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Sabbath June 29, 2024

Happy Sabbath Folks!

The festivals of the 7th month are approaching ever so slowly through this stretch of months. At this time of year my thoughts turn to one of our sisters in the faith who returned to the dust of the earth to await her call from our Lord and Savior.

She was not a timid follower but one of strength and resolve. I miss her deep Scottish brogue accent when she got excited. She was never too old to grasp a clearer understanding of the truth once delivered and as such she embraced the Abib Calendar faithfully and actively for many years alongside her son in the faith Greg.

There are many of you who are not aware of the many who have come before you in this epic calling from Father. So with that thought I am posting an article I did some years ago in The Journal.

I hope it can be of encouragement to many to never give up but get up each time you are knocked down.

Our peace we give to you.

Margaret Obituary
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