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Friday February 9, 2024: Take 2

Hi Guys,

Here is a good post by the IMS about the rain to date across the country. Some good facts and figures which tell us exactly what we have been observing.

Look at the transition area just south of the center of the map and then half way through that bottom section again . This is the area that we will most likely find the two barley sisters who can witness to a wavesheaf by the end of the 12th month at this time for you guys who use that methodology. That may change one way or the other. May go to the no category, or the yes category.

Either way we will no doubt be looking for that stage of growth in all the areas we inspect even though it is not the method Linda and I use as you old timers know.

Don't forget there are some who still look to wheat as well. We also assist them in their criteria.

The maps here speak volumes to us about where we can focus our inspections, imagine that, tied to the rains from heaven. It is sad that so many are dumbed down into just waiting for their "teacher" to tell them what to do instead of following the crops growth and the meteorological conditions throughout the cycle like a good farmer would do.

Getting a little home sick for the Land in some respects. Decades of trips there are hard not to think about this time of year.

Our peace we give to you.


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