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Sabbath, October 8, 2022

Happy Sabbath to all!

We are hoping you folks have all had a wonderful Atonement and are now once again in the safety and security of the Sabbath rest.

There are some who are wondering why I follow the "Jews" in fasting on the the Day of Atonement. I would include their reasoning why I should not but I am sure you have heard it all.

My answer is very simple, it is commanded in the scriptures and has a very serious penalty attached to it if I do not. Once again you probably all know the standard scriptures and Hebrew words that are used one way or the other. When something like this arises and you feel you are not adequately ready to give an answer for the hope which is in you just bring to memory:

"I will never leave you nor forsake you."

One of the ridiculous arguments presented to me is: there is no record of doing so in the Second Marriage Covenant scriptures (New Testament to most). At times you just want to cry when you are told such things. So let us answer this for many right now.

In Acts 27 we are instructed about the events of Paul's voyage to Rome beginning and almost ending in complete tragedy. Verse 9 tells us it was too dangerous to sail in that part of the Mediterranean Sea because of a very well known event. The rational given by Paul is because the Fast was already over. The Nesteia (abstinence from food). This is approximately 30 years after the death of Christ/Messiah. Please read verses 1-12 to get all the criteria given describing the facts on the ground.

With this said and looked at, look up the name Euroclydon in Strong's and an online Encyclopedia. It is located in Acts 27:14 and is Strong's #2148.

In short, it is gale force winds which set up in the Adriatic section of the Mediterranean Sea each late September through November. They are like clock work each and every year. They originate in South West Asia and funnel down through the Dardanelles between the mountain ranges of Turkey and Greece. That means it is a Northeaster.

Below you will see a screen shot of them as of this morning. Compare this picture to the script in the Bible and you will see all the places being spoken about that are in its path year in and year out. As a side note it had not commenced for those keeping the 7th Biblical month last month which in effect was the 6th Biblical month.

Use this as one of your tools for future use. It is just one more of the witnesses in creation given to us to assure us we are on the right track. And yes, Paul uses the Fast, the Nesteia as the marker to speak about it. So yes, I have ample enough scriptural evidence in both Covenant scriptures to fast on the Day of Atonement.

Maybe the deniers may want to reconsider their stance. Just think of it this way, its only one day in the entire year to deny yourself sustenance for a 24 hour period. Just one! Please consider it just one of the daily living sacrifices we are expected to do throughout the year as Paul also instructs us in Romans.

And please remember sending us things to be posted do not get opened just deleted. If you want to communicate with any of us here use the email address located at the head of the Page.

Keep safe in our Lord and Savior and follow the Lamb wherever He goes.


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