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Friday December 22, 2023

Good Morning and happy Prep Day to you all.

Israel is going through a very wet weekend in many locations. Noisy too, with thunder and lightning. As the IMS says in their latest update: winter is back. That is because "rain" is a defining criteria of winter, when the rains are in season, and thus a blessing to the Land. Maybe an inconvenience for some residents of it but some folks just need something to complain about all the time.

And for those who do not know it, the weekend in Israel starts on Fridays. Friday and Saturday, with Sunday being the first day of the work week, as well as the Biblical first day of creation week.

Lets start with some photos from this week that show the distinct difference between growing areas in the South. The first one is from the NW Negev.

The next two are from Gisela further south. In all three you can see the results of not enough water early during this winter season. That is changing in some locations.

Then we have several photos of the Central locations we inspect. Keep the first one in mind for you will be following this acreage throughout the winter growing season for domestic and wild. Notice the stone content in this soil. Many of the grain fields in the Central look like this. Easily plowed by modern means and ancient as well. Small stone content aids rapid growth in several of Zadoks stages. Holds the heat. Fields like this give understanding as to why they had to lay fallow for a year in Biblical agricultural cycles. That way the necessary nutrients from those years would re-enter the soil and rejuvenate it for 6 more years. Father knows best! Nowadays they just add fertilizer. Imagine that.

And once again our early winter flowers. What gentile beauty growing in a sea of big rocks and goat grass. Winter in the Land rejoicing in the early rains.

Our peace we give to you!


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