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Friday April 5, 2024

Good Morning Faithful Brethren,

We hope your count to Pentecost is going well. It's all about those called by Father through our Lord and Savior, Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah having been accepted on our behalf as part of the firstfruits of His holy Body.

But this post is not directed at you for you are already well on the road to qualifying as the Bride of Christ as scripture calls us. This is for the babes who are still being tossed to and fro from eating off of the wrong table alongside all the tares and mixed multitude who lust yet can not obtain what they seek at this time.

The authors of the deceptions affecting the sanctity of the Abib Calendar are many this year. I will address them in a post on Sabbath so if you are wearing soiled diapers you will need to clean up and put on your big boy pants if you intend to read it.

For those of you who are being tossed around here you go once again. As of 3 minutes ago in the Land. These are fields which did not qualify for the First of the Firstfruits unblemished and holy Wavesheaf offering timing. You can view all of them in previous posts in this Abib Growing Cycle. But look at the runner ups now, way past aviv! And this is just a couple of location. Once again all the early fields are already cut and gone and the ground is being turned for the next crop which will require some of the farmers water allowance for it to grow.

The first 2 photos are of 2 and 6 row domestic barley. Way past aviv. Send then to your Guru's who do not have eyes to see. Actually send them all to them for they have already seen them if they are in the Land. So why are they not telling you? One has covertly and the other is just outright deceiving you.

Then how about some aviv wild acceptable barley growing in aviv wheat and yes, some tares as well in the next 2 photos. No goat grass on Fathers altar.

Then lets not forget the wheat and spelt growing together. Oh look, once again aviv.

And lets top it off with a location that can only claim runner up status being very aviv to the fields which were actually competing for the crown of the First of the Firstfruits for the start of the month weeks ago.

Its too late to keep the appointed times of the First Month of the Biblical Year but its never too late to correct a very obvious mistake dear hearts. Father has a very merciful heart and bosom to accept you in and keep you safe. Just quit eating forbidden spiritual food from tables of filth as scripture describes them. This is life!

Our peace we give to you!


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