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Friday March 10, 2023: Take 2

Hi Folks,

We are so hoping your Sabbath rest is one of pure enlightenment from our Elohim. Many are called but few are chosen, is our scriptural motto used to motivate us when we see so many going astray. That is not looking down our nose, but a humble understanding in which we simply say thank you Father for calling me unto our Lord and Savior. And thank you Jesus/Yeshua (once again you plug in the spelling) for your patient endurance with me.

I have put our Typical March Calendar into this post. It is what we have been taught by our Elohim over 20 some odd years of inspections in the Land and another 4-5 prior to that from afar.

If you look at the date of March 10th you will see it is listed as the typical start of the White Stork migration through the land of Israel and as most of you old timers know they are listed multiple times in scripture as a defined and definite witness to the timing of the year changing from winter to summer in the Promised Land.

The 10th of March, give or take 1 or 2 days, is when the main migration starts. After this date between 500,000 and 700,000 WS will pass through the Land proclaiming their witness that the New Year is almost upon us. For the past 2 days now thousands of White storks have been entering the Land.

Here are just a few numbers and locations from today;

Neot HaVaw: 3000 Loess Park: 120 Retamim: 300 Mishmar HaNegev: 4500 Beit Shemesh: 1500 Modi'in: 1000

And the list goes on.

Yet there are some who declare to be part of the Body of Christ/Messiah and are already keeping the 7 days of UB and started the Month of Abib at the last new moon. Correction on my part, they did not start the month at the last new moon but waited on their teacher to make up her mind if it actually was her start of the new year. Once again, you can't make this stuff up.

By the way the modern day Ruth (her opinion of herself) says the White Storks are not a reliable witness to the change of the year even though the scriptures declare they are! She has now taken them off the list of the ten witnesses we instructed her about. Do you want to know why? Simple.

A few years back she declared the witness of the White Stork was in the Land and posted a video of them. Unfortunately they were not White Storks but rather Great White Pelicans. That's right, she could not tell the difference between the two even though we instructed her in that very thing. It was pointed out to her by one of the faithful and the resulting action was they were an unreliable witness. Well, what about you?

So for you folks who have swallowed her poison pill of delusion, please wake up.

Our peace we give to you.

A Typical March Calendar
Download PDF • 107KB


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