life 3 times in a year. For all general purposes they carried their belongings on their backs or in a cart, which would sustain them for the journey there and back, and for the 8 days of commanded assembly before Yehovah.


Just imagine seeing this sight of all these families journeying to Jerusalem along the roads, paths, and trails, throughout the country. What a sight in would have been; all the children full of excitement, and of course, all the sheep and goats they would be using for meat at the festival. Oh yes, no corner store. If they were a real long way away, they could sell some of their flock or harvest, and buy as needed at Jerusalem or along the way as they drew near to it. But that was not the most economical approach for most. As you all know there was no refrigeration at the time so the timing of killing and consuming their chosen livestock was critical so it would not spoil before it had served its purpose.


Now with all this building anticipation and excitement of these days of rejoicing just ahead would a loving merciful God/Elohim make them travel over hills and through valleys on roads and trails which were heavily laden with mud from all the snow and rain and the temperatures which go along with that type of weather? Would he destroy their enthusiasm and excitement of keeping His commanded assemblies in Jerusalem?


There were no hotels and motels along the way like you have in this day and age. They would for the most part be tenting it or sleeping under the stars so to speak.


These are very simple questions which should be easy to answer. Would Father bring on harsh winter conditions like we have seen and are seeing in Israel presently, just a handful of days before He expects the Israelites to follow His commands and assemble in Jerusalem and be overjoyed and happy?


The answer is very simple for us here at the website and facebook page.


Not one of the 10 witnesses in creation which herald the change from winter to summer and the start of the Month of Abib has taken place. Keeping this lunar cycle as the Month of Abib is a terrible error in Biblical and Agricultural judgment, let alone all the migrations in creation attached to it.


The Month of Abib was the hallmark to the start of the season of harvests and rejoicing in the blessings of the Elohim to the Israelites. It will be again as we read that clearly defined pattern throughout scripture in both marriage covenants.


Zechariah 14:16  And it shall come to pass that everyone who is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, Yehovah of Hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. And it shall be whichever of the families of the earth do not come up to Jerusalem to worship the King, Yehovah of Hosts, on them there will be no rain…


Please continue reading this yourselves in Zechariah 14. The Elohim use the weather to get Their point across. They always have. And please understand they still are doing so in this end of the age. Did you see this being displayed this past week in the extreme use of the winter conditions of snow, rain, sleet, and very cold temperatures across the Land?


The timing is impeccable, it clearly shows those who have gone astray that there is still time left to get back on the straight and narrow way and turn from the deceptions they have been listening to. Balaam would council us all that even a dumb ass/donkey could see it.


Please keep focused on your calling and do not listen to the whispers of satan which would take you off course from the truths housed in the doctrine of the Abib Calendar and keeping an unholy festival season not of Their doing. Our hopes and prayers are with you.

February 18, 2021

Good morning Folks,


We will make an effort to get you some pictures of the incredible winter storm which struck Israel the past two days. However, there are so many we will limit it to a few with lots of pictures and you can pursue the hundreds of links on the internet speaking to it.


As many of you know I am not the captain of the computer world so I will post a few individually where as Bridget and Brenda can probably lump them in together?


Here are the RAIN totals from yesterday. These are not snow totals, those are on top of these.

As we have stressed over the years, winter in Israel is defined by rain and a deep green landscape. That may be hard for some to grasp who come from harsh climate zones, which understand winter as very cold and lots of snow.


Parts of Israel were just subjected to what you and I would call a blizzard in relative terms when talking about winter snows. To see the extent of it all, one has only to go onto a map of Israel, or Google Earth for that mater, and located Mitzpe Ramon on it. Start your search south of Beer Sheba. It is a couple of hours drive south of it. They got a dusting of snow yesterday. That is the deep desert of the South.

Jerusalem has been snow free for 6 years. On occasion a few flakes have fallen but that does not qualify as a snow storm this event does.

We are still deep into the second part of winter in the Land. It does not always get a snow event like this one, but yes, it does happen from time to time amidst all the blossoms and flowers. What is very common in the second part of winter in the Land are heavy rain events which also accompanied this snow event amidst all the flowers and blossoms.

Here is a quote from a sister who lives in the south in case you don't believe all the news stories and videos:

"Shalom Brian and Linda,

I hope everything is well with you.

Israel is getting the last part of the "Eastern Beast" (as the Brits called it). Last night the snow reached Mitzpe Ramon!

The area surrounding Gaza is rain haven. It will continue this way till tomorrow night.

Around Ashalim, it began with winds of 35-44 kms/hour, the sand followed and last evening the rain was so heavy that it managed to wet everything in spite of the wind blow.

Hopefully, on the 25th it will be sunny and nice. Blessings"

Several questions have come in regarding one who used to walk amongst us, but was not of us, and her declaring the Month of Abib starting last Saturday evening after sunset. I will give it some thought for in doing so I will have to pull out my Sword of the Truth and that may not be pretty for some who are new to the end time watershed doctrine of the Abib Calendar. I can assure you, it will not be a welcomed thing to the "queen of the north" and her demon led husband, or their deeply deceived mouthpieces. Jezebel is laying waste to some who are called of Father. Do we sit by and watch or use the implements of armor we have been given through the spirit? I have been silent to date.

Let us do this, I will take council on the matter until this afternoon from anyone who wishes to do so. We are to be one in the spirit and body even though we have different functions in it.

In answer to part of one question, just look up the totals yesterday for Yavne'el which is the neighbor city to Poriya in the link above. It has an official gauge there and monitor.

As the saying goes: there is light at the end of the tunnel, and in this case it is the winter snow event which has covered Israel. Unfortunately it will not be until some time Sabbath.

Here is the IMS weather report for the balance of today and for Friday. The unseasonable very cold temps have caused a lot of hurt in the Land as others relished in it.

"Country forecast for Thursday 18/02, Updated on 18/02 16:10

This evening and tonight: Scattered showers in the north and centre. The rain will gradually intensify, with isolated thunderstorms. Snow in Mt. Hermon. Slight risk of flash floods in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea area.

Friday 19/02

Country forecast: Occasional showers and thunderstorms from the north to the northern Negev. Snow in Mt. Hermon. Risk of flash floods in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea area. Slight risk of flooding along the coastal plain. Chance of rain in the south in the afternoon. Unseasonably cold. The rain will weaken toward evening."


Just in case you are not aware, Hebrew is written from right to left thus the dates appear with the month on the right first and the day on the left following the month.

And finally, at the bottom of today's post, see one of our favorite photographers in Israel. His morning walk pictures just flood us with memories. Hope you enjoy the serenity of it.

February 17, 2021


Good Morning Folks,

As predicted the Land of Israel is getting a huge winter storm. You can read in this article and view pictures of snow piling up across the North. Roads and schools closed on the Golan and most likely will happen as the temperatures drop even further as it moves to the south.


As difficult as the snow is for many in the upper elevations many are looking forward to it in the Center and as being suggested now, even in the South.


There have been large amounts of rain also accompanying this storm which will be increasing as well in many of the lower areas.


We will keep you informed as to totals over the next couple of days; yes days, for it will undoubtedly be the biggest weather event for this winter cycle in Israel. Here is a link to the amounts for yesterday at the IMS.

Pictures (and videos) are worth a thousand words....and we are sharing just a few with you today.

Also, Matthew asked the question as to which sites we would recommend for following the white stork migration.


This is the destination in Israel where upwards of 500,000 white cranes stop to rest on the Jordan Valley/ Rift flyway. You can see about 20 of them mingling in with the thousands of Cranes there at this time.


Another site is


When using it remember there are some folks who post on it out of a sort of ignorance as to certain species at times.

So follow the folks who are regular with their posts for they are the professional birders.


You can also google and find other ones as well. Hope that answers the question, a good one.


As to the current weather this morning just north of the Sea of Galilee look at this weather link to see what the birds are up against.

Good afternoon everyone, did we tell you its snowing in Israel...? 

Here is a link to the Mount Hermon live webcams. There are 3 of them.


You will see they are in Hebrew when you enter the site. Click the X in the top right corner and the other page will open for you. Then click the live button and you can access the 3 live feeds at different elevations on the mountain.

We use these often to get an understanding of what is coming for the lower elevations.

February 16, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


Below you will see one of the many pictures we have taken over the years of migrating white storks. Key word here is migrating. When their migration starts there are upwards of 500,000 of them passing through the Hula-Agamon area north of the Sea of Galilee.


Some are making claims the migration has started. Not quite yet folks. They attribute their claim based on some reports of late. How convenient.


As in all the witnesses described in scripture heralding the imminent change from winter to summer in the Promised Land we follow the white stork diligently. For instance: there have been approximately 400 white storks wintering at the Tovlan dump/landfill just north of Jericho the entire winter. Some folks who do not know how to count attribute that number at 1,000 but the professional birders quickly correct it. They use this dump area as their base and when their is too much activity to secure some taste garbage they fly out to neighboring areas to look for some grub.


Unfortunately, some have reported this is a recent result of an early migration. No no. All one has to do to verify the history of these birds is to go to any of the major birding sites and read about them being there all the way back to October. Imagine that, checking the facts dispels the lunacy.


There are also a few small groups hanging out for the winter in the Jezreel Valley/Jordan Valley conjunction area. Tirat Zvi Fish Ponds is one of the specific locations.


Some 20 white storks are flying in and out of Lake Agamon these days. Just a few short of a major migration.

What you do have in Hula/Agamon are thousands upon thousands of cranes. They have been there for a month or more as they make their way north. That is exactly as it should be. They do not need thermals to assist them in their migration so they are cold weather migrators. Many are just coming in to join the winter residents. Right on schedule.

Unfortunately, as we have seen in the past some folks claim Great White Pelicans (GWP) to be white storks. For someone not used to identifying between the two we can see where they would slip up. But, if you are one who is proclaiming one of the Biblical witnesses has arrived to signal the onset of the Month of Abib you need to get your birds straightened out and not be so sloppy. This is not a game!


The GWP are just starting their flight through the Land. You can find them resting at numerous locations in the North in small numbers. Agamon has 50-100, Gesher Fish Ponds maybe 25, and so on.


The same goes for the other expected arrivals of species which are also witnesses. There are a few sightings of swifts and swallows. We are not talking about the resident birds which are in Israel year round.


Please remember the White Storks need sustained thermals to form their great cylinders in the skies. For those of you who have witnessed these great events it is hard to forget them. Remember He says "Even the stork in the HEAVENS knows her appointed times (moedim); and the turtledoves (Eurasian Banded), the swift, and the swallow (not barn) observe the time of their coming. But My people do not know the decisions of Yehovah."


Yes, the White Storks swirling in their great funnels in the sky riding the thermals and squawking out their arrival is a sign that the people of ancient Israel could not miss.


Also remember they will need a strong south wind to accomplish this. The first opportunity of that happening will be towards the end of next week. As well do not forget that the increasing amount of sunlight is what triggers the chemical reaction in the birds head to move north with the vernal equinox and south with the autumnal. We simply call such behavior instinct, but our Creators have embedded it into the different bird species body chemistry so they just react to it without any thought given. Thus, the timing from year to year in the Land.


We will keep you posted if any early birds drop in ahead of the mass migrations. But even better try doing it yourselves. If you have questions about it just let us know.  


Evgeny shows us what the valley floors looked like in the North this morning after a week of real nice weather. Scroll through the photos he has shared. That is the look of winter in Israel. The expected winter storm has started and is to continue through to sometime on Thursday if not later.


No doubt it may be a blessing to the South but the North and Center need a break. However, it does not look like they will get it.

February 15, 2021

Good Morning Folks,

Here is another up to date from the Galai Winery as to the current condition of the vines. Pruning has started, then there will be some form of tying or wiring which will take place to guide the direction of travel of the emerging vines.


Once again we are following one of the ten witnesses in creation which reflect the will of the Elohim as to changing from winter to summer in the Land. Obviously not there yet.

For those of you who have Facebook, you can read the post from the Galai Winery Facebook page, but they do not have it set-up to allow us to embed the post here on our page so here is what it says.  We posted the photos that accompanied their Facebook post below, which they had shared on Instagram.

"With the cancellation of the quarantine - the hairdressers and hairdressers put on the vineyard of the GALAI detector winery in Nir Akiva.

To chant the vines in the vineyard just before the vine's awakening from her winter coma.

This work is crucial to the quality of the grapes that will yield the vines in the summer during the ripening season.

