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2020 Feast Dates

Friday, September 18, 2020


Happy Feast of Trumpets starting tonight! The new moon crescent was sighted in Jerusalem by both Pierre Georlette and Francoise who observed it at 7:15 a few minutes before moonset. We wish everyone a wonderful 7th month of Festivals!

Sabbath September 12, 2020


Hi Folks.

The heat wave in Israel continues. It is certainly not a sign of the 7th Biblical month starting let alone being more than half over. Pray for the brethren who have been beguiled into keeping it out of season.

Here is a quote from Dr. Amos Porat (IMS) from September 8, 2020:


"Jerusalem's new record that was set last Thursday, was broken once again on Friday, reaching 42.7 (109 F) degrees Celsius. In Eilat, temperatures soared to 48.9 (120 F) degrees Celsius, setting a new record for the whole year, since the beginning of measurements.

In addition, it was hot not only during the day time. Nights were hot as well, and in Jerusalem a minimum temperature of 31.5 (88+ F) degrees Celsius was measured on the night between Thursday and Friday, which is a record for the whole year since the beginning of measurements in the 19th century.

Additional records can be seen in the full reportמעבר לקובץ pdf (in Hebrew).

The heat wave has weakened, though it is still warmer than usual in most of the country and humid in the coastal plain."

The days in mention here above are those prior to, and the day of (after sunset) the F.O.T starting for the early birds out of season. The Elohim were still attempting to warn them but some birds do not have eyes to see the obvious. Thankfully some did and will be rehearsing the festivals in their proper season.

Keep safe in the Lord!

Sep 2, 2020

Hi Folks,

We Hope things are well with you all in spite of the chaos and confusion engulfing society and the world governments today. We thought we would update you to some unusual developments with our website and in particular with the upcoming feasts of the 7th month which will be starting after sunset September 18th making the 19th the Feast of Trumpets. Keep in mind Friday evening the 18th will only be the 29th day completed but the visibility will be 148.1 from Jerusalem.

What is very noticeable is the high volume of traffic on the site of folks looking at the feast dates we have posted and the abib reports establishing the beginning of this year. We are talking many hundreds of searches in the past 2.5 weeks.

So why is this important? Simple, for those who may have forgotten a lot of brethren were sucked into starting the year early based on false reporting and criteria not recorded in scripture as to the pattern to be used. That means they were keeping the feast of Trumpets on August 21 and Atonement on August 30th. When folks are drawn into such gibberish in the "spring" as to the change of the year it seems right to follow along for them. But! And we repeat but, when the festivals of the 7th month start to draw near some of these same folks get a rude awakening. They look around them and can clearly see the calendar they are following is way out of bounds with the reality of the growing seasons around them and in Israel. Thus many are searching for the correct information to apply to their walk in the Abib Calendar.


That is why we are seeing so many hits on the site as to the dates we are looking forward to as well as the reports we posted which led to those conclusions. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you Father!


It is never too late to make a course correction. The Elohim have done so often in Their Plan of Salvation without any vanity involved, so we should have none in doing the same.


May you all have a wonderful, peaceful upcoming festival season of the 7th month.



2020 is an intercalated year with Wednesday February 26 being the first day of an added 13th month, thus the following.

All days start from sunset the previous evening.


New Year:                               Thursday, March 26th
Passover:                                Wednesday, April 8th
Unleavened Bread:               Thursday, April 9 through Wednesday the 15th
Wavesheaf:                            Sunday, April 12th
Pentecost/Weeks:                 Sunday, May 31st
Trumpets:                               Saturday, September 19th
Atonement:                            Monday, September 28th
Feast of Tabernacles:           Saturday, October 3rd through Friday the 9th
Last Great Day/Eighth Day:  Saturday, October 10th
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