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A Joyous Festival Season...

Dear Brethren,

We hope you are all well and not soon shaken with the chaos, confusion and fear engulfing mankind around the globe. We have no doubt entered a time of sorrows but the end is not yet as He instructs us. We know that many hardships will confront mankind, but these things are not what we understand to be great tribulation as fearsome as some may seem.

Our Savior detailed them in Matthew 24:3-13 as well as elsewhere in His witness to us all. They are clear signs as to the timeline we are currently entering at the end of this age. We do not fear it for we know it is a time of testing, of perfecting those at the end of the 7-weeks count prophetically to be included into the function as the Bride, the Eternal Helpmate of our Savior/Husband in Father’s Household.

Please do not let anyone dumb you down in any way as to your part in this qualifying time for you personally. We are to be vigilant in guarding the crown which has been offered to us. It is not the way of the wide highway but of the narrow footpath. It is not for everyone, even though many have been called to start the journey, only a few will complete it. Do not be overwhelmed with the false humility of little self-worth at this prospect, for They would never have called you to it if They thought you could not make it. We all have our individual threshold to cross. Once we have reached that individually, They will finish the work They have started in us as They have promised. But we have to do our part in the process. Of qualifying for this wonderful function in the Household of the Elohim is a very serious matter. Each of us must attain to our individual acceptance in our own life’s actions. No one else can do it for us and we can’t do it for anyone else. We can be of encouragement to each other in it, but it is a very intimate relationship between ourselves and our Savior/Husband. Father calls, but Christ chooses who will be compatible as His Eternal Helpmate, the second Eve to Him the second Adam in Fathers Household.

We are quickly approaching the sunset of April 7 th and the start of the Passover of Yehovah. We will once again have the opportunity to be washed of the sins we have stepped and tripped in over the past year. We are not in need of an entire 2 baptism or washing but just a foot washing as our Savior so eloquently and humbly instructed us in John the 13th chapter. Once we have been made whole again, we are then able to participate in the symbols of the Second Marriage Covenant Passover. The bread and then the wine. The bread of His broken beaten winnowed wavesheaf body for our acceptance as Gentiles into the qualifying process to finish what Native Israel could not. That is the sequencing of His last day on earth as a flesh and blood man.

And then we can internalize the symbol of His stature as the blemish free Lamb of Father’s Household as we drink the wine.

None of this is to be taken for granted. It is the commanded time of year in which we are to examine ourselves in our relationship with our Savior/Husband and for that matter with our Heavenly Father as well, for He called us unto His son. On our own we could never be worthy to be accepted in any of this. That is why we needed a Savior, for the forgiveness of having to pay the penalty of our sins that required His death. But we have our part to do in it. No free passes.

Paul has instructed us; we are to examine ourselves to see where we stand in the process of achieving each of our individual thresholds in our calling. You can’t compare it to another’s, it is unique to you. 1 Corinthians 11:27-30 is a process we are to engage in individually prior to Passover evening. Please take the time to examine what you could have done better in your calling and commitment to our Husband/Savior, Jesus the Christ/Messiah. This isn’t a process of trying to put yourself in a mindset of uselessness or false humility but of acknowledging that you need help in some areas for you have stumbled in them. Thus, you can come in a right mindset to the function of the Footwashing where our Savior can once again make you sparkling, shiny clean before Father and thus ready to rehearse the commitment you made at baptism. He will never leave nor forsake us in our calling, but we have our part to do in it as well. Do not try to set a threshold limit, but look far beyond it, in the things you can do in your heart and deeds in the body as we enter this festival season of joy, and let Father and Christ set your standard for you.

We hope you all have a wonderful and joyous festival season ahead. Keep safe in the Lord. Our peace we give to you.

Brian and Linda


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