The quality of the fruit is the most significant for producing high quality and fine wine!

Before you, the result of Zamira.. About the fruit, you will have to wait patiently."

Once again the folks who run Jerusalem are taking the winter storm warning very seriously.


Let us see what Father has in store.  Check out what the Jerusalem Post has to say about the strong winter storm headed their way.

February 14, 2021


Good morning folks,


Today we have the long term averages just posted by the IMS for the land of Israel. As we discussed in yesterdays presentation on this subject we spoke about Their promise "They will never leave nor forsake us" when it comes to the witnesses in creation which are used to herald in the turn of the year from winter to summer.


While much of the world is experiencing wild swings in climatic conditions the Land seems like an oasis of regularity compared to it. As we know the Elohim use the meteorological conditions to bring about the timing of Their moedim: the appointed times of meeting with them in the Land. As Deuteronomy 11:11-12 promises us Their focus is on the Land of Israel from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year.


Please pay special attention to the areas we highlighted in the zoom presentation yesterday when looking at these maps and data.


The below IMS photo links to the projected winter event which is to start in 2 days in Israel. Our friends at the IMS are usually the most accurate in foretelling these things. If so it is a big witness to the fact we are still in the second half of winter and a month away from the turn of the year at the earliest. With that said their are some private companies forecasting less and some a lot more.

It will be interesting to see which one Father decides on to smack the land with to make His point loud and clear that we are not in the Month of Abib as some are claiming.

We also have a good picture today of the Yavne'el Valley in the North this morning with Poriya on the hill above. Not any noticeable growth in the past 2 weeks since we showed you the area.

February 13, 2021

Happy Sabbath everyone,


Below is the recording from today's zoom meeting on the state of the barley in Israel.


Also, to the right, Pierre has shared a photo of the new moon from Jerusalem tonight.

New Moon 12th month 2021 13 Feb 2021 (fr
February 12, 2021


Just us again. Pierre is now out of lock-down, and on his way to Jerusalem he took these pictures of the Domestic grain in the Ela Valley.


Some of the heads are coming out of the boot nicely (young) while others are still dark and in the class of very young. However in the Domestic they will all be in the young stage shortly. That is one of the desirable character traits which make them appealing to farming. That allows them to be harvested at the same time. Remember the Domestic has a gene mutation which prevents the heads from turning brittle at maturity so they don't fall apart like the wild does. Also remember these heads are empty, they have just been fertilized. Look this stage up in Zadoks scale above and determine how many days left to physiological maturity: if all conditions are good.


Thanks Pierre!

from Pierre-1, 11 Feb 2021.jpg
from Pierre-2, 11 Feb 2021.jpg
February 11, 2021


Hi Folks,


We thought you would enjoy these pictures of the anemones in the South, and oh yes, the very young barley mixed throughout them. They are friends in creation each year at this time in the cycle. All the locations mentioned here are very familiar to us and some hold traditionally early fields of wild barley. Did I mention we are a little homesick?


The warm weather being experienced in the Land is needed to get the youngsters (barley) thinking about maturing instead of just laying around. We will need a lot more warm sunny weather to accomplish the task. Lets see what Father has in store on that topic in the near future.


Keep using the tools at your disposal to track what is happening in the Promised Land so you are not caught unawares.


Keep safe in the Lord.

The Abib Crew

February 10, 2021


A beautiful picture from Chen. Please pay special attention to the very young barley in the south. Right where it is supposed to be in this cycle. North, Center, and South all giving the same witness.

Then we have some beautiful photos just taken from the Judean Hills area. Even though this is stony hill country, you can see that the barley is very young.

And finally, taking a break from the witnesses for a bit. Here is a breathtaking picture from the Land from Evgeny. Linda and I are a little homesick so to speak. Not being able to spent our time driving around the country this year from end to end is a little bit sad. But, we have been trained to do exactly what we are doing, and so have many of you who have spent the time there.


For those of you who are new to abibofgod/Elohim you are being exposed to what we have done from our home since the 90's. We have learned how to search out pictures, videos, etc. from Israel which show us in great detail the conditions of the barley crops as well as the timing of the other 9 witnesses in creation which instruct us as to the turn of the year before we even landed in Israel. You too can do the very same thing.


We used to chuckle when folks would ask us how we knew what we would find before we would take the flight to Israel each year. It was simple as you are seeing this year in the record we are posting. Those of us here at abibofgod/Elohim are working to make a record of how easy it actually is so that you are not dependent upon others who may not have your best interest at heart.


So, spend some time practicing looking up the information readily available on the internet. We only post a small portion of the pictures which could be posted. If you find some good ones sent them over and we will post them so others can see the fruits of your labors.


We are all in this together. And always be aware of the pattern of the evil one and his minions. They are not happy with you and us.


Thank you for loving Father and Christ/Messiah

February 9, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


Here is a good aerial photo of what the second part of winter looks like in the mid elevations as of today.


Israel is experiencing some very high temperatures today but they will not last. Much of the Land is also cloud covered which diminishes some of the effect of this short term rise in temps.


Linda was Face Timing with Gisela yesterday and she was saying that the area south of Beer Sheva has gotten more rain than normal and is just a blaze of red anemones. 

February 8, 2021


Good Morning to all from TN,


We hope your week is off to a good start. Here are 2 pictures via Evgeny and one via the Galai Winery.


The first 2 are taken in the good soil of the Jezreel Valley near Megido. Some of you folks are familiar with this area from past trips. The winter flowers are beautiful which always herald the second part of winter in the Land. Please notice once again the age of the wild barley: very young.


Now look at the picture from the folks at Galai and what do you see. Very young barley with an anemone or two. This is from the Northern Negev which has received good rain amounts.


Anything look similar?

Galai Feb 8 2021.jpg

Also, please enjoy the recent winter rains making their way through the desert.

And are 2 really beautiful and descriptive aerial photo's taken 4 days ago just north of Beersheva. Pierre these must bring back so many thoughts and memories of your years in Omer.


For you old grain farmers you know exactly what these pictures tell you. Young domestic grain just having been sprayed. For those who have not farmed that is what the tracks are going around the field. Remember the domestic barley is usually a sister witness to the wild barley in this region. Very green and in their winter youth. To date they have been in sync.

domestic-1 N of Beersheva, 4 Feb
domestic-2 N of Beersheva, 4 Feb
February 7, 2021


Good Morning Brethren,


Once again Evgeny has provided us with a timely photo of the current conditions in the Land. This time in the Jordan Valley in the area we designate as goat grass central. Some of you will probably recognize this stretch of road from your times in the Land with us inspecting barley and looking for the other 9 witnesses to the change of the Biblical Year. First examine the picture a bit.


We have lots of wild barley, darnel (tares) and some oats most likely. But what else? Lots of stone and rock. Please notice how very young the wild barley is here, even along the road. Most of you old timers know this area has been used often by prognosticators and false prophets to declare the start of the year because it matures many weeks prior to that found in the good soil. Remember the parable and pattern of seed growing in stony ground. All of those areas are used for grazing sheep and goats.


Would you call this an acceptable area to draw a wavesheaf offering from? Hopefully you have said no in your mind. This is all goat grass. A term we have given to all the barley which grows in such terrain.


Unfortunately we have been told that some are once again using goat grass to declare the year starting this coming Friday after sunset. Sounds like 2005 all over again in many respects for some have gone out from amongst us. That too is a pattern from scripture.


Some newcomers to the Abib Calendar criteria are curious by what we mean when we use the term "good ground" barley. It is very simple. We follow the instructions in scripture to determine what soils are acceptable and what are not. Christ/Messiah Himself instructed us that barley from stony ground would not make it to an acceptable harvest in the parable of the sower. But, there is much, much more if we believe the patterns given to us in the entirety of the Bible.


Isaiah 28:23-26  Give ear and hear My voice, listen and hear My speech. Does the plowman keep plowing all day to sow, does he keep turning his soil and breaking the clods? When he levels its surface, does he not sow the black cumin and scatter the cumin. Plant the wheat in rows. The barley in the appointed place. And the spelt in its place! For He instructs him in right judgments, His Elohim teaches him!


Yes, our God/Elohim teaches us to make righteous judgments. Here we have our Creator describing the pattern of preparing the good ground to be turned, broken down, and leveled. You can't do that in stony ground folks. You would be wasting your time and destroying your equipment. When he has completed this preparation work to the soil what does he do next? Here we are instructed in the pattern to each seed species he is planting.


He scatters cumin. That means he broadcasts it through throwing it on the soil with his hand or has a devise that lets some seed out slowly as he walks around. In that method he tramples it into the soil so the birds don't feast on it.


He plants wheat in rows. He does not do so by broadcasting it. That means he makes long lines in the soils and individually places seeds in it at a specific distance apart. How many nice neat rows do you think you can get in stony soils? None!

We are then instructed that barley is kept separate from wheat in its own prepared ground, as is spelt. They are all separated to grow after their own kind and thus after their own patterns of growth.


Dear brethren, this is all simple, basic, agricultural and biblical truths. Patterns to be followed and watched. That is just one of the many reasons we look for acceptable barley coming from good tillable and workable ground and not the areas associated with goat grass.


Hope you all have a good start to the week.

February 6, 2021

Happy Sabbath to all!

Once again Evgeny is treating us to the beauty of the natural world of the Promised Land. Blossoms and very young barley being tended to by the sun rising once again to enrich them with the power to grow green and produce oxygen for all the flesh types which co-exist with them. Every part does its share to strengthen the whole.

What a beautiful pattern in the natural world and in the body of Christ/Messiah.

Our word to all is simply this: be calm and watch the power of the Elohim. All is as it is supposed to be for the second part of winter in the Land. The blossoms and the very young barley are once again in sync with each other to assure us of where we are in the cycle.

Hope you have a peaceful Sabbath rest and rejuvenation in a world spiraling into a great darkness and the body being assaulted by the minions of our adversary.

Be strong and of good courage fellow soldiers of the household of Father for the end is in sight but there is still a long stretch to endure all the same.

February 5, 2021


Good morning and happy preparation day. Here is a link to yesterdays rain totals:


Some of the highlights to use are as follows:

Beer Sheva 14.4 mm

Lahav 24.5 mm

Dorot 17.4 mm

Besor Farm 12.5 mm

Dorot 17.4 mm

Negba 13.3 mm

Bet Dagon 10.3 mm

Kiryat Gat 8.3 mm

Jerusalem Center 26.2 mm

Sede Eliyyahu 13.6 mm


As you can see the rain was distributed all over the grain growing areas of the country and in Jerusalem. Once again Jerusalem is not in a grain growing region but is central to the location to where the First of the Firstfruit barley wavesheaf was to be taken. The North, the Coast, and the Center did not need any more rain at this time, but, they got it anyway, for our Creators are in control of the weather as They tell us repeatedly in scripture so as to bring about Their desired outcomes from one city to another.

The real good news is the South got a real good drink from heaven. Even Besor Farm at the southern extremity of the grain growing regions of Israel got 12.5 mm. That is a blessing to the very young barley there and will give it the moisture it needs to endure the meteorological conditions coming in the weeks ahead.

It appears that in the upcoming week many area's of the Land will get a welcomed hot dry spell for at least a few consecutive days in a row. All good news for a March 15th start to the Biblical Year.

February 4, 2021


Hi Folks,


A very wet day in many locations in Israel. The Negev is getting a good drink in some of the traditionally early fields. We will check the amounts tomorrow after they are posted. But now to the North again.


Evgeny has posted some really good pictures. These pictures are worth a thousand words as the saying goes. In the first one (second and third as well) look at all the very young barley. Nothing is out of the boot, thus it is still in its embryonic state of development in the boot or in people terms in the womb. Let me dwell on that for a moment.


I am informed that someone is asking questions of me on another site. That is a little odd to say the least. If you read the introduction at the head of our page (Facebook) it gives a very detailed way to get questions into us and how we will answer them. From what I gather the question has something to do with me constantly referring to "very young barley" still since December.


That would have been a good question to ask here (Facebook) in the format we have to follow, that is if it is really is a question and not a rebuke of some sort which happens from time to time.


So, for the benefit of all let us address the simplicity of the patterns of growth in the barley life cycle. When I/we say the barley is "very young" it means it is in one of the first 4 stages of growth in Zadok's scale. As I mentioned above, the head is still in the womb of the stock or as we call it in the boot. It is a designation we give to the first 4 stages. Once the head makes its way out of the womb it enters the light and is no longer dark.


