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Friday December 30, 2022

Happy Preparation Day to All! December is closing out quickly and what a change from the balmy weather for the first 3 weeks of it. For some, winter is coming late in the Land this year. Its a great pattern to follow which is repeated several times a decade.

Let us first mention that if you wish to contact us for questions or comments you need to follow the simple instructions at the top of our page. Email us! If you send us a request to post a comment on this page we do not have a clue what you are saying unless it comes with a preview. Not sure how to do that but some of you obviously do.

Please understand this is an information site only. Commenting is not allowed thus there is not the chaos and confusion associated with other facebook pages who do allow commenting. Keep in mind it is the few who ruin it for the many. So, be happy.

As promised we have some pictures for yesterday of the upper Jordan Valley that some of you have visited with us and some with others. This area is looked at by several inspection teams during the month of March year in and out. It predominantly consists of "goat grass" which is the term we use to describe areas of wild barley and wild oats which are not suitable for plowing and planting grain crops due to the nature of the soil and the terrain.

These are the areas which have been used for millennia to graze livestock. As many of you know these areas produce very early, yet anemic wild barley. The key point here is early. We use these areas as "indicators" of what has and is taking place in the meteorological events of a given Abib growth cycle. They have distinct patterns and are a valuable tool. But that is where they end their service for they are unacceptable for a wavesheaf offering in Abib the first of the Months and the start of the Biblical Year because they are full of blemishes. A Wavesheaf Offering must be tamyn, without blemish. In these photos you can see how young the wild oats are. Remember the pattern. They are anywhere from 2-3 weeks ahead of the wild barley in this region of the Land. They are this young even with having received adequate rain and lots of sunshine. We have learned over the past couple of decades of inspecting here that this is telling us things are slowly progressing in the "natural" world of wild grains.

Now take a look at some winter wheat growing up and over the Judean Mountains to the west. Still central Israel, but look at the size of this domestic crop. Very big difference right. How do you explain that? These are all patterns which help us to understand the Abib growth cycle each year.

You should all be familiar with this section above the Jezreel Valley for we post pictures from it throughout the entire cycle. Notice the nature of the soil here. Very stony. What does our Savior tell us about one of the characteristics of such an environment for grain growing? Its a Biblical and agricultural pattern and fact which repeats itself in every Abib growing cycle. Unfortunately some ignore that.

With that said it is wonderful that we are all instructed to seek out our own salvation as we follow the Lamb wherever he goes. Hope you have a peaceful and restful Sabbath ahead.


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