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Friday March 1, 2024: Take 2

Happy Preparation Day to All once again,

If you did not read the earlier post I suggest you do so. What it contains is key to our process for evaluating early grain locations from afar year after year.

Also let me once again remind everyone new and old to our Page here, we do not open requests to post for this is a non posting, information site. If you wish to contact us you will need to use the email at the top of this page. Its that simple guys.

Lots of activity in the Land these days. You end of the 12th monther's will like this post.

Lets lead off with Hermon. Always beautiful regardless of what face she is wearing.

The streams and brooks are calmed down now.

And the grape vines are still in there winter sleep. The old varieties will awaken in about 2 weeks.

And then a gathering of minds with the early birds of the end of the 12th Biblical Month and the start of the first Biblical Month. Discussing strategies no doubt eh!

The Great White Pelicans are now into their migration into and through the Land.

Two small groups of migrating White Storks entered the Land yesterday as two of our Birders have reported. They are the pioneers of the migration. Those numbers will increase into the 10's of thousands shortly. Lets see what the first strong winds from the South bring. These majestic witnesses in creation will be riding them on their entry to the Land. That is a pattern year in and year out.

Some still want to see close ups of flowering stage in grain to get it down pat. This photo from yesterday should assist greatly.

Anemones and blossoms are just two of the second half of winter witnesses still on hand.

Now 4 photos from around the Land of various stages of growth.

The first one is of an updated look at a field from earlier in the week. The second is of some nice wild barley growing adjacent to domestic in good ground. Then some other ones.

Pushed the wrong button so let me continue in edit.

Now for one of the locations you have been watching with us this Abib Growing Cycle. This is not low level sunlight illuminated. This is the actual look of these fields. They are in one of our traditionally early locations.

They will qualify for a First of a Firstfruit Wavesheaf Offering before needed and a Leviticus 2:14 minimum by the 12th months end. We have several others in other regions which we will update you on in the next few days. But they do not need to be cut at the end of the 12th month as they have the B1-B2 gene enhancement which lets them stay on the stalk maturing to completely dried status without dispersing for up to 6 weeks or even more after reaching the dough stages.

Remember the month of Abib starts with a new moon: not a day during it, or even a week during it. It is the entirety of the lunar cycle 29 or 30 days. We do not pick a bouquet of barley tiptoeing through a field, and we do not pick a bouquet of days in a month that fits our liking.

Our peace we give to you!


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