That next group of stages we refer to as being "young" barley. This is encompassed in the next 3 stages. It travels through youth to adolescence, etc.


Then we have "mature" barley from stage 8 on. However, it can not reproduce itself until roughly 8.5. Some of you old timers know that we like to look at the growth cycle of the barley in terms of that embedded into flesh and blood species from creation week. Same pattern to a large extent in all. Very simple to follow rather than using all the scientific names.

So, now back to the pictures and the facts on the ground not in someones imagination. All of this barley is awaiting its birth from the boot. You may ask why is it taking so long for the barley in the good ground to do so? That would be a good question which many of you are already shouting out the answer before you read it. Rain, rain, and more rain. The ground is saturated. That delays the production of the development of the head so that the leaves can grow big and broad to suck up the sun at a future date. That is a simple pattern in the life cycle of the wild barley. Of course it does not apply to the goat grass used by many as a wavesheaf offering somehow representative of our perfect Savior.


But, too much rain is not good. Why? Good question again and a perfect depiction in the these pictures. Look at the plants in the foreground. What do you see? Yes, lots of brown leaves. That is not good folks. We addressed all of this last year in great detail so we won't at this time. In short, too much water in the first 4 stages of Zadok can bring on many blights to the plants, starting with rust and then many more. The plants need less rain and a lot more sun and east winds to dry things out for awhile. Then they will recover well, and the cycle will move into high gear. They may be getting just that next week so lets stay tuned on that one.


The sparseness of the anemones we see here won't last. They will start popping up all over in this area later down the road. For the time being the Negev is having its day with fields covered in a carpet of red as the pattern in the Land is each and every year.


What a great shot of very young barley mixed in with some wild mustard, wild flowers and thistles.


Once again, if anyone has a question relevant to this cycle we are following please follow the procedure we have detailed in the introduction on this page (Facebook). Bridget and Brenda do a good job maintaining things here so if I miss something they surely would not.


Keep safe in the Lord!

February 3, 2021


Hi Folks,


The warm up we spoke about a few days back has become a reality in the Land. All of our traditionally early wild barley locations are exceeding 75 degrees F which is 24 C. Some are into the low 80's F/ 27-28 C. That will give all the young barley we have been looking at the needed boost this first week of February. Please remember this pattern for you will use it in future years for determining the length of the barley cycle based on meteorological conditions when watching from afar.

Our friends at the IMS have suggested the Land is in for a real gully washer starting tonight. But it does not stop there for they are also suggesting the south will get potentially heavy rains on Thursday/Friday of this week as well.

That will be all good news for the crops in the South. but maybe not for some of the residents. The east winds have been blowing for several days now and they always have a dramatic effect on the environment in significant ways.

As we have mentioned often in our Abib articles; when we get a warm up the first week of February it traditionally brings in a normal 12 month year. Our 12th month most likely starts after sunset on the 13th.

Here are the storm clouds brewing in the North today.

February 1, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


Here is a bit of trivia from the folks at the IMS which is useful to our pursuits.


Also we had communications with Gisela yesterday and she says the Negev in her region is coming alive with the blooming anemones. That is a direct result of the rains they have received the past 2 weeks. Still short of the normal amounts to date but still has the same effect when they come the last 2 weeks of January.


For those of you who have not followed the reports over the years, in normal 12 month years the anemones are usually almost all spent by the time we inspect the areas of Re'im Junction and Beeri Forest. This is the area which attracts the most visitors to walk among them in all their brilliant red glory. With them coming on fast at this time, February 1st, they will be following that pattern by early March or by the end of February which they have done and we have witnessed over the many years of conducting inspections in the Land.


Keep in mind that they will still be blooming in many other regions and at different elevations in the country up through March and in some years into April. Such a beautiful sight to see and walk through. They are usually surrounded by the wild oats racing ahead of the young barley in their growth cycle. So if you see pictures of anemones now, or in the next few weeks to come, and notice some tall green stalks resembling grain around them it will most often be oats. The only exception will be a photo of anemones in the stony ground which is unacceptable for determining the start of the year just as satans angels of light are frauds to the way of truth.


Remember the pattern of the oats and barley. The wild oats are paving the way for the wild barley. The rule of thumb is 2-3 weeks in maturity. I like to think of them as John making the way straight and signaling the arrival of our Savior. Neither of them can come from poor soils congested with stone and rock for that produces an anemic and unacceptable plant which cannot be deemed "without blemish."


Lots to think about and to be aware of in this day and age where people have lost sight of the patterns in creation surrounding them.


anemones 2021.jpg

Below is a great picture from the good soil in Gesher taken yesterday ( Notice the witnessing here by the oats, barley, and wild mustard plants.

The mustard is reaching for the sky with all the water it has received as it is supposed to do. It is yellow and takes up a lot of the right of the frame.


Now look to just left of center in front of the pathway and you will see oats coming out of the boot. They are very distinguishable from the wild barley at this time because of the structure of their head which has emerged. Looks like it has lots of arms full of pods compared to a single head of barley when it is coming out of the boot. Notice how much older it is compared to all the young barley growing before it in the picture. Everything here in the picture is doing very well and displays the patterned growth sequences exactly as they should be.

The barley is in the transitions from jointing through flag leaf emerging and stem elongation.


Gesher, 31 Jan 2021.jpg

Below is a good picture from the folks in Gesher ( of wild oats crowing with some weeds. Notice the structure of the seed carrying head with all its arms. Easy to distinguish from barley once it comes out of the boot but looks almost identical prior to that as do tares (rye grass/darnel).

The ground here has a good amount of stone in it. The noticeable barley is very young. So how do we know the ground is stony? These several oat plants are already opening to drop their seeds in their hurried up life cycle as opposed to those in the good ground in the previous post.

Please learn all of these patterns in agriculture and in scripture pertinent to the witnesses in creation.


Gesher-2, 31 Jan 2021.jpg
January 31, 2021


Hi Folks,


Once again the girls have been busy following lots of sites in Israel. Brenda is following this one here for it is in Lachish, a famed and ancient wine producing region. Pierre has told us about its history several times.


There is an article in this link about the winter hibernation of the roots but I do not know how to get an English translation of it.


Also an article about what they produce there is in English and a good one to read. Please remember we do not use "designer" grapes for our witness in creation to the turn of the year. They have the old varieties as well as many new ones.


All this being said the picture from last week speaks volumes to us.

You can find an example of a hybrid (designer) vineyard they own here on this link which is all ready for the season, that being; all pruned and screened which produces a small greenhouse effect to encouraging them to life.

Its still winter in the mid-level heights in the Land. We are expecting a near sharav event later in the week. Let's see if it happens. If it does we are a lock-in for the new year starting March 15th. If you look to all the literature we have for the month of February patterns you will see it is always good to have 2 sharav events in the month, but one plus an extended warm spell will deliver the same outcome.

Keep watching for in a few weeks we hope to see the early indications of some of the other witnesses in creation to the turn of the year.

January 30, 2021


Hi Folks,


Bridget forwarded us this beautiful picture from the Nevo Winery south of Bet Shemesh. We know the area well as do some of you.


Here is another witness being given by the grape vines (which are one of the 10 Biblical witnesses) to when the winter changes to summer. The comments by the individual writing on this site are so very true.


Notice that pruning has not yet taken place here as well. Why? Because the roots are drinking in and storing up all the nourishing strength they can get until they are pruned shortly. Then they will send out that strength to the vines to start the life cycle all over again.


Also look to the almond trees just starting to blossom near the vines and further up the hill. They are proclaiming the start to the second part of winter. Also notice all the young barley in harmony with their fellow witness growing in the stony pasture area.


All wonderful patterns in creation.


We are probably going to get our anticipated warmup next week. If it lasts for more than a week we are assured of a March 15th start to the new year. Lets keep watching and recording what we see.

January 29, 2021


Good Morning and Happy Preparation Day!

Lots of news from the Land today related to the winter weather and barley growth cycle. You can get updated on the rain and snow from a dozen different media outlets so please do so.


We have shared this video from the folks at the Galai Winery located a short drive southeast of Sederot in the Northern Negev. It is located in one of the areas we inspect for barley. If ever in that area please stop in to see folks who show pride in their work.

These are not the old variety vines here in the video but certainly speak to us about the timing of their life cycle. Please notice pruning has not commenced yet. It probably will shortly for they received rain last week and it looks like they will again today. The roots are filling with moisture to sustain their efforts for a burst of growth in the future. Pruning them will encourage that growth just like the scriptures tell us.

These vines are right on schedule to fulfill their Biblical witness to a March 15th start of the month of Abib. They play an important part in the 10 witnesses in creation to the yearly cycle changing from winter to summer.

Hope you all have a happy Sabbath ahead.

January 28, 2021


The second part of winter in the Land from Eyal several hours ago. Bridget and Brenda have me joining all kinds of stuff in their pursuit of current pictures depicting the timing of the cycle in Israel.

Yes, happy Tu'Bshvat. The Elohim are speaking to us through Their creation.

January 27, 2021


Hi Folks,


Here is the weather report for tomorrow in the Land: Friday 29/01

Country forecast: Occasional showers and thunderstorms from the north to the northern Negev. Snow on Mt. Hermon. Chance of snow in the northern Golan Heights. Risk of flash floods in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea region. Strong winds. Chance of haze in the south. An additional drop in temperatures, unseasonably cool. The rain will weaken in the afternoon.

Still into an Israel winter beyond any doubt. Everything is in perfect sync for a March 15th start to the Biblical year.

Our friends at the IMS have done another good job of pointing out that we are now into the second half of winter from Israel. They mention the astronomical understanding as to the suns movement and effects as well as recognizing the timing of very specific events in the flora (plants) found there. Some of the early almonds are starting to bloom. This will continue up into March depending on their location in the country. They are the flora's sign that we have entered the second half of winter in the Promised Land. We have written about this pattern often in the past.

According to all of the patterns we have documented in the Land, the acceptable fields of barley will not be aviv until the very end or after the almond blooming cycle, not its beginning.

Patterns in creation are placed there as they have been from the beginning for our edification so we can clearly witness the desire of the Elohim as to which lunar cycle They deem as Abib will commence.

January 26, 2021


Good Morning Folks,

Once again hoping things are well with you all and you are thwarting the attempts of the adversary to make us take his detour from the straight and narrow way. Keep this link here in your list of things you are watching during this barley cycle. It is the hula wildlife park north of the Sea of Galilee in the hula Valley. It will become an important tool for you when it comes time for the migration of the white storks to proclaim their Biblical witness to the change of the year from winter to summer in the Land.

Please be mindful we are not talking about the few hundred local white storks which are wintering at the Agamon Refuge this year. We are talking about the waves of thousands of them streaming in from Egypt on their way north to nest in northern and eastern Europe.

Keep safe in the Lord.

PS: Notice all the young barley in real time here in the cams area of view. It is exactly where it needs to be in the timing of the cycle in the northern portions of the Land. Apply this young tillering barley to the Zadok scale and determine when it will be ready to be able to physiologically reproduce itself (Aviv).

January 25, 2021


Hi Folks,


This is a good picture from atop the Golan Heights from the 21st (last week). Everything outside of the pasture is very young barley and oats. There are vast areas of these wild witnesses in creation on the Golan.


You will see some other pictures shortly from the opposite side of the Sea of Galilee from the Ridge around Poriya.


To answer a few of your questions and concerns: yes we are making the effort to get some pictures to you from the North because of a confusion developing about the timing of the acceptable barley from this area. No cherry picking of unacceptable and anemic examples from us folks. We don't want your money, we don't want your praise; all we want is to give you the information for you to make a mature decision as to when you will worship Father and Christ in Their appointed times in spirit and in truth.

Here are some pictures Bridget has secured from her favorite photographer in Israel. They were taken on January 23th in an area we are familiar with. It is split into two geological classifications: valley and ridge. It is the Yavne’el Valley in the north. Most of you will not recognize the location but some will for it runs along the west side of the ridge which is above the Sea of Galilee, where Poriya is located. That is where an inspector lived who accompanied us for 3 times in the past.


Fascinating meaning of the word Poriya in the Greek. God has a sense of humor. The ridge runs on average anywhere from 400 to 1000 feet above the valley floor. You will see pictures of both here. Lots of sheep on the ridge and waste areas and lots of winter wheat being grown in the valley and some of the usable slopes. Winter wheat, as opposed to barley, because the region gets lots of rain and it does so later into the season so the wheat can come to a full harvest ready growth. That is not the case in the South as we have discussed often.

