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Sunday October 8, 2023: the 8th day of the FOT

Good Morning Folks,

We hope you are focusing on the reality of this last of the annual public rehearsal times of meeting in this yearly cycle.

Boy has the world set the stage for this the 8th day rehearsal and what it is all about. The descendants of the 5 Canaanite Nations who were never removed from the Land as commanded, have wreaked havoc on the civilian population of Southern Israel. Please remember these murderous people are not descendants of Abraham, let alone Ishmael. Thus, they are not Arabs even though most refer to them as such.

There unholy alliance with the Persians (Iranians) is just one of the foretold epic events here at the end of the age. It all boils down to an ancient hatred which has its obvious roots in the devil. Watching Hamas chicken shit “warriors” dragging women and children through the streets and indiscriminately shooting defenseless people in the hundreds speaks to their cowardice and to the evil thoughts which arose in their minds and that they embraced wholeheartedly. That will happen again as part of this rehearsal’s reality. However, it won’t get that far as we will cover later today with some of you.

It is my personal prayer that Father gives the missing leadership in Israel the courage and fortitude to wage a devastating destruction down upon these degenerates of human waste. There is no hope for them in this time because of their complete capitulation to the prince of the power of the air. Thus, they can wait in the grave to a future time when they will have opportunity to repent of their evil thoughts and deeds towards others.

The rules of such engagements are clearly defined in the scriptures from the mouth of Elohim. Get to it!

We pray that the Kingdom come so often, but we must come to grips with what must take place prior to that happening. This is but just a small sample of it.

In sticking to our Cycle Reporting it appears the Land may be getting some rain this coming week. We will see what Father has in store for that.

Our peace we give to you!


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