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Friday January 20, 2023

Hi Folks and Happy Prep Day!

Please take the time to read the attached news article from today. It points out what we have been tracking and reporting since October. The hydrology expert for the Government points out the obvious pattern in the Land that winter is primarily confined to 3 months: December, January, and February. Yes, that is correct, February is a winter month in Israel as has been the pattern since recorded history there.

The article notes 4 years with a similar winter to this point. Go to our archives of the past 20 some odd years of Abib inspection reports and look at the results from those years. A little homework assignment for those of you who actually want to learn the process and patterns, in stead of just having someone give you the answer.

Some have asked why we track the rain. Rain is life. The spiritual equivalent in the Bible is what? Happy upcoming Sabbath.


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