Yavniel #1, 23 Jan 2021.jpg

The picture above shown Mount Hermon in all her glory and crown of snow overlooking the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. Lovely, but focus on the very, very, young wild oats and barley growing on the ridge. The vast majority is obviously still just tillering.

Yavniel #4, 23 Jan 2021.jpg

Here is a great picture which speaks volumes to us. Lots of witnesses here. Look at the very pregnant sheep. Draw on your understanding of the timing of the sheep in this picture. Lambs are not yet delivered and most likely will not be for another month or more. If you have ever watched a flock of feeding pregnant mum’s like these it is really funny. They are feeding on the move constantly trying to be the first to the next best mouthfuls. Thus, they are not into their later season lawn mowing mannerisms yet.

More importantly look to the mound of stone and soil pushed up along the edge of the road.  The left side or the one beside the road has wild oats and barley in multiple stages of growth in a very small section facing the roadway. That is what happens with a greenhouse effect being created by the road holding heat longer into the night after it has absorbed it during the sunny day. We have talked about this often over the years but for the newer folks it is an important illustration of the results of this effect combined with the stone in the soil.

Now look over to the right side of the little mound not facing the road. It is all in the tillering stages starting just below the top. This is very important when looking at pictures some would use to steal your crown. To the right of these is a field of winter wheat growing very lush with the rains and the sun in this area.

Yavniel #3, 23 Jan 2021.jpg

Here we have a good example of what the western side of the Valley looks like. Young winter wheat growing on the valley floor and wild oats, barley, rye grass, and weeds on the grazing hills to the west of it. As you move west from the Ridge and through the Valley you come to these little gentle rises used for grazing.

The next picture below shows us some of the rougher terrain on the Ridge slope. Notice a few early bird anemones growing in a pile of stones. There is also some wild fennel, thistles, and other weed varieties mixed in with it. Also notice all the young wild barley and oats growing here under the full sun of the region.

The picture after that shows us the south end of the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights beyond. Here we have a mix of everything in its youth.

Yavniel #2, 23 Jan 2021.jpg
Yavniel #5, 23 Jan 2021.jpg
January 22, 2021


Good Morning Folks and Happy Preparation Day to you all.

We hope you were able to examine the pictures from the northern Jordan Valley which Bridget posted. They speak volumes as to the growth cycle in that area. By the way, the soils in this area are very good down low but decline into lots of stone and rock as you go up in elevation. That is why those higher areas are used for grazing cattle and some sheep.


We will make an effort to post pictures each week at this time in this years barley growth cycle. There is a really healthy crop of young barley in most of our traditional inspection areas.


As you can see the folks at the IMS have done a very good mid-month summary of rainfall. Some areas have already passed their annual totals. However what they have not addresses is the lack of rain in the South and the areas of traditionally early acceptable barley.


We will be addressing all the various aspects of the current cycle in real time during our February 13 Sabbath zoom meeting.


Here are a few numbers which can be of assistance to you for the areas we have been following as examples across the country. Bridget and Brenda will probably update the chart from earlier in the near future.


  • Bet Dagon is at 143% of its normal rain total at this time.

  • Negba 139 %

  • Beeri 64% (important improvement)

  • Besor Farm 59% (important improvement)

  • Jerusalem Center 97% (we only include this one because of its importance to the Temple location not the barley growing there.)

  • Lahav 76%

  • Dorot 108%

  • Beer Sheva 62 % (important improvement)

  • Sede Eliyyahu 105%


Remember these two Biblical and Agricultural facts for the wild barley:

1) Lots of rain delays the maturing of the seeds in the head. The plant puts lots of energy into growing very tall and very lush and very green.

2) Not enough rain causes the plant to expedite growth through the Zadok stages. This results in stalks being smaller than normal and flowering earlier than those in a good rain cycle.

We are witnessing the Land being divided into these two very different and distinct patterns this year. That will be very good for all to get a great understanding of how this all works as to the results and timing of achieving "aviv" stature in both circumstances.

January 20, 2021

Good news for the Darom Adom Festival In the NW Negev. The area is actually getting rain today and it may be in the nick of time. The Red Anemone festival (bottom-left) starts in under 8 days and the anemones need water. This is usually 4-6 weeks long in the area of intense wild barley locations along the Gaza strip.

This year it will run from January 28-February 25. For you fortunate folks who have been able to witness this part of the cycle it will no doubt bring back lots of memories. It does for Linda and I.

Bridget found some great pictures of the Gesher area young barley last night from a local photographer's Facebook page (bottom-right). That is a location in the north between Beit Shean and the Sea of Galilee along Highway 90 which some of you are familiar with from past inspection trips.

It will be interesting to see the rain totals for the Negev when posted tomorrow.

Darmon Adom Festival.jpeg
January 19, 2021


Well shiver me timbers, winter is setting in rather abruptly. Remember patterns in creation not the rantings of someone who wants to steel your crown (and your money.)  Here are two reports from the IMS worth checking out:

The coldest air from the beginning of the season...

IMS rain totals from yesterday

Also, Hananya posted this video which is worth a thousand words. Most people do not know what the definition of winter is in the Promised Land. Its very simple: rain, rain, and rain; and green, green, and green.


When they get some snow in the mix it really adds to what most use to define winter in the northern regions of the hemisphere I reside in and in the southern regions of the southern hemisphere which some of you reside in.


The north and central regions of Israel received another heavy downpour of rain yesterday. However, the barley fields south of the line running from Sederot and eastward got nothing again in that rain event. There is some hope for today in the northern Negev which desperately needs it while the rest of the country could use another break from it.

In thinking about our many trips around the country I can envision the hillsides descending down to the floor of the Jordan Valley from Jerusalem on Route 1 as being very green with young barley, oats, and rye grasses growing and all the Bedouin sheep and goat herds filling themselves up on the lush, but short lived bounty.

January 18, 2021

Good Morning Folks,

A very chilly day in the north of the Land and a very wet past couple of days across much of the agricultural areas and more to come.

Did anyone say its not winter in Israel? Oh my! Tell that to the folks in the north making snow men and having snow ball fights. The Kinnerett (Sea of Galillee) has risen over 3 CM in the past few days. That's a lot of cold water.

The IMS has detailed a lot of the flooding in their report from last night which we will post for you.

The South needs water however, lots of water so let us see what unfolds with this winter event in relation to that region.

Here are some more winter rain facts and figures for you to add to your pattern for this barley growth cycle from the IMS Facebook page.

January 14, 2021

Good Morning Folks,

Snowing on Hermon once again after a short break from "winter." Rain in many parts of the country after several weeks of none to be found. Looks like the Promised Land is in for several days of off and on rain.

Many of the barley growing areas got to balance out the moisture content in the soil from all the soakings they took in November and December. However, just as many more in the south are in desperate need of rain.

January 10, 2021

Matthew 13:5-6 Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; and they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away.

Good Morning Folks,

We are going to look at this Biblical and Agricultural truth playing out today in the Land. The pictures are from 2 days ago and are wonderful illustrations of what our Lord is instructing us about this reality of the barley growing cycle. Please look at the first picture and let’s examine it for pictures can be used to deceive.

Below is a photo of wild barley growing in stony/rocky ground found in many locations in Israel. Notice some of the stalks are starting to put immature heads out of the boot. Do not lose sight of the fact that these plants are quite anemic looking. They are the wrong color for barley plants for this stage in their growth cycle. They are withering and dying before they can complete the process of being able to reproduce themselves.

This is an example of what our Lord and Creator was teaching us in Matthew 13:5-6. Very shallow soil. It sprang up quickly which means it went through the first 4 stages recorded in Zadok’s Scale. When there is seed planted or sown in stony ground and has a sustained period of being rained upon this is exactly what happens. It races to make it to physiological maturity in the effort to reproduce itself in depleted soil. This situation can actually cut 20-30 days of the normal designed process of barley growth. Instead of 90 days it can take as little as 60-70 days to give the appearance of healthy acceptable barley for a First of the Firstfruit Offering. Is it acceptable as an example of our blemish free Savior? He tells us no it is not!

This scenario seldom plays out in the Land for as the parable says they do not have the strength or depth of root to sustain them for the moisture is sucked out very quickly in this ground when the sun comes out and the rain stops. This is exactly the case in Israel as I type and as you have all been following. This area got an abundance of rain in November and much of December. However, for the past 2 weeks it has received none and the sun has been shinning brilliantly and the east winds have been blowing continually. Thus, we have withering plants which will be rendered useless to their purpose. Thank you for this clarity Jesus. You will never leave nor forsake us.

This is why we do not use soil with a high content of stones and rocks to look for acceptable barley. Our many years of inspecting in the land have taught us that even if you do not see the stones on the surface, they may be right under it. We have illustrated that often in pictures posted by us in the Land in the past. So be on your guard and examine everything.

The second picture below, which was side by side with the one above and renders a bigger view of the area.

Notice the growing conditions here in Samaria (photo with soldiers). If you examine the grasses growing around the light post you can easily see a large number of tares growing. Short little stocks with big fluffy heads. That is exactly where they should be for the current conditions. That is Darnel or one of the four species of Rye grass found in Israel. That is prominent to the left of the soldier who is to the left of the others. Now look between him and the others and what do you notice? A section with no heads in front of the large rock and running along the edge. That is actually a patch of very young oats or barley plants. They will never make it to maturity in these conditions. The barley there will miss a cycle but, there are always seeds which do not germinate in the first year after self-seeding and will await a try at it next cycle. Keep in mind that is with wild barley.

The lesson in all of this is simple and clear. If you see a picture of barley growing rapidly in its first 5 stages there is most likely an underlying cause for it and which is usually lots of stone in the soils and is not acceptable for a blemish free First of the FF offering. What is?

Matthew 13:8-9 But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop; some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

rock w-barley.png
soldiers in field.png
Sabbath, January 9, 2021

Hi Folks,

We are posting a barley refresher with that coming into more focus at this point in the cycle.

Let’s refresh our barley facts at this point in time to dispel any building deceptions of misinformation which may surface this year.

There are only 2 classifications of barley: Hordeum Vulgare (domestic) and Hordeum Spontaneum (wild). Their basic structure is almost identical with both having 14 chromosomes consisting of 7 pairs or couples of 2 each. These couples or pairings have both father (male), and mother (female) chromosomes and as such are self-pollinating after the pattern instilled in them at creation. Thus, they can reproduce after their own kind.


So why is this information important to us in our calendar understanding? The Elohim have ensured that the grain species They use to commence Their new year, the changing from winter to summer, has been kept secure (not pure) in their genetic makeup. This allows it to be used with accuracy each and every year as the primary of 10 different witnesses to this great event.

There are some differences which we will speak about but let’s understand the importance of why barley as opposed to their cousin wheat.

We have 3 main types of wheat existing today to the detriment of many. The first we will mention is Einkorn and you will see why quickly. It is the original strain of wheat and is often referred to as the mother of all other species of wheat. There are two sisters which we will speak about shortly. Don’t lose sight of the terms a mother and two sisters and that use in scriptural prophesy.

Einkorn has 14 chromosomes just as barley does. However, their arrangement is different. The total is derived from 2 sets of 7 chromosomes each. All of these numbers are fascinating when viewed in light of their equivalents found in Biblical combinations, but that is for each to run with as they see fit. We see that the mother wheat is very similar to barley in its genetic structure. Einkorn also looks like wild barley in the head and the seed. It is still grown by some in Europe and America and can be purchased for our use.

One fascinating characteristic of this mother wheat is it does not like leaven, period. It does not react well with it being mixed together to the disappointment of some who love to have a very pleasing looking loaf of bread. The nutritional quality of it is far above the 2 sister species we will be talking about here. It also does not have the gliadins that are found in the other 2 and thus is much more easily digested for it has little gluten in it. Thus, it does not puff up very well when used for making bread.

Now we get to the bad news about the 2 sisters. One is better than the other if that is a conception acceptable to you. Sound familiar? The first of the 2 sisters is called Emmer. It has a total of 28 chromosomes consisting of 4 sets of 7 each. Simple observation is she has her mother’s chromosomes and someone else’s as well. Wonder who that represents? Let’s dig in a little to get some of the added characteristics in this sister.

