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2019 Feast Dates

We travel to the Land of Israel just prior to the end of the 12th Biblical month each year to conduct inspections for Leviticus 2:14 stage barley to be available to harvest for a wavesheaf offering by the upcoming 10th day of the next month.  This would give the Levites who were scattered across the entire Land, in 48 cities, time to reach Jerusalem and the Temple with potential first of the firstfruits barley offerings.  If it will not be, we intercalate a month to give it more time to mature. We observe all the biblical criteria to discerning the start of the biblical year, i.e. the first month Abib. There are a lot of signs mentioned in scripture which we have addressed often in the reports and studies in addition to inspecting barley, for they are all placed in creation to tell us when the turn of the year is, from winter to summer, in the Promised Land.  Reports of our findings are posted on the Abib Report Page.

All days start from sunset the previous evening.

The First of the New Year - Saturday, March 9th
Passover - Friday, March 22nd
The Feast of Unleavened Bread - Saturday, March 23rd through Friday, March 29th
Wavesheaf Day - Sunday, March 24th
Pentecost - Sunday, May 12th
The Feast of Trumpets - Sunday, September 1st

The 7th month dates have been confirmed by the sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem, Israel by Pierre on the evening of Aug 31st

The Day of Atonement - Tuesday, September 10th
The Feast of Tabernacles - Sunday, September 15th through Saturday, September 21st
The Last Great Day - Sunday, September 22nd
A Look Ahead for 2020 and 2021

Feast Dates From Previous Years:
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