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Friday February 23, 2024

Friday February 23, 2024

Good Morning and a Happy Prep Day to you All,

If you recall yesterday I stated: we weigh out the needs of the many and not just the few.

You may also remember yesterday I said maybe we should cancel the inspection trip to the Land in jest. Let me tell you the story of this years attempts to get there.

Shortly before the end of 2023 we decided to go to Israel to carry out the inspections because this is the second year following an intercalated one. That is the year that will have the greatest need to do so based on our experiences and is also stated in our article of how to determine the Month of Abib from afar.

The choices of airlines was dismal at best what with the war activities going on there. We took the best option which was Air Canada. All went well until a few weeks after our booking when they told us there were some changes to the flight. That was an understatement. No longer was it flying directly from Toronto to Tel Aviv, it was now going to be stopping in Germany. Completely different times etc., before continuing on to Israel. But the clincher for that one being terminated was they could not guarantee we would be able to continue on if their were adverse conditions in Israel. Linda and I said okay lets look for another option.

At the time United was not flying their daily route there but would start up again on March 1. So we booked that and new accommodations and rental car, etc. We had every intention to meet up with John, Gisela, and Pierre during the trip-. Shortly after this booking United informed us they would not be doing any more night flights out of Tel Aviv. Now we had to change that flight until the following morning and thus our other bookings as well for they ended the day before.

Yesterday afternoon United informed us they had cancelled our entire itinerary. You just can't make this stuff up. However, there was no frustration in any of it. Linda simply said our Elohim have made it clear there is no need to go to the Land to do an inspection because we have been shown once again we can do it from afar when people in the Land completely struggle with doing it even with living there.

We will not be attempting a third strike for that is not a good thing to tempt Father. This upcoming new moon will be the start of the new year, the Month of Abib, and the change from winter to summer for Linda and I. And yes the first month of the year is a transition month unparalleled in witnesses compared to all the rest of them.

We have included the article about determining the start of the year from afar here for those who don't have it. This is the method we used (expanded now) for several years prior to our first trip in 2002. It has proven correct in knowing what we would find and where we would find it every single year.

And yes to the question/statement that there is only about 5% to 10% of the lambs born to date. Throw that witness under the bus. And yes to no white stork migration or figs with tender fruit. The Passover of our Elohim is still a month away.

While on the subject of keeping things out of season a question has arisen as to why Devorah is going out prior to the next new moon to inspect for barley when that is just the start of her 12th month? As someone expressed to me it is her first opportunity to beg for cash based on the barley and not the new moon this cycle. That is true but it goes much deeper than that. She will make every effort to spread disinformation to support her terrible decision to go a month late to start this year we are in. Maybe it was 2 months late based on all the confusions she generated.

Keep in mind that is not a slight toward her, just an observation. She will do what she thinks is right based on her religious commitments.

People are also asking what some others will do who inspect. Really, why worry about such things. Make your own decisions based on your own efforts. You are supposed to be in a one on one relationship with Christ/Messiah are you not?

Take all the evidences and come to an answer based on scripture not a grifter, not someone of spiritual stupor, and not someone who conducts a circus atmosphere when supposedly teaching you.

So onto the second post for this wonderful Day of Preparation.

Our peace we give to you!


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