Emmer contains more gliadins than her mother, Einkorn. What does that matter? The increased number of gliadins allows this first of the 2 sister wheat's to react better to leaven being mixed into it. Think about this brethren; you can’t make this stuff up, it’s all written into creation. Emmer looks a lot better and pleasing to the eye when baked than her mother does. This eye appeal comes with the simple fact she has more gluten in her composition and is not as healthy for many to ingest. Even with that said we can conclude she is the better of the 2 sisters. Her sister is a piece of work as the saying goes as we will see.

Modern or Bread wheat is her name. Please get this front and center, she has 42 chromosomes consisting of 6 sets of 7 chromosomes each. These modern varieties are completely adulterated and unfit for consumption. Thus, the world loves them even to their peril. This class of wheat is loaded with gliadins and glutenins. The unhappy result of that is soaring amounts of gluten which is a major cause of people being sick these days. It should not be ingested. However, it looks beautiful all puffed up in big loaves. It loves to mix with leaven and the result is appealing to the eye but detrimental to the rest of the body.

This is the most deceptive of the 2 sisters.

With this comparative review mentioned let’s return to the barley. There is one major difference between the domestic and the wild varieties. Domestic has non-shattering spikes due to a mutation in one of the linked genes: BT1-BT2. This is very important to us. It makes the domestic variety more appealing to farm with. This mutation however can be used to change times and seasons if we are not on our toes and educated too just exactly how.

Non-shattering spikes allow the head to stay together for a long period of time as opposed to the wild variety. That is very appealing to a farmer and in ancient times when they came across this characteristic no doubt, they separated these seeds for planting the next year. Just think, they would have much more time to conduct a harvest in, and also more time to even begin harvesting. That is not the case with the original species (wild) for once the seeds reach physiological maturity (Aviv) they will begin to shatter and separate in days. That means they needed to be harvested immediately just as Christ tells us in Mark 4:29. Not the case with the domestic barley of today. It can stand in the field for weeks after reaching physiological maturity and most often does. These fields look beautiful and golden as they blow in the wind (for weeks). Thus, one can put off the harvest into a different lunar cycle. The results of that in the Abib Calendar would be disastrous. Some can unknowingly or unscrupulously fall into that application of it.

As most of you are aware, we have inspected the domestic and wild barley for many years in the Land. It is a simple fact that if domestic barley is planted at or near the same germination time of the wild barley that they will mature at the same time for they have the same growth stages and duration of life cycle. BUT only if they are planted in good soil. Can’t emphasis that enough. It seems a lot of the antagonists to the real Abib Calendar process like to use unacceptable soil. If barley is growing on one of these unacceptable soils or conditions, its growth cycle will differ greatly from those growing in good soil. This is a Biblical and Agricultural fact in creation and is addressed by the Creator Himself in Matthew 13:3-9.

That is why we have never and will never use the domestic crop as a stand-alone witness. These two sisters need to witness in unison as to the change of the season. If the wild is ready and the domestic is not the conclusion is simple. The domestic was planted at a later date than the wild germinated and thus was not in sync with the cycle set in place by our Elohim. These 2 barley sisters remind us of the Bride of Christ in many ways.

So be on your toes to look for a variation in the physiological maturity time between the two. We refer to the domestic being used to forestall the harvest as a false positive. We do not use its harvestability, but rather its physiological maturity in harmony with the wild to fulfill its witness in the changing of the season from winter to summer. The rule is if both are growing in good soil and germinated at the same time they will be in harmony in spite of their differences as to harvesting.

Another thing to be aware of, or on our toes about is if someone steps forward proclaiming the start of the year when the domestic barley is not close to being ready. Here is where we use our experience and knowledge of understanding to bring us to a wise decision. Everything we have seen this year to date, speaks of a harmony of witnesses between the 2 barley sisters.

Keep in mind besides barley there are still 9 other witnesses in creation to the change from winter to summer as well.

January 8, 2021


Hi Folks and Happy Sabbath to you all. We received the following question recently and it and our reply may be of interest to some of you.

"Anyone know the earliest archeological evidence, i.e. manuscripts etc. that mention the use of barley stages for determining the year?"

Let me start with a simple fact of understanding that has been a guide to Linda and I over the years. We look to the Bible as the only manuscript to seek truth and understanding from to be able to worship Father and Son in sincerity and truth. Nothing else is necessary.

For instance, the earliest recorded command to use barley to start the year, that is changing from winter to summer is found in Exodus 12:1-2. Unfortunately many folks just rush over these simple scriptures which are filled with loads of instructions as to the pattern we are to follow.

We are attaching a section of chapter 10 from our publication entitled, The Plan of Salvation and hope it can be of assistance in this question and possibly any others.

The Hebrew words used in verse 2 of Exodus 12 are nothing short of amazing in teaching us the fundamentals of what is the primary witness to the start of the Biblical year. They not only describe for us the condition of the Abib heads of barley but also the surroundings the first easily shaken heads will be found in. The excerpt.

The Calendar of Yehovah Restated and Brought to Remembrance

Just as the apostate descendants of Israel/Jacob had lost all understanding of who Shadday El was they also did likewise for His yearly Calendar. The fact it is being corrected here, prior to anything else other than His name is very, very significant to the timeline and the efforts of Native Israel to worship Him.

Ex 12:1-2  And Yehovah said to Moses and to Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, this month shall be the Head (#7218)of months for you. It shall be the first (#7223) of the months of the year for you.

This was given before the delineation of the Covenant appointed times of meeting. It was also given long before the commands for the Sabbath. These moedim were the annual rehearsals of the epic reality they represented in the timeline of the Plan. Both Moses and Aaron were given this instruction as to the start of the year. Please notice the double emphasis on this month as well, it was the Head of the months and it was the First of the months. No misunderstanding that. Unfortunately, Judaism has decided the seventh month is the Head of all the months and sets their fake calendar by starting the count backwards from it to get to the beginning of the first month and thus the year.

Head here is #7218 Ro’sh. Notice what emphasis Strong’s puts on its meaning: “from an unused root apparently meaning to shake; the head (as most easily shaken), whether literally or figuratively (in many applications; of place, time, rank, etc.)”

Please drink this in. It is called the Head of the months because of its description. This month is the first month in which the very first limited heads of barley grain can be easily shaken to separate the seeds from the head and thus be able to be ground into flour. Please put this into your Calendar understanding. The first of the mature heads, the Aviv heads, will take place DURING THIS MONTH! NOT BEFORE IT. This first maturing grain will be deemed the first of the firstfruits of barley as we will discuss a little later. Was Yehovah talking to them during the previous month? Of course not, for He said to them THIS month will be the Head and First to you in setting MY appointed times of meeting. The one they are in, not the 12th month of the previous year like some false prophets proclaim and mislead many who are being called out of confusion to stumble back into it.

The Brown Driver Briggs says of it: “head” as in head of man, head as seat of vision, chief over others, and the sum of essential content of matters.

The Elohim were being very particular about this month and are giving Native Israel, and thus us, identifying markers and clearly visible signs to when it is. To get all of what They are instructing we have to find a pattern from what is written in scripture: here a little, there a little, line upon line and precept upon precept. Native Israel had Moses to assist them with their Betrothed’s instructions, but we have the very spirit of the Elohim; both Father and Son to assist us. That is a very big course correction! Yes, the content of this month of the first easily shaken heads is more important than all the rest for in it the rehearsals of the epic events in the Plan of Salvation commence. We are required to worship the Elohim in spirit and in truth.

This first month gives us the understanding of whom is who in the functions of the Marriage Covenant relationship. The information contained in the rehearsals of this month makes it possible for us to envision the Marriage Covenants dynamic start with the Second Adam prophesying His intent to lay down His very life for His wife, the Second Eve. That is 180 degrees opposite of the first Adam’s actions. This is the time and place where our Savior becomes the Tree of Life to Native Israel and eventually to us as we are grafted into it. It is for that very reason Judaism was dumbed down by Satan and their vanity and politicking to proclaim the seventh month as the Head of the months. Satan has been allowed to deceive their thinking so they would not understand the significance of the month of Abib (as we will see) as the month which contained the vital, essential, and visionary information as to the Plan of Salvation. It tells us who the Savior actually was and would be in the days of His physical coming. Because of their treacherous actions, they, the Jews of Judaism, would not be able to have a relationship with the Elohim, and in particular, with Yehovah/The Word/Christ/Messiah in sincerity and truth. Once again as Paul tells us in Romans 11:7-8, their hearts were hardened and they were given a spirit of stupor, or as the Greek means: “lethargy and slumber, to be stricken with: dulling of the spiritual senses.”

Yehovah also instructed Moses and Aaron that it was not just the Head of the months but also the First of the months and not the second or twelfth or any other for that matter.The Hebrew for first here is #7223 Ri’shon; from #7221 in Strong’s. The BDB says of it: former, first, chief. We know it is not referring to “former” here because Yehovah said THIS month. This word is a fascinating word and is used often as former and chief as well as first in some very definitive instruction in scripture pertaining to the appointed times of meeting and Their rehearsals contained in each.

Now, we will look at the second defining sign of this month as found in its name.

Deut 16:1 Guard the month of Abib, and keep the Passover to Yehovah your Elohim (because He is the only One, they actually knew at that time, as Christ/Messiah instructed us earlier). For in the month of Abib Yehovah your Elohim brought you out of Egypt by night.

Ex 13:4 Today you are going out in the month of Abib.

Ex 23:15 You shall keep the pilgrimage festival of Unleavened Bread. Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, as I have commanded you, at the set time of the month of Abib. For in it you came out from Egypt, and they shall not appear before Me Reyqam: (ineffectually, undeservedly, without cause and thus; in vain and void, without effect and in an empty condition. Unfortunately, that is exactly what ended up happening as we will see and as the earlier scriptures instructed us).

Ex 34:18 You shall keep the pilgrimage festival of Unleavened Bread. Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, which I commanded you, at the appointed time in the month Abib. For in the month of Abib you went out from Egypt.

There is no doubt what the name of this month is. It is the most important month of the year to the Elohim and to Their Plan of Salvation. The name of this month of “most easily shaken heads” is Abib #24 in Strong’s which tells us it is “from an unused root meaning to be tender. Green, a young ear of grain; hence the name of the month Abib or Nisan.”

The BDB says of it: 1) fresh young ears of barley.

It becomes very obvious when understanding the essence of these two descriptive signs which occur during the month of Abib, that this month will be the first month to have quantities of aviv barley, enough for a wavesheaf offering, being surrounded by a vast majority of unripe fields of green ears. These mature barley locations with heads of grain which can have their seeds separated from them by shaking or winnowing by the middle of the month were to be searched out as the primary sign of the year changing. These are defining terms in the words used by Yehovah as to this month. We are all given the option of believing them or not. It’s all about making the right choices. These defining characteristics are the main criteria for determining which month is to be used to start the year. Often one can observe green heads of barley the month before the first month, but they are empty heads. Only when you have a month of enough mature heads which can be easily shaken and ground into an omer wavesheaf offering, can you start the year. Everything is to be in the month of Abib nothing prior to it as Moses and Aaron were instructed by Yehovah. They were two witnesses to it.

The Elohim have placed these signs in the Promised Land in a way they can’t be eradicated, try as one might. The chief sign of this month, is having enough heads of barley mature enough for the omer offering during the days of UB, the middle of the month, and after the 14th Passover. We can’t repeat that enough. It is the First of the Firstfruit of barley and is representative of our Savior and the unselfish act of being beaten on our behalf. There are rules associated with this First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering, which emphasizes that it is taken from the very first heads to mature in the Promised Land. The Elohim emphasize this in both Marriage Covenant scriptures.

Ex 22:29 You shall not delay giving your harvest and your vintage. You shall give to Me the firstborn of your sons.


If you remember back, we covered the first instances of these commanded practices as to firstfruit and firstborn offerings of Cain and Abel and how being negligent in the timing was a bad situation to be in as witnessed with Cain.

In Mark 4:29 we are instructed, But when the grain ripens, he immediately puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.

This is contained in the instruction Christ/Messiah was giving about the Kingdom using the example of how grain grows in verses 26-29.

Ex 23:19 The First of the firstfruits of your ground you shall bring to the house of Yehovah your Elohim…


When was the practice of the wavesheaf of barley to begin? Was it in Egypt? Was it in their journeys in the Wilderness?

Lev 23:10-11 Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: when you come into the Land which I give to you, and reap its harvest, and have brought in the sheaf (past tense) of the beginning of your harvest to the priest. He shall wave the sheaf before Yehovah, to be accepted on your behalf; on the day after the Sabbath, the priest shall wave it.

