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Friday February 2, 2024

Good Morning and a Happy Preparation Day to you All!

The storms still continue around the Land today but have a little respite in some areas until later on. We will post the IMS update after this one. Some areas have seen more than their yearly average of precipitation already. Keep in mind those figures run from August to August.

Once again many many photos flooding the internet about the winter conditions in Israel taking place.

Flowers first.

Then a familiar scene outside of Jerusalem.

For you past inspectors here is one of the road to the ascent of the Golan via the Yarmouth River Valley. The remnants of the past war with half of the bridge still intact.

Then the Megiddo side of the Jezreel Valley.

Now lets spend some time in the NW Negev.

The first photo is of a field of domestic barley on the left just coming out of the boot with young heads seeing the light of day. If they were still in the boot (the swollen stalk) they would be "aphiyl #648 in Strongs" which simply means darkened or concealed. Exodus 9:32. By the way the English translation of this is usually inept.

So we have young heads just emerging, thus it is the start of Zadoks scale stage 5. This grain has yet to go through the rest of stage 5 growth: plus stages 6, 7, and 8 to be harvest ready by meeting the minimum Biblical standards of a Wavesheaf Offering as detailed in Leviticus 2:14. That will not happen even under perfect conditions for another 30 days minimum. Where does that put us? Into the Gregorian month of March. That is important to some, but unfortunately not to some others.

Do you think the next 30 days will host perfect conditions?

Good answer, not a chance right!

For you new comers to this site you will need to know that this field will not be allowed to reach a dried out state standing in the field. It is going to be used for fodder/silage (you chose the term familiar to you) for a large dairy operation near by. Once it reached the 8.3 stage of growth it will be cut green. At that point it has reached its maximum nutrient levels before it starts to dry out and change color. You can see many examples of this in past cycles posted on the website and on facebook as well.

Then we have 4 photos of several areas along Route 232 west side. A familiar look to you old timers. Most are in the area of Re'im. Notice all the different stages of growth in the goat grass located here. Based on the height of all the wild oats we can easily ascertain that no sheep or goats are being allowed into the area yet by the IDF with their ongoing operations in Gaza. Beeri is just up the road and destroyed. Hopefully they will be allowed to rebuild.

Our peace we give to you!


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