Please keep this in mind when you read Ephesians.


Eph 5:26-27 That He may sanctify it, cleansing it by the washing of the water in the word, that He might present it to Himself as a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such things; but that it be holy and without blemish.


Deut 16:9 You shall number to yourselves seven weeks, when the sickle begins to reap in the standing grain, you shall begin to number seven weeks


Which will take us to Pentecost or Feast of Weeks.

There is another very important rule pertaining to this First of the Firstfruit grain offering in the month of Abib.

Lev 2:14 And if you bring near a grain offering of firstfruits to Yehovah, new heads from the field dried out with fire resulting in kernels which can be ground into flour then you shall bring it near for an (acceptable) grain offering of your firstfruits.

This is the minimum standard of maturity for a First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering on the first day of the week, the day which follows the weekly Sabbath (#7676) which occurs during the seven days of Unleavened Bread.

The month of Abib cannot begin unless this condition will be met for the potential wavesheaf day of the upcoming month. It is very easy for us today and for the Levites who had charge of such things in their day to know if the maturing grain would meet these requirements two weeks after the New Moon to start the month.

January 7, 2021


Sharing a post from the IMS Facebook page from yesterday:


Rain stop at the peak of winter?

Stopping rains is not a new phenomenon and it remembers not once the sources of the past, as in the story of Elijah the prophet and the prophets of the husband, or the people's pleas to the people of the circle, in the season

About the synoptic reasons for stopping rains we already explained in a previous post.

In the meantime, more than a week has passed, and finally something is at the end of the range, but even if it does rain at the promised date, there will be 20 consecutive days here without rain at all, at the peak of the winter. 


Such an event is very rare, especially if you take into account that it is a complete rainfall all over the country, which does not even include local drips or rainfall.

Often times even if the rain stop isn't as absolute as in this event, the significant rain goes on ′′ semester break ′′ or worse, no longer returns at all. Here are a few examples:

* The 2013/14 season, which started very late with significant rains only in December, left after the snow event that ended on 14.12.2013 for a full two-week break until the beginning of March! There were only events of local rainfall (except northern Israel).

* In the following year-2014/15 there was an almost full rain stop between January 15 and February 10, which was slightly forgotten due to the snow systems before and after it.

* In the winter of 1990/1, there were not full but multiple rain stops at the beginning of the season, and little of the upper Galilee did not command the country with a single significant system until mid-January. Which caused the impression that the same winter actually started only with the fall of the first missiles from Iraq on January 18, 1991.

* In the 1954/5 season, winter reached its peak in late December, with a rain system that dropped 250-300 mm in the south of Gush Dan and then retreated and actually didn't really return until the end of the season.


Besides, there were cases of rain stops that both sides received large amounts of rain. For example:

* In February 1997, there was a rain stop accompanied by a heavy cold that ended in an impressive rain event on the 20th of the month, and then with frequent rain systems in March and even in early April.

* On 1984 there was a rain stop between February 13 and March 11 that ended even with significant rain systems in March and April.


The most similar rain stop in its dates and continuation to the current one, occurred between December 19, 1970 and January 9, 1971 and was even a complete rain stop. A moment before the return of rain, temperatures of 30 degrees and more were measured in the coastal plain. This year is also a ′′ return to the beneficiary ′′ to come with significant rains until the depth of April. It seems that this time we are also on our way to a winter s' sarcasm just before this rainfall comes to an end, and we hope that we will also be compensated for a winter that will last deep into the spring months.

In the picture: the sculpture of Elijah the Prophet in Muharka.

January 3, 2021

Good Morning Folks,

Here is the 2020 summary completed by our friends at the IMS. It will be useful in identifying what pattern the barley cycle will be following as we move through January. What is wonderful about the folks at the IMS is they like to identify and follow patterns, as well as reporting on the daily meteorological conditions.

January 2, 2020


Happy Sabbath folks. 2020 has ended and thus we are now getting information pertinent to that calendar cycle (Gregorian). The numbers for the dying solar minima are now in.

The number of spotless (no sunspot) days for 2020 were 208 or 57% of the days. You can follow the yearly totals on the site listed. 2019 there were 77% of the days without sunspots and 2018 stands at 61%. So the deepest solar minima experienced by most is now exiting and being replaced by the start of the solar maxima part of the 11 year sun cycle.

What can we expect with this changing of the guard so to speak?

We expect this will user in several strong sharav events during the critical month of February. If that is the case we will be able to observe all 10 Biblical witnesses to the change of the year from winter to summer by March 15th. It will not surprise us if we also see at least one small sharav event during this month of January. Over the years we have recorded for all to read the effects of these events on the maturing process of the barley crop in the lower growing regions in the land.

One pattern to note is such sustained events can have a devastating effect on barley growing in rocky ground. It can actually die prior to maturing which has confused many over the years in their use of such areas as acceptable locations for healthy first of the firstfruit qualified offerings. The barley in these areas after energetic starts with moisture in the soil does an about face with any prolonged shortage of rain. The simple facts are recorded in the scripture in the parable of the sower.

Then we have on the other hand barley growing many tillers during wet times in good soil. Areas can look flush with lots of growth in this circumstance and also confuse many as to its timing. Remember the patterns, lots of water equals lots of stalk and leaf growth and not much effort into seed maturity even if a head appears.

Many of the areas we have been mentioning are coming slowly back to their normal average rainfalls after the exceptional amounts they have experienced. Some are still way above, but our traditional early areas are doing well except for the southern band running from Beeri to Beer Sheva. You guys who have followed this stretch of the country for years understand it can go either way as to early or late. The domestic fields in this region need water while the wild ones do not need as much. Their genome has been created with drought resistant mechanisms to reach maturity and thus self seeding for another future cycle.

We have witnessed this separation in the south on at least 3 different inspection years where the wild barley would be ready and the domestic not. Other regions of the country do not mimic this characteristic of growth between the domestic and wild varieties as often.

By the way Sede Eliyyahu is at about perfect conditions to date. At over 600 feet below sea level and adequate rain this location is a front runner for the early crown. That has been enhanced with the past 6 days of easterly winds running across the Jordan Valley and up through the Jezreel Valley. The ridge tops 1000 feet above are still trying to figure out what to do so they are growing lots of low level green. That is the result of lots of tillers shooting up from the parent plant.

We will be posting an update on the rain averages next week if you are interested in it. Don't forget to scan some of the news articles and pictures emanating from across Israel for they contain a lot of scenes showing the growth cycle condition. It is good practice for a day and time we lose our ability to be there in person.

Once the country opens up we will be able to get some pictures from the brethren there who follow such things. If you do come across any good pictures in your scanning the internet of current conditions send them on to us and we will ensure the others get to see the fruits of your labors as well. You can forward them to address or to me.

December 28, 2020


Good Morning Folks,

We are hoping things are well and you are being allowed to pursue your calling in life without undue pressure. Before I get into the information pertinent to the picture below please take a moment and ask Father to intervene in the life of Steve Bruns. He has been a vital part of what we do for 25 years. He is in the hospital with multiple heart attacks and other serious afflictions. Thank you!

The IMS has a very good article on their Facebook page which details why there won't be any rain for the next 10 days. They accurately note the scientific reasons but not the source of why they are happening. The timing of the easterly winds is nothing short of amazing. The coastal area will actually experience winds being drawn in from the south and thus a warm up and with the 2 (winds and warmth) the young oats and barley will move onto the next few stages of growth there during this 10 days. The same is to be noted about the Sede Eliyyahu area in the north east.

The picture below from a few hours ago is very indicative of the state of the young wild grains at this time. It is an area located east of Tel Aviv and just east of Petah Tikva. The reason why we have this picture is the result of a tragedy but none the less it is of great benefit to us.

Notice how young the oats and barley are. They are all the low level green growth along the highway embankment. We would call this little microcosm a "green house effect area" for the warmth of the pavement entices the young plants to grow more rapidly than those further away from the artificial warmth of this limited area. Those of you who have followed the reports for many years understand this term no doubt. So even with this added influence the plants are still very young. Take out your Zadoks scale and let us know your best estimate of their age for practice.

Keep in mind this is a section of the coastal plain which has received a lot of rain to date. By the way the taller grass in the picture is a common winter weed in this area which many of you who have participated in the inspections will recognize.

Once you identify the age of the growth of these plants do the simple arithmetic as to a possible maturity date in Zadoks growth chart. We have 77 days left until March 15th which we feel will be the start to the new year. Based on weather (meteorological conditions) the growth cycle takes between 85-100 days to maturity in Israel.

This is the time of year we start to look for pictures and videos coming from the Land with views of the surrounding areas which house barley. The internet is full of them. We are not talking about folks sending out deceptive articles and information to draw you into their clutches. We look at the ones from those that are completely unaware of the importance of what they are taking pictures of as to our purposes. No you do not need to be in the Land to follow the annual growth cycle as long as the internet is available yo you.

One caution we must add is that the first wild oats are always about 2-3 weeks ahead of the first wild barley. You can not tell the difference between the 2 until the heads open. That is from a picture for if you are handling them in the advanced boot stages you can open them up and see whether there is a head or just awns tipped with seed pouches as in the oats case.

Please keep Steve in your prayers and that Gods indisputable will be done but also that His mercy prevail in this instance for the family.

28 Dec Photo of barley on roadside.jpg
December 28, 2020

Good Morning Folks,

We are hoping things are well and you are being allowed to pursue your calling in life without undue pressure. Before I get into the information pertinent to the picture below please take a moment and ask Father to intervene in the life of Steve Bruns. He has been a vital part of what we do for 25 years. He is in the hospital with multiple heart attacks and other serious afflictions. Thank you!

The IMS has a very good article on their Facebook page which details why there won't be any rain for the next 10 days. They accurately note the scientific reasons but not the source of why they are happening. The timing of the easterly winds is nothing short of amazing. The coastal area will actually experience winds being drawn in from the south and thus a warm up and with the 2 (winds and warmth) the young oats and barley will move onto the next few stages of growth there during this 10 days. The same is to be noted about the Sede Eliyyahu area in the north east.

The picture below from a few hours ago is very indicative of the state of the young wild grains at this time. It is an area located east of Tel Aviv and just east of Petah Tikva. The reason why we have this picture is the result of a tragedy but none the less it is of great benefit to us.

Notice how young the oats and barley are. They are all the low level green growth along the highway embankment. We would call this little microcosm a "green house effect area" for the warmth of the pavement entices the young plants to grow more rapidly than those further away from the artificial warmth of this limited area. Those of you who have followed the reports for many years understand this term no doubt. So even with this added influence the plants are still very young. Take out your Zadoks scale and let us know your best estimate of their age for practice.

Keep in mind this is a section of the coastal plain which has received a lot of rain to date. By the way the taller grass in the picture is a common winter weed in this area which many of you who have participated in the inspections will recognize.

Once you identify the age of the growth of these plants do the simple arithmetic as to a possible maturity date in Zadoks growth chart. We have 77 days left until March 15th which we feel will be the start to the new year. Based on weather (meteorological conditions) the growth cycle takes between 85-100 days to maturity in Israel.

This is the time of year we start to look for pictures and videos coming from the Land with views of the surrounding areas which house barley. The internet is full of them. We are not talking about folks sending out deceptive articles and information to draw you into their clutches. We look at the ones from those that are completely unaware of the importance of what they are taking pictures of as to our purposes. No you do not need to be in the Land to follow the annual growth cycle as long as the internet is available yo you.

One caution we must add is that the first wild oats are always about 2-3 weeks ahead of the first wild barley. You can not tell the difference between the 2 until the heads open. That is from a picture for if you are handling them in the advanced boot stages you can open them up and see whether there is a head or just awns tipped with seed pouches as in the oats case.

Please keep Steve in your prayers and that Gods indisputable will be done but also that His mercy prevail in this instance for the family.

December 21, 2020


Good Morning Folks,

We hope things are well with you all. We are scattered all over the face of the earth and most of you do not know many of the others who are on the list of people acquiring this information but you are all drawn together to understand the patterns and cycles in creation influencing the Abib Calendar. There are also many others who do not use this venue but get the information off of our web site. That is why Bridget and Brenda post it there. Actually many more than in the group list here on this Facebook page.

Here we have a very good summary of the rainy season to date from our friends at the IMS:  "So how much how much?"  They do a great job in terms of providing valuable and timely information in our pursuit.

Please read the question and reply in this link. It speaks of a bit of the problem we encounter on information coming from the Western Negev as to the early rainfall amounts. That is why we also use other information sources provided by the IMS and others to stay current with it. It is helpful to get a good understanding of the names they use for each of their reporting regions.

Examine the 2 maps and see the picture they are painting. We discussed this past week about possibly adding Dorot to our list of locations to track this year for an example of the pattern developing as to the early barley area's. It is just east of Sderot and has excellent representation of both wild and domestic inspection opportunities as do the communities just south of it.

The current map shows us the the Sede Eliyyahu area is getting near perfect precipitation to be a front runner for the early fields crown. Also the area near and around Sderot especially just to the south and the east are in the same class. Yakhini (Route 25 if I remember correctly) is an area that competes for it on a yearly basis and it appears to be doing so again this year.

If you can save a version of these very illustrative maps please do so and then we will be able to see what takes place with the next in the series of maps that the folks at the IMS provide to us all.

Keep safe and have a productive week.

December 18, 2020

Hi Folks and Happy Prep day to all. It has been a wild winter week in Israel to say the least. The article here from the IMS weekly wrap up talks about it in depth.  Here is the link: Another record breaking system

There are lots of pictures on the internet from some of the heavily hit areas. The coastal plain got hit hard again, maybe past the ark stage. The good news is Sede Eliyyahu is caught up to where it should be now and some of the areas of barley alley (route 232) have gotten some much needed rain, but still short of where they need to be as to the averages. Please follow the pattern associated with it this year for your future reference.

Besor Farms at the southern extremity of the inspection areas got 2 days of gentle rains which no doubt made all the dairy operators down there happy.

When we do our next monthly update for the rain in our traditionally early locations we will be adding the elevation of each to the process and the pattern of growth in the Land. It is a very important aspect to all things barley. The areas we inspect range from 600 feet below sea level (Sede Eliyyahu area), to 2500 feet above sea level (Jerusalem Center). As we move through the pattern of barley growth this year you will see the impact that the local elevations play in it. That is very helpful when sorting out all the chatter that takes place just prior to the end of the year.

Keep in mind if you are not sure of a particular part of the process just email us and we can help answer that for you.

Hope you all have a good upcoming Sabbath rest and may it be nothing short of a wonderful blessing of sustained communication with the Elohim.

Sabbath December 12, 2020

Happy Sabbath folks,

A rainy day here in TN but a week of sunshine prior to it. The sun is not shinning on the Republic or the rest of the world for that matter. Makes it all the more important to function within our citizenship in Heaven and be about our Fathers business does it not?

Following are the rain results for 6 key areas of barley growth in Israel. You will see some big differences between several of them which are only separated by 20-30 minutes drive time. Yes, Israel is a very diverse country when it comes to climatic zones and meteorological events.

Negba: which is located inland from the sea is an agricultural growing center for all kinds of crops. There are some nice rolling little hills in that area which we have spoken of often during our inspections. Some of these hills produce early barley as the moisture content declines from their peaks to their bases. To date it has received 221 MM of rain. That is 184% of what it normally gets to this time in December based on the averages from 1981-2010. That is also 45% of its annual amount. All the crops are off to a great start here if the farmers were able to get into the fields to seed them. What is good about the wild or volunteer barley is it does not have to worry about that for it self-seeded around seven months ago waiting on the Elohim to start the rain cycle once again.

Bet Dagon: which is a short drive north from Negba has had 270 MM of rain. That is an astounding 213% of its average to date. That represents 52% of the yearly total. The barley here is probably looking to catch a ride on an Ark.

Now we move further south.

Beeri: which is located to the east of Gaza has only received 50 MM of rain to date. That is only 49% of its average to date and just 14% of its annual total. This barley basket area needs some moisture to keep it in the running for the First of the Firstfruits of barley.

Now we move to the east of that.

Lahav: is a grain growing area in the Negev. North and west of Beer Sheva. To date it has received 39MM which is only 63% of its normal amount of rain to date. That also is only 13% of its annual rainfall total.

Please notice the trend in these Negev locations to date. If this keeps up the domestic barley will have issues but the wild barley is designed to withstand the years of drought so that it can complete a growth cycle and reproduce itself. However we are looking for an increase in rain for the period between now and the middle of January to ensure it will be acceptable for the criteria for a Wavesheaf Offering. Also keep in mind when the wild barley and oats are in scarce supply the 4 legged Bedouin lawn mowers devour it quickly. In years of little rain we have not witnessed a lot of tillering in the wild crop in this region.

Now to the mid-north at the confluence of the Jordan and Jezreel Valleys.

Sede Eliyyahu: was off to a good start but has experienced a few setbacks to date. Remember this area is somewhere around 400 feet below sea level if I remember correctly. Think greenhouse effect sitting between the surrounding mountain areas. To date just 38MM of rain. That is 60% of its average in this same time frame and just 14% of its annual amount. Experience tells us that moisture is retained in the soil groupings located here. It must have something to do with the air pressure at this level below sea level for it should dry out quicker with the amount of sunshine the area relieves.

Now we move to Jerusalem. It is not a domestic barley growing area as the others are. However, wild barley is everywhere but only in the intercalated years does it mature early in sync with the lower elevations. It is a fruit (olives, grapes, etc) growing area as well as a small livestock growing area. It has received 71MM to date which is only 77% of its normal and just 14% of its annual. If the annuals are any indication of what will be taking place we see this region sitting atop the Judean Mountains is in for a lot more rain. That may be true for some of the other regions we looked at but hopefully for the coastal areas they will get a break for a time.

So what we will do is check these totals from these 6 areas in January to see how things are shaping up. Watch for specific patterns to develop over the next several months. We log them in and refer to them in previous years to see where the timing of the early barley is going. Hope you are having some serious fun with all of this and are learning how to follow all of the data for yourselves.

Tuesday Dec 8, 2020

Good morning folks,

Here is a post from Hananya which speaks to us about what is happening in the Land as to the amounts of rainfall. The fact that the Degania Dam may be opened is an inmportant event for many along the Jordan River.

As reported the last time it was opened was in 1995.

Some of you have actually seen the Jordan River and realize it has been reduced to a trickle which is attributed to several sources. The Dead Sea does not receive any water from it any longer and the effects have been astounding to witness over the years. We remember when we used to be able to walk down to the shore just off of the road in several locations as we would drive south towards En Gedi when we first started undertaking our inspections.

20 years later, you would need to cross hundreds and hundreds of yards of very treacherous old sea bed to get to the water line in those once easily accessible locations. There are sink holes strewn all over the old sea bed and to venture out onto it would be very foolish.

So the news of the dam possibly being opened is good news to many and especially to those of us who look to the Land to see how the Elohim affect the meteorological events to bring about a specific outcome.

More rain is on the way later today and tonight in various parts of the country. Keep in mind during the month of December we need these intermittent rains to continue in our 2 areas of focus to see which will wear the crown of the First of the Firstfruits barley for the upcoming Biblical year.

Sabbath Dec 5, 2020

Good Morning and happy Sabbath to all. Israel is experiencing rain in many parts of the country today but not like the heavy widespread rain events from last month. This is what we are looking for during this month of December: balanced intermittent rains which will keep the soil in the early barley growing locations moist but not saturated and lots of direct sunshine. The earlier rains of November accomplished that task and the corresponding effects. Gentle rains are now good. The temperatures do not matter that much at this time in the early growth cycle for barley is very hardy.

Remember to keep your focus on the Sde Eliyahu area at the confluence of the Jordan and the Jezreel Valleys. That is the agricultural area just south of the city of Bet Shaun which by the way is home to falafel heaven our regular stopping location.

The other area is from Negba south along route 3 down as far as Beeri. The northern part of this area has received some rain but the southern part is well below normal but that has often changed during the month of December.

Both of these regions in the north and the south have large tracks of volunteer (wild) barley as well as many areas planted to domestic barley. In the southern one, most of the early domestic barley is cut for silage for the dairy operations located there. They normally cut it once the heads start producing soft dough thus having a lot of substance, being nutrient rich for the cows in their production of milk.

In an effort to assist any of you who have specific questions on this process, we will be putting a question and answer location on the Facebook page and on the website if I understand correctly what Bridget and Brenda are putting together.

Some have asked why we do not allow commenting here. The answer is simple; we are not a debating society where people who have an antagonistic nature can come and attempt to belittle or tear down our beliefs. This page exists to share our understandings about the processes of the Abib Calendar with any and all who wish to learn about what we actually do. They can take that information and apply it to what they hold true and good, or disregard it. Its all that simple, no fighting, arguing, or anything associated with a root of bitterness.

So if you have a question, comment, or just want to say hello you will be able to do so once the Duo sets it up. We will post relevant questions so others can see them for themselves but without your name so all can be done in the privacy many want during these days of chaos and confusion in society and in religious circles. This can be a wonderful learning tool for no doubt others will have had the same questions but not an answer to them.

Many have asked to friend me personally and have not gotten a reply. Once again the answer is simple in that Linda and I don't actually like to air our personal lives so we would not be very interesting and never post anything.

I do believe we will be using the e-mail address in this process. That is a simple way to make contact.

Also, Hananya shared another video of snow on Mount Hermon (see below). The question is asked: why show snow in Israel? The answer is simple to the Biblical Abib Calendar pattern. This demonstrates the fact that the Land is experiencing an "early" winter season. This is the second major snow even so far in the North. Are you aware it also snowed back in November in areas around Jerusalem? Not anything to write home about but officially recorded as snow flurries.

This all points towards our understanding that a March 15th change from winter to summer in the Land is on track to happen.

We also post these events to demonstrate the amazing diversity to the Land which we call Israel today. From snow capped mountains in the north to hot deserts in the south spanning a length of a few hundred miles at most (whether you include all the geographical traditional south or not) all taking place at the same time.

Israel has 7 different climatic growing zones which represent the 7 weeks count to Pentecost or Feast of Weeks from the the start of the early harvest, the barley harvest, commencing on the first day of the week (Sunday) occurring during the days of Unleavened bread.

So, we hope that gives you an explanation as to why we show snow during this time in the cycle as being significant to our study of the patterns in the calendar timing of things Biblical. However, keep in mind the Elohim can change things in a moments notice so we need to follow Their maneuvering of the weather accordingly if needed.

December 2, 2020

Good morning folks. Here is the IMS summary for the month of November which summarizes what we have been stressing about the record amounts of rain in some of the barley growing areas and in some a short supply of it.

This is a pattern which has held up in many years previously. Many of you folks will recognize the areas they are discussing with the western Negev region jumping to front and center for the minimal amount of rain it has received to date for their yearly totals which start in August every year for record keeping.

Keep an eye on the area south of Negba along the Gaza border region down to Berri and then running over to just west of Beer Sheva. The way things have started to date this area will need to get some better rain totals in December to get a good germination of the volunteer (wild) barley crop. If it does this area will once again take the crown for early barley if the skies then enter their normal pattern.

The other area of interest at this point in the season is the area located at the confluence of the Jordan and Jezreel Valleys. More than enough rain there in the soil to enhance the early stages of growth. What it needs now is lots of sunshine for a week or two.

Some may ask how can this be the case with that area being so far to the North. The answer is simple; it is hundreds of feet below sea level in some of its areas and that can make for a giant green house effect over many square miles in some years if conditions are right. So far they are on schedule to be just that.

Remember to follow the meteorological patterns for each of these areas over the next 2 months. They repeat often and when we see them forming we can look back over the years and see how each has played out so that we are not caught unaware as to this fascet of witnessing to the change of the year from winter to summer.

Sabbath, November 28, 2020

Good morning and happy Sabbath! We hope that you are all managing well during these end-time shaping societal events. The Biblical advice and admonition of: "being in it, but not of it" certainly applies to these times with added emphasis.

Some of you are aware that we have been watching the 11 year solar cycles for some time now. We had thought that these cycles must have an effect on the barley crop in Israel several decades back. That has all proven to be true and is another tool in our Biblical Calendar tool pouch which we utilize. In the past 10 years the knowledge of these effects have exploded in some circles of understanding and economics. No we are not talking global warming, but rather the real facts relevant to the solar cycles and their effects on life on the earth.In brief, the 11-year sun cycle has to opposing extremes in its course of life: a solar maxima and a solar minima. They are identified by the amount of sunspot activity in each; the maxima has the greater amount, and the minima the lesser amount. You can track this happening in real time as well as in past years at the site:  


Sunspots produce "solar winds." These are simply the release of solar particles into space and rushing across the solar system. During the years of strong sunspot activity (solar maximum's) these winds (solar particles being hurled through space) travel with great velocity. The opposite occurs during the years of the least amount of sunspots or solar minimum's. During both events these particles from the sun cross the earths atmosphere. When they travel with less force as in the solar minima years they are able to more readily "collect" with molecules in the earths atmosphere to form ions.

Some of you older folks may remember this term from what they used to teach in earth science classes many years ago. How that has changed to pseudoscience now. What was taught as common knowledge in these classes was simple; the more ion particles in the atmosphere the more cloud droplets were formed. As really simple patterns from the Elohim in creation should be. Thus the more ion particles, the more cloud cover whether it produces rains or not. However, the reality of this is it does create more rain events in given areas not just an increase in the number of cloudy days.

So why is this important to us in our pursuit of knowledge relevant to the timing of the Biblical Calendar which we call the Abib Calendar? The facts are simple. The more cloud cover you have in a designated area the longer the time it will take for the crop to mature. Do not forget as well, that the more rain on those crops will also extend the maturing process. A two fold effect. You can track the sun cycles effects across the globe but we focus on their immediate effects on the Land of Israel per Deuteronomy 11:10-12. Being simple folks we happen to also use it as our focal point from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year for determining the appointed times of meeting with the Elohim (Father and Son).

It is a known economic fact that these solar cycles affect the abundance or lack of the amount of grain harvested in them. You can search that info out easily on the internet. We could go into a much more detailed analysis of information but lets make it simple and stick to recent times.

The last two years of the barley cycles in Israel have been accompanied by winters of very heavy rainfall. It is not a coincidence that these years are also part of the years of the deepest solar minima of record. Remember the simple equation: less sunspots, more ion charged particles in the sky, thus more cloud cover and more rain. That has played out in Israel as it should have, for the desired effect is on the location of Their focus to bring about Their desired outcomes.

If you look at the chart of sunspot activity on the site link provided above you will see that the height of the current minima started in 2018 (61% of days were sunspot less) and grew in intensity through 2019 (77%) and then slowed down through 2020 so far (62%), but with a sustained intensity above what is expected. The cause and effects of this are all simple to observe in creation in the Land.

One simple observation is that our last inspection trip (March) exposed us to the least amount of sunny days we have ever experience in the past 20 years of inspections. No coincidence that it was also a year in which rain records were broken and sustained past what is expected to be a normal end to them. All the sustained rains not only put off the maturing of the barley crop but also caused lots of diseases to multiple in it. That is in the wild barley crop for it has not been manipulated by man to avoid these effects placed in creation. That was an important development, but the one of more significance was the reduced amount of direct sunlight on the growing crop because of cloud covered days. All grain crops need direct sunlight to be able to complete a "normal" growth cycle. We only had 2 cloudless days in our traditionally early locations in the Western Negev during our extended stay last March. That folks, is unheard of there. Even when it was not raining it was cloud covered.

The solar sun cycles are not necessary for us to determine the decision the Elohim have made to switch the year from winter to summer. We have 10 others which are clearly visible if we have eyes to see and an inclination to look. However, it is just one more established cycle in creation that the Elohim use to bring about Their desired outcome and in this day and age it has been made available to us.

Daniel 12:3-4  "And those who are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and (be of) those who turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. But you Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book to the end-time. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

That is were we find ourselves today folks. Knowledge has increased geometrically and is at our disposal for our use with the advent of the internet. Yes, times and uses of both good and evil.

We have this tool at our disposal to use so we do include it in our tool pouch so to speak with all the other ones we actively utilize. So we have included it here in the record for this year's observation's leading up to the Month of Abib and the passing of winter to summer. Let's see if these heavy early rains which are wonderful for the early stages of the barley crop and devastating to the latter, start to cease come the later part of December or into January. That is what the ending minima cycle is indicating. So now we can all observe it and maybe learn something from this knowledge being made available to us here at the end of the age.

Nov 26, 2020

When it rains it pours. The timing of these abundant rains all this month has been wonderful for the moisture content of the soil in many of the early growing areas.

The exception is the western and central Negev areas near Beersheva, Besor farms, etc. That is something to watch. Remember the growth cycle of barley will quicken when there is not enough rain 3-4 weeks after germination. That will force the plant to forgo reaching for the sky in height to making sure the seeds are filled out and can reproduce themselves.

We have been seeing some pictures of specific areas greening up after the extended span of no rains in October.

All good news.  How long will the rainy weather continue?....check out what the Israel Meteorological Service has to say.


Nov 21, 2020

Here are yesterday's rain totals for Israel as well as a short video below of the first Israeli snow...right on time!

Sabbath Nov 21, 2020


Good Morning and Happy Sabbath!

Let's summarize some of the early and latter rain patterns to help some of the new folks to the Abib Calendar and its patterns have a clearer understanding of their significance.

Take last years cycle for an example. The early rains were few and far between during the months of November and for the most part of December in many areas of the Land. That meteorological pattern in Israel will usually spell out a delayed start to the year. That has been the pattern we have observed for about 25 total years in watching the rain amounts in the country.

What took place last year was an example of what can happen when very heavy rains take place as we near what should be the end of the cycle of the 12th month. By that we mean from the middle of 11th Biblical month to the end of the 12th Biblical month.

We took note that during this time period of heavy rains there were no sharav conditions take place. A sharav event is when the weather becomes very hot, dry, and windy. That triggers rapid maturity in the plants which donate the remainder of their existence to filling the seeds so they can be physiologically mature enough to reproduce themselves, thus being aviv.

With the incredible volumes of rain that took place in our normally early maturing barley locations and no sharav's; we witnessed quite an eyeopening event as we should have. The barley grew rapidly in the stock but not in the head until just a matter of a week or two before the end of the 12th month. Yes, there were heads of grain but for the most part they were very immature. They did not have the required amount of sunshine needed to make the starches fill the seeds at what we would call the normal rate.

The rains kept falling in record amounts, and of course, to anyone who works the ground understands, there are usually some very bad side effects to this. We will only address one of them here and it is a very big one. When Linda and I inspected our early locations in the north and center of the countries barley area's we found immature plants as we showed in the pictures of record.

When we inspected our areas in the Western Negev we found individual plants that were nearing maturity surrounded by a sea of immature plants. Please remember we are harvesters not bouquet pickers. What became very obvious to us as we inspected the early locations here, that many of the plants were diseased. We showed this in pictures and so did others reporting in the same locations. Of course they had a far different take on this because they were trying to spin a new tail about a black variety of wild barley. Wild barley yes, but not a new understanding of them. They were diseased in the head, stalk and root systems. This was all a direct result of the heavy volumes of latter rains. One of these diseases actually forces the head to mature so it can embed itself in the seeds. Take that through the Biblically relevant examples. These heavy, sustained latter rains were a curse to the first maturing plants of barley. The "early birds" were not being meant to signal the change of the year. They had become defiled. A younger crop would be used by our Elohim to bring about the heralding of the month of Abib one lunar cycle later as was the case.

Patterns in creation are there for us to learn from. That is why we are so very excited about the amounts of rain the Land has been receiving during this month of November. It is signaling a very balanced cycle ahead so that there will be no doubt as to what our Creators are telling us. The sign of the barley along with the other 9 Biblical signs in creation to signal Their desire to change the year from winter to summer are our goal to witness to this year on this page and the website so that everyone can have the information available to make their own determination and judgements.

Hopefully, this will assist some of the newcomers to the Abib Calendar understanding which many of us hold. If the balanced year continues as it is so far we can expect to see a few sharav conditions develop in the Land during the latter part of January and into February. If we see this taking place we can be confident in a March 15th change of the year. The pattern has never failed us yet.

We will report on all of this in the hope that many others will learn to follow these signs in the Land on an individual basis regardless of where their personal location on earth is.

Nov 20, 2020

We hope your preparation day has (and still is for some) been a delight. Once again welcomed news from Israel for all the little barley seeds. Continued rain in due season.  Take a look at the Israeli Meteorological Service post for today.

Sabbath Nov 14, 2020

Happy Sabbath to you all. Hananya is sharing a video of the Judean Desert distributing the rains.  Also, there is more rain in the forecast, take a look at the Israeli Meteorological Service post for today.

Sabbath Nov 7, 2020

Good Morning Brethren and Happy Sabbath to you all.

A question has arisen from some new comers to the Abib Calendar as to why it is important to follow the start of the rainy season in Israel and its involvement in the process of declaring the start of the new year. Good question and it proves you are thinking and not just accepting.

The timeline of mans 6,000 year efforts in the Plan of Salvation can be summed up in simple agricultural cycles. There is the early harvest (Barley) and the later harvest (Wheat). Both harvests are dear to the Elohim in Their plan of expanding Their family. Comparatively there are also the early rains and the later rains.

The simple agricultural patterns and cycles that have been put in place for us to discern the times and seasons have not changed. Our Savior has stated clearly He will never leave nor forsake us. This is just one of the ways He guarantee's will be kept in place for us so that we are able to keep the specific month and day that we are commanded to come before Father and Himself. They also tell us They will bring about all the meteorological conditions to bring about the time frame for changing the end of the year to the start of a new year.

Deuteronomy 11:10-12  "For the land which you go to to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it by foot (water drawn from the Nile River for irrigation) as a vegetable garden. But the land that you cross over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which Yehovah your Elohim cares. The eyes of Yehovah your Elohim are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year."

It is our Creators who set the cycles into motion each and every year to bring about the first grain harvest in the Land which is barley. We have a lot of detailed information with many scriptures and patterns to this effect on our website. This cycle starts with the rains from heaven as well as with the snows for both add moisture to the soil which is necessary for the germination process of the seed. Unfortunately, in this day and age many have been segregated from the land into huge metropolitan areas and have no understanding of these simple processes necessary for life.

Another scripture to this effect is:

Isaiah 55:10  "For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens and do not return there, but water the earth and makes it bring forth the bud and then give seed to the sower and bread to the eater."

There are many more scriptures we could quote as to this particular Biblical agricultural principle of rain and snow in the cycle, but they can be found on the site in articles and in yearly Abib reports.

In answering the question asked, we follow the early rains in acknowledgement that our Creators have started the necessary conditions for the barley growth cycle and thus the timing that They want for the harvest of the First of the Firstfruits and the start to the timing of the annual rehearsals we are to keep on specific days and in specific Biblical months.

With the unprecedented volumes of life-giving rain to the soil this past week it is obvious to us that They have begun that cycle once again. We will be tracking all of the 10 witnesses They have placed in creation for this purpose over the next 4 months in the Land. This is just one of them but is always the first in the annual cycle. We are anticipating a March 15th start to the new year so we will see how that works out in public. Nothing to be done in secret, right?

A short answer to a very appropriate question. Thank you for being involved and learning about the "deeper things of God." No doubt the hour is getting late.

Sabbath Nov 6, 2020


Hi folks and happy Sabbath to you all. Here is a post from the IMS from today detailing all the rain they have received in Israel so far this month.


Many areas have already exceeded their average totals for the entire month. Just think, in six days.

I hope this link comes through in English so you can read about the complete drenching that parts of the Land have received.


This is a wonderful sign for the events we follow which instruct us as to the turn of the year in the Land as most of you are aware.


The soil was very dry due to one of driest October's on record. That can result in the soil letting a lot of water run off but with the amounts we are talking about over the course of several days a good portion was retained in the top soil.


We will keep you posted on any more unusually early developments.

Oct 13, 2020:  Plans for Abib Reporting in 2021


In December we will start tracking all the meteorological events and conditions which shape the next barley growing season in Israel. What we plan on doing is posting information each week which we use to evaluate when the turn of the year takes place in the Promised Land (from winter to summer). We will cover all the criteria used to do so in the environment and also track all 10 of the Biblical witnesses in creation to that great yearly event taking place. Many of you are familiar with what we do but just as many are not, so we will be once again putting the experiences of 2 decades of inspections in the Land into simple language and simple patterns. These factors and many more are part of the patterns we have recorded and published for all to see for FREE. No cost to anyone. We have a brother in the Land who primarily uses the Domestic barley for his personal understanding as to the turn of the year and a sister who uses the Wild barley for her purposes. Neither of them seek a following or any of your money. We will hopefully be able to include their inspections in the information we will be posting during December through the middle of March.


Here is the link to the article we published last March entitled: "Abib Calendar Criteria to Use when not in the